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~dickschnitzel~ 11-07-2016 20:45


Originally Posted by Greedo909 (Post 18668420)
new molesta leaks

WikiLeaks - The Podesta Emails


quoted, because it got buried under the sperg avalanche of cuckservatives & dumbocrats

SeVeReD 11-07-2016 20:47


Fool 11-07-2016 20:49

Your original assertion was the suppression of voting, not simply early voting, hence why I challenged the assertion. These things happen in elections on both sides of course, along with small instances of voter fraud. It's expected. However due to the nature of early voting, people turning away for whatever reason still have the opportunity to vote. If they choose not to do so, that's on them. Furthermore a decrease in turnout from 2012 is not an indication of such tactics, as turnout might simply be lower due to unlikable candidates. Don't forget that in the history of Presidential elections, Hillary is the 2nd most disliked candidate ever. Nobody is excited to vote for her.

But thanks for the well wishes. I hope you have a good day too.

Greedo909 11-07-2016 20:49

follow up:

Tony Podesta: globetrotting art collector | Culture | The Guardian

wtf :sick:

KingSobieski 11-07-2016 21:04

Trump has this thing locked up. Now just watch america get great again

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Togowack 11-07-2016 21:06

Anytime Trump says he's going to win a state, watch.

GreyGhost 11-07-2016 21:21

shut up Togo

ScooBySnaCk 11-07-2016 21:31

ScooBySnaCk 11-07-2016 21:32

ScooBySnaCk 11-07-2016 21:32

StapleMammal1 11-07-2016 21:40


SuicideSnowman 11-07-2016 21:51

Hillary has to bring out Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and the Obamas to get the same crowd sizes that Trump gets every day at rallies. :lol:

JoMo 11-07-2016 22:03

YUUUUUUUGE for New Hampshire.......

Trump: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick endorsed me - Business Insider

Vanster 11-07-2016 22:05


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18668443)
Don't forget that in the history of Presidential elections, Hillary is the 2nd most disliked candidate ever.citation needed

RamataKahn 11-07-2016 22:20

cael 11-07-2016 22:37

today is his last hope cause tomorrow is his meltdown lol

Fool 11-07-2016 22:37


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18668485)
citation needed

Americans Distaste For Both Trump And Clinton Is Record-Breaking | FiveThirtyEight

Zulu 11-07-2016 22:47

Posting on epic 1111!

ScooBySnaCk 11-07-2016 22:47


I wonder if the "little people" are watching and listening: The FBI drops another email scandal with Hillary, Wall St. goes up 350 points. Can you just hear the big guys, the big banks, the hedge fund sleezebags etc. saying " Hey, Hillary is in, We're back in business!!

StapleMammal1 11-07-2016 22:51

I for one do not welcome our new child killing overlord. :sick:

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