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JoMo 03-31-2016 21:36


Originally Posted by CapnPyro (Post 18549374)

So the 19yr old sjw was an instigator, found she wasn't groped, the old man isn't pressing charges but the police probably will

Waiting for a msm correction story

You'll never get one. MSM is in on the Trump fear-mongering.

ZooL 03-31-2016 21:36

I'm reading the heated exchange above.

So...heres what I think

1. The USA should have Mandatory 3 year service for all males and females starting at the age of 18. You will receive a 3 year tax free status on your wages as well as an 8 year vet tax bracket status. Its a lower bracket.
You can elect to not do this service. By opting out you forfeit your voting rights. You can later gain your voting options by undergoing a 6 year Reservist status period.

Recreation of the Legion of the United States.

2. Pull all forces with exception of Naval Fleet Groups, BACK to home soil. Only maintain bases in other nations that PAY us. In this Respect Donald Trump is Correct. Select naval ports will be kept for strategic reasons, supply chain, fleet maint.

3. Creation of a new class of submarine for covert delivery of company sized infantry units. We will give this to the Corp to start these special war fighting groups.

4. Tougher murder, ****, assault...etc.. laws. Virtually an eye for an eye should be adopted in this nation. These are just some of my reforms that will transpire when I take power in the USA. I will be a fair leader. All shall love me.

KingSobieski 03-31-2016 21:39


JoMo 03-31-2016 22:32

Trump with National Security Team (start the cries of no women or diversity)

Caden 03-31-2016 22:38

i dont like trump for a multitude of reasons, but i vote for him or a ham sandwich over any democrat at this point.

epidemic 03-31-2016 23:17

funny 'fuk u' vote

trump does away with abortion

then we're all fuked

real fukin funny

CapnPyro 03-31-2016 23:47

he can't do away with abortion dip****

Dangerdoggie 04-01-2016 00:34

Women that use abortion as a form of birth control need to have their tubes tied.

Brasstax 04-01-2016 00:38

Can't wait until CA changes its licence plates to say "California - The Abortion State"

CapnPyro 04-01-2016 00:46


Originally Posted by Dangerdoggie (Post 18549526)
Women that use abortion as a form of birth control need to have their tubes tied.

if only you had a time machine

Caden 04-01-2016 01:03

they only need to keep the legs closed

Caden 04-01-2016 01:04

knees together, as most young ladies are taught from a young age.

epidemic 04-01-2016 03:03


Originally Posted by CapnPyro (Post 18549489)
he can't do away with abortion dip****

so u dont believe a word he says either


Dangerdoggie 04-01-2016 03:22


Originally Posted by CapnPyro (Post 18549531)

Back when America was great!

ArakAtak 04-01-2016 04:42


Originally Posted by epidemic (Post 18549476)
funny 'fuk u' vote

trump does away with abortion

then we're all fuked

real fukin funny

where did he ever say he was 'doing away with abortion?'

WarBuddha 04-01-2016 05:10


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18549348)
you're the only murderer in this conversation

maybe you should get some help

those gunshots u hear in the middle of the night that cause myoclonic jerks and wake your wife(who has probably already left you for being a jarhead idiot)

i'm glad you have those, you killed for (below) minimum wage

you're the lowest form of human scum next to ******s (who kill eachother because they spraypainted the wrong color on their rivals sidewalk)

you're in mental sorrow and that makes me happy

u weakling ******


Dangerdoggie 04-01-2016 05:22


Originally Posted by ArakAtak (Post 18549594)
where did he ever say he was 'doing away with abortion?'

Trump flubbed the question on abortion, said he wanted to punish women who had them.

ArakAtak 04-01-2016 07:14

no he didn't

He was asked "If abortion were illegal should people who have them be punished?"

He said yes, which is reasonable. Then once he realised he had been stiched up he changed it to "those who perform the abortion should be punished"

So even though the correct answer is 'yes, people who do illegal things should be punished' it was a trick hypothetical question and was planned so it could be misreported in the media and regurgitated by anyone and everyone as "Trump wants to punish women who have abortions"

NightTrain 04-01-2016 08:42

Danno 04-01-2016 09:50

If only he made those comments today he could have gone... "APRIL FOOLS!"

He could have skated so hard.

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