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Lord Elessar 11-09-2016 00:51

front page story will be the global market meltdown blaming trump

Togowack 11-09-2016 00:51

OK obviously the call was correct in that case unfortunately I would expect the next 6 weeks in America to be something like hell on earth.

Danno 11-09-2016 00:51

***8317;***8317;(***2669;***42022; ***8226;***768;***1044;***8226;***769; )***2669;****8318;***8318;

Validuz 11-09-2016 00:51

Gnite gents. Workin in the morning. It's a great day for the world.

KittyCat 11-09-2016 00:51

I'm selling a bunker in China lake built to withstand drone attacks do ne1 want

absent 11-09-2016 00:51

America is one giant ***** and Trump just done grabbed the **** out of it.

JoMo 11-09-2016 00:51

Media: Why didn't latinos vote for Hillary at 100%? wahhhhhhh

Brasstax 11-09-2016 00:51

Thank God we may have some decent looking women in the Whitehouse.

Vir 11-09-2016 00:52

Howard Stern should be happy, he was trump's guy

SuperTrap 11-09-2016 00:52

Wtf are they doing in those small eastern states? Count the votes you idiots

Captain Tele 11-09-2016 00:52


Originally Posted by cael (Post 18669735)
john podesta just left victory party he said he was going 2 the bathroom but he headed 2 the airport what happening

Pagy 11-09-2016 00:54

KittyCat 11-09-2016 00:54

Tele survived the killary drones and came out intact thank God for his braveness in the face of killary agents and drones he's part of reason we won

I won't need a consent form anymore

Danno 11-09-2016 00:55


Some broad at my work was having anxiety over the election and I comforted her saying it is impossible for Trump to win...


Flipp 11-09-2016 00:55

many cucks cry 2nite

-SS- 11-09-2016 00:55


Originally Posted by Vir (Post 18669759)
Howard Stern should be happy, he was trump's guy

No, stern said he was for killary

KingSobieski 11-09-2016 00:56




JoMo 11-09-2016 00:56

98% in and Trump is at 45,000 in PA.

Ender 11-09-2016 00:57

holy ****..

cael 11-09-2016 00:57

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