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Xapz 04-28-2009 22:58

holy ****

{FSC}Godfather 04-28-2009 22:58

thats almost too perfect for TV, but grats

EMTARHEEL 04-28-2009 22:58


Originally Posted by telia (Post 14501503)

Ruthven 04-28-2009 22:58

congrats SP

alienkiller 04-28-2009 22:58

HOLY ****IN ****

Got Haggis? 04-28-2009 22:58

wooooooo!!!!! that was awesome

Paladin-5 04-28-2009 22:58


congratulations man :)

MonkeyHero 04-28-2009 22:59

grats. I thought you'd lost it in the 8th round there.

triple 04-28-2009 22:59

holy ****

PassinThru 04-28-2009 22:59

Congrats bro. That one you DIF earned. You rock!

DacTheHork 04-28-2009 22:59


****ing ownage > empire arcadia

Ruthven 04-28-2009 22:59

Must be something in that Bronx water that chokes people :lol:

Kabalas 04-28-2009 22:59

Wow! Congrats!! Now question is did you totally play Robert in the end with SC4?

Grand Masta D 04-28-2009 22:59

It must be a relief there are no more UVAlans where people will beg you for money.

NAT Mav 04-28-2009 22:59

Yeah if that was how it really went down that was ****ing clutch.

Tanelorn 04-28-2009 23:00

****ing awesome bro, congratulations

alienkiller 04-28-2009 23:00

lmao ****in 0-4 then 5 straight wins.. hahaha

-Timber 04-28-2009 23:00

Holy **** man that was awesome! Nice comback! And a big congratulations!! :cheers:

FOURSTAR 04-28-2009 23:01

congrats sp

StoneDanzigger 04-28-2009 23:01


DillingerEscp 04-28-2009 23:01

Awwww **** yeah Mark for the ****ing win!

mstrike 04-28-2009 23:01


Everyone in my apartment was on the edge of their seat. When you were down by 4, I said "I bet he comes back and wins it."

I was right :p

Everyone went nuts when you won.

dweeb 04-28-2009 23:01

Send me money please

Shadow(of)Death 04-28-2009 23:01

AWESOME!!!!! BEST COMEBACK EVER!!!! Congrats Mark!

NAT Mav 04-28-2009 23:01


Originally Posted by NAT Mav (Post 14501398)
Rob takes GOW2
Mark takes SC2
Mark takes SWSB

Damn I'm good.

hyperlite 04-28-2009 23:03

congrats, no wonder your woman stayed with you, you got the loots

Son of Mothra 04-28-2009 23:03

Hell yeah man, congrats :sunny:
Your 4th win was a nail biter.
I was pissed you chose Mitsurugi, was afraid robert was just going to be the ****** that Maxi is. Thankfully he sucked at it
:bigthumb: good job

kicker 04-28-2009 23:04

haha that was sick...

GJ Mark.

i see how you spent your time at PJC, and why we never got our TW rings.

JoMo 04-28-2009 23:04


ayz 04-28-2009 23:04

maxi sucks

mitsurugi and ivy wreck ****

Usher 04-28-2009 23:04

Nice win Mark!

I wonder what the contingency would have been if Robert had won the first to games and it was 3-3. I suppose they would've simply made SC worth 4 points.

Spiderman 04-28-2009 23:05

wow awesome job sex pistol

Megaera 04-28-2009 23:06

Great comeback!!! Congrats Mark!!

consultant 04-28-2009 23:06

Gratz man!! Very sweet come from way behind.

Kabalas 04-28-2009 23:07


Originally Posted by Usher (Post 14501557)
Nice win Mark!

I wonder what the contingency would have been if Robert had won the first to games and it was 3-3. I suppose they would've simply made SC worth 4 points.

I'm pretty sure it would be the new Super Mario Brothers 3 for the tie breaker.

Leonidas Tzu 04-28-2009 23:08

Now buy your gf some running shoes.

JoMo 04-28-2009 23:09

I would be shocked if it was really 0-4.....

Probably a lot of video editing there between matches to make seem like a comeback.

Senty 04-28-2009 23:09


Kerosene31 04-28-2009 23:10


GJ Mark! Way to represent TW.

Fool 04-28-2009 23:14

It was ok I guess...

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