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Megaera 04-09-2009 20:11

Fool always amazes, thank you sir!

hyperlite 04-10-2009 13:29

lol at the us halo 3 champs

also excellent tbagging

is it against the rules to say if your good at sports games or not and it seems like maybe jamal or amy going home?

Uncle Slappy 04-14-2009 05:05

Is Dante always obsessed with his hair? It seems like he's always running his hands through it, they showed him straightening it, and then when athena got a headshot while in the elevator it looked like he was messing with it. I don't get it because why go to that much trouble over your hair when it looks that stupid.

That guy just seems like a grade-A douche

Luke 04-14-2009 22:06

On now, great drama there Pistol.

Spiderman 04-14-2009 22:08

LOL i believe sex pistol kissed ciji pig face

triple 04-14-2009 22:15

he'll fail

hes the whitest guy there

triple 04-14-2009 22:15

see, black kid gets a 10

Paladin-5 04-14-2009 22:17

has ciji never had a meaningful relationship before, wtf is wrong with her

Leonidas Tzu 04-14-2009 22:24

Jamal officially rocks for talking **** to Leslia.

Paladin-5 04-14-2009 22:32

not sure if it's been asked..but how long was there between elimination contests? Like one a day, or were there a day or two off in between?

Senty 04-14-2009 22:34


triple 04-14-2009 22:35


two weeks in a row

Paladin-5 04-14-2009 22:38

haha mark's gonna choose himself

triple 04-14-2009 22:39

i gotta think hes picking himself

Senty 04-14-2009 22:39

Yeah, hoping for that.

triple 04-14-2009 22:42


Kabalas 04-14-2009 22:43

It's NOT a twist!

triple 04-14-2009 22:43

thats cold blooded

ps: you're stupid for risking it

Paladin-5 04-14-2009 22:43

makin' dem *****es cry
I love it

Spiderman 04-14-2009 22:44

love it

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