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NoGodForMe 04-27-2016 14:43

Great speech and it's exactly what American needs. Make the "gimmie my free stuff" crowd watch it.

Thingfish 04-27-2016 14:57

Make 'em watch it ... that's freedom for ya!

Gouge 04-27-2016 15:12

Cruz to Announce Fiorina as His VP Pick, Senior Campaign Official Confirms

Eggi 04-27-2016 15:21


Originally Posted by ScooByofTWFame (Post 18562594)
For the semi current past presidencies, VP's have been a long time joke starting with Dan Quayle up to the current egg head Biden. Trump is a business type of guy so I wouldn't see him appointing an idiot.


havax 04-27-2016 15:22


Originally Posted by Gouge (Post 18562612)

it's sickening how blatantly obvious this is to try and steal anyone-but-trump women voters.

JoMo 04-27-2016 15:26


Originally Posted by Gouge (Post 18562612)

bwahahahhahaha.... I guess Cruz copulates with rats and horse faces.

Seriously, someone needs to get this guy some mental help as he's starting to draw other people into his delusions now. Every man's ex-wife is not a good running mate.

Also, I guess this means that Kasich and Rubio weren't going to make a deal with Ted.

Ted's a mess.

Reggs 04-27-2016 15:34


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 18562562)

Great speech! It starts like ~35 mins in for anyone looking to watch.

It's all common sense, and no current politician has given a speech like that. His priorities are so spot on and his view of stuff is so clear. Obama should have left Cuba immediately when no one was there to greet him. Same when he got snubbed in Saudi Arabia. He's the president and just lets these people be disrespectful assholes to him.

I also can't imagine much of anything in this speech being disagreeable or even debatable, things like NATO and NAFTA aside.

Edofnor 04-27-2016 15:35


havax 04-27-2016 15:36

Edofnor 04-27-2016 15:37


Reggs 04-27-2016 15:44

I don't think Biden would be a bad VP. Of course Trump won't pick him. That said, even though everyone jokes about Biden, no one hates the guy and he's said to be a pretty effective pseudo-whip. Spends a lot of time calling up people to bully them. NPR also said there is no limit on how many times you can be a VP.

Edofnor 04-27-2016 15:47

biden is the true king of unintentional comedy and a real american icon

StapleMammal1 04-27-2016 15:48

This Biden?

Dangerdoggie 04-27-2016 15:53

What better way to do a knock out punch to Clinton. Yeah that Iraq war thing was put off on her to sell to the UN / American people but that could easily become a non issue by saying she didn't support the decision now.

I doubt she's up for taking on the black lives matters SJW idiots.

maybe though.

Edofnor 04-27-2016 15:54

no, this biden

Rayn 04-27-2016 16:01

joe "creepy touch" biden?

ScooBySnaCk 04-27-2016 16:15

he said "**** hover hand"

[N]PRIME189 04-27-2016 16:31

He is the master of the elbow touch and gets full shoulder touch too

Reggs 04-27-2016 16:33

Plays with Autobots Super Soakers and charms women. I love this guy. I wish Trump would pick Biden as his VP. Biden is also High Energy. Eight more years I say! Who could possibly disagree with this?

dubsack 04-27-2016 16:45

Pretty telling that Reggs thinks that is "charming" women.

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