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JoMo 04-21-2016 13:00

I just can't believe that the ACLU is helping a Trump supporter. It's madness!

ZooL 04-21-2016 13:20


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18559515)
This happens every time the ACLU defends the KKK or some other dumb****s that had their right to free speech violated. People don't understand that the ACLU is there for everyone.


yeah sure keep believing in that FED connected bull**** that you have been reading.

Edofnor 04-21-2016 16:14

calm down, zool

vanster clearly meant to type "emeritus professors", not "dumb****s"

Federere 04-21-2016 16:52

lol at the possibility of this being the new presidential family

Walking_Man 04-21-2016 16:56


Originally Posted by Federere (Post 18559681)

lol at the possibility of this being the new presidential family

someone alert starfleet command, a changeling has been spotted in the alpha quadrant

Dangerdoggie 04-21-2016 17:00


here's something for you to jerk off to fed

starwolf_nexus 04-21-2016 17:19

proof that we've already had a woman as the president for the last 8 years...

Federere 04-21-2016 17:23

that's a nice normal looking family


Also very nice

Odio 04-21-2016 18:02

AnubiS 04-21-2016 18:04

Perhaps there was a michael there

Odio 04-21-2016 18:07

You think she squats more weight than Belial?

CapnPyro 04-21-2016 18:19

CapnPyro 04-21-2016 18:20

CapnPyro 04-21-2016 18:22

CapnPyro 04-21-2016 18:23

Caden 04-21-2016 18:49

Has it come to voting on first lady possibilities?

I guess thats better than first dude possibilities.

JoMo 04-21-2016 19:27

Dangerdoggie 04-21-2016 19:49

Baby Bew 04-21-2016 21:45


Originally Posted by CapnPyro (Post 18559728)

She should really be wearing PPE

Federere 04-21-2016 23:15

All I see is plastic

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