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SeVeReD 02-03-2018 23:22

Loco Hombre Off the Mexico
Loco Hombre Off the Mexico

I was born in 1959 in Los Angeles and my parents moved to Costa Mesa CA in 1963. Dad worked at Disneyland as a musician and mom worked as a teacher for the LA city school district. I grew up surfing and working at Disneyland in their parades. I later finished college at UCSD and became an elementary school teacher; thought it would fit my surfing lifestyle and I***8216;ve loved working with most children. Most of the problems I see in education stem from people who started teaching, couldn***8217;t handle it, looked around and dove out of the classroom and into administration. Then they took on the pc ways of looking from high above and telling the real teachers working on the ground how they think they should teach. But I digress***8230;I enjoy reading; teachers should be readers, (want a great novel? Read ***8216;The Shadow of the Wind***8217; by Carlos Ruiz then look for the rest of the series***8230;but I digress again.)

In 1992 my first wife and I bought a house for $168,000. in Oceanside, CA We split a drive as I worked in San Ysidro, CA and she finished Optometry school in Fullerton CA. Early years the drive wasn***8217;t too bad with not too much traffic, and Oceanside is a great place for waves. She finished optometry school and started subbing for doctors. Smart girl, half chinese half german

In the 90s I became interested in building my own computers and got into gaming***8230; Then TRIBES, therefore DIVORCE Enough said about mistakes made. She left me and I bought her out of her half of the house late 2006 when the house was worth about $560,000... Divorce was very expensive with lawyers involved, but I secured 50% custody of the best daughter ever. Guess what happened soon after; yep, economy tanked, house bottomed out around $300,000 and tribes died***8230; hahaha Well, I***8217;ve hung on and the house climbed back up in value. We both admit mistakes were made and get along well now. She's a great mom and I'm a good dad.

Met a beautiful intelligent Hispanic woman while teaching. Picture most of the woman in this thread nsfw white females in tight dresses by confidential - TribalWar Forums and you have an idea of what she looked like when she was younger; she***8217;s still thin, curvy, and hot in my book (yea for sex). She***8217;s from Sinaloa , Mazatlan, Mexico. Her grandparents are basically from Spain (I have more Indian in me than she does). She grew up very poor (think dirt floors in the early years). Worked hard in school and made her way to Tijuana , Baja California, Mexico. She made it to the United States legally, learned English, and became a teacher where I met her after my divorce and hers. She graduated from San Diego State University with a bilingual and special Ed. Credential, (whatever you think of those credentials)***8230; we***8217;ve fought it out ever since and love each other very much; pretty sure we***8217;ll end our lives together.

Now we***8217;re beginning our move to live in Mexico and retire; I think that will officially begin this December 2018 Edit-I'm retired YEA, but it didn't happen until June 2019. Recently we sold the house in Oceanside in December 2017, (jumping out before the next crash); helping daughters with apartments, where we keep a room/address, so not officially out of the states/CA. We bought a $300,000 condominium in Mazatlan; 14th floor with nothing in front of us to the beach with viewing of surf spots to the north and south and sunrises/sunsets 365 days a year. This place would go for just shy of 2.75 Million in California, if not more. We also own free and clear a pretty 5 bedroom/3.5 bath casa in Olas Altis, Mazatlan with front and backyard (a 10 minute walk to another surfing spot), and also a plot of land a bit inland. Mazatlan is basically a party everyday. Have I mentioned Mexico is incredibly affordable?
Picture of the Condo; Torre eMe 14th floor

With my two sisters, I kept our deceased parents house in Costa Mesa, CA which brings us a ridiculous amount of rent each month. Miss my parents; hard working, good people. About 5 years before, my wife and I also finished paying off an apartment in Otay Mesa Tijuana, right under the jet path of TJ international airport. This will make travel to Mazatlan, the states to see our daughters, and the last year of work easy, (and I love the sound of jets and dig watching them just overhead.) The TJ apartment is also 30 minutes to K36 & K38 in Rosarito, a great surf spot. I***8217;ve always bought/invested in realty/land because I***8217;m a horrible gambler and don***8217;t trust myself to do well in the stock market/bit coins, whatever***8230; I am now debt free and don***8217;t owe the (((banks))) anything, nada, zilch, nothing. Feels good.

-Leaving the **** wHole State of California. The too many people that state attracts suck. I grew up surrounded by bean fields and orange groves; now, just wall to wall cars and people.
-My freeway drive was getting beyond horrendous; 105 miles roundtrip in increasing exponentially heavy traffic to work. Sometimes I***8217;d be on the freeway nearly 3 hours of my day, (used to be 2 hours on a bad day). Now, even though I***8217;m in Otay Mesa TJ, my drive to work is 20 miles roundtrip and 20 minutes away each leg, even with getting through the boarder crossing. I***8217;m in heaven and why I might continue to work a little longer***8230; naw, I don***8217;t thinks so; believe me, I earn my money. I enjoy teaching, but if you do it right it isn***8217;t easy by any means.
-Way to expensive to retire in California.
-The ocean water is getting too cold for my old bones; especially after surfing in Mazatlan in my shorts and a tee-shirt year round.
-The food is both healthier and much cheaper in Mexico. Most everything is cheaper in Mexico. For example: my water bill in California was between $250. - $300 per ****ing month. Sure I could take thimble full showers and let the plants die***8230; but I don***8217;t have to in Mexico. < $30/month. It was $25 last month, but I***8217;m trying to use as much as possible this month.
- Great surf in Mexico, (have I mentioned surfing yet?), both in Baja and Mazatlan.
- There***8217;s more, and I***8217;ll continue to write about it***8230; ask questions or flame away.

Mexico is not perfect by any means. It***8217;s trashier and probably not as safe***8230; guess we***8217;ll see NGFM. Most of the people in our apartment complex and in Mazatlan have been incredibly hard working and nice. I would like to mention here that the community started a ***8216;community watch***8217; and cleanup 6 months before we started living in the TJ apartment, and I helped with one last Saturday. Who needs the government? Really cleaned our area up. We***8217;ve also been invited into many peoples homes for dinner; very giving. The people who stay in Mexico are usually the ones who have made it here and don***8216;t need to move to work the fields/low jobs in the states. There are some young bucks here who seem to look at me and scowl; truly not many. The ones I worry about are of the low class, (guess the race), or the ones that have been deported back to Mexico from the states. They***8217;re used to higher wages or welfare in the states, and that just doesn***8217;t happen in Mexico. They're not happy and they blame me... oops ves sorry

Why not move to somewhere else in the Safe United States***8230; like Missouri Colorado Cleveland New York or Oakland***8230;. Hmm. No, the rest of the USA doesn***8217;t offer what I need***8230; have I mentioned surf? Texas Florida New Jersey, don***8216;t even mention northwest waayyyy too cold***8230;? ya not really. Land of the Free; Home of the Brave isn***8217;t California anymore. I now live in the Wild Wild West. At some point I***8217;ll add pictures to this BLOG***8230; oh com***8217;on you all want to hear about SeVeReD***8217;s life, you know you do.

So, I'll bump this thread when I find interesting things to say.
... and if I don't bump this thread,,, can you guys pass a hat around to pay off the kidnappers?

Brasstax 02-03-2018 23:24

[Preemptive] This thread sucks


lemontw 02-03-2018 23:29

killer story dude

ur configs were always cool I bet u have cool surfboards

Elvis Hitler 02-03-2018 23:29

Holy frijoles... tl;dr

lemontw 02-03-2018 23:30

i ****ing read it all

Elvis Hitler 02-03-2018 23:31

I skimmed

Mr Jimmy Pop 02-03-2018 23:34

Not gonna lie, not reading all that, but I will listen to wall of voodoo

SuperTrap 02-03-2018 23:37

If Mexico would get off their lazy ass it could be awesome. I spent a large portion of my youth 1984-87 (16-18) in rosarito or ensenada.

that was before it got worse


Elvis Hitler 02-03-2018 23:39


Mr Jimmy Pop 02-03-2018 23:50

My favorite Rancid cover in espanol

SeVeReD 02-03-2018 23:51


Originally Posted by Brasstax (Post 18894244)
[Preemptive] This thread sucks


Can I say, Portland, wasn't even a consideration? But I love you Brasstax

SeVeReD 02-03-2018 23:54


Originally Posted by Elvis Hitler (Post 18894257)

I got to see these guys at the Cookoos Nest. I recently drove by 17th street and it's gone
my history gone
We thought we were poor cause we lived next to Newport Beach...

Fool 02-04-2018 00:06

Is it true once you cross the border everything gets a yellow tint?

Flash 02-04-2018 00:07


SeVeReD 02-04-2018 00:07


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 18894246)
killer story dude

ur configs were always cool I bet u have cool surfboards

Just ordered my longest board yet for a break in Mazatlan, Isla de las Piedras. Been there twice when it was overhead hollow. Really fast wave and my 6' winged swallow really didn't cut it. That and I'm too old and need paddling help :cry:

6' 9" tri-fin Rusty Blackbird

Next year I'll order their 6'4" twin fin...

This is my go to board now 6'0" Von Sol Mantis Have one here and in Mazatlan. Love this board

The Magical Zoo 02-04-2018 00:12

Good **** Severed. Keep us posted.

Smiling Canadian 02-04-2018 01:05

I wish you the best...and I'm sure you're aware that where you have decided to move to is not the safest place. In the late 80's we would routinely violate sovereign Mexican territory to kill Blood Alliance members and corrupt cops. But it's your funeral...

HaPpY 02-04-2018 01:24

before u go, watch Sicario documentary

DocHolliday 02-04-2018 01:24


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 18894248)
i ****ing read it all


lemontw 02-04-2018 01:47

I'm looking at big island land next month. Gonna retire next Friday.

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