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joeyarkenstat02 07-22-2008 01:00


Originally Posted by Eve (Post 13481208)
The power went out after


I just left. Nothing more really needed to be said. And I wasn't waiting 3 hours for the power to come back on.


best movie in years! (despite all the seemingly negative "blah blah blahs"

Eve 07-22-2008 01:02

Yeah I figured nothing special was going to happen after


really. It wasn't a horrible movie at all. The only thing that irks me is I'm big on continuity and really in this..."series" there is NONE.

Gandalf 07-22-2008 01:32

I'm a little late to the party (just saw the flick tonight) and I gotta say that's up among my top-5 of all time. I thought the first movie (batman begins) was brilliant, but jebus, this one kicks it's ass.

Dr.Hobbes 07-22-2008 01:39

I love evil characters and Heath Ledger's Joker was by far the best bad guy I have ever seen.

SirBatesAlot 07-22-2008 01:46


Originally Posted by Spiderman (Post 13480359)

Damn, watching that a second time made me realize how creepy the joker really was in this movie.

Reggs 07-22-2008 02:32

As far as movies go, Joker is right up there with Silence of the Lamb's Buffalo Bill, and Dirty Harry's Scorpio Killer.

I don't think he deserves an Oscar because of his death, I really do think he should get one because he earned it.

My only question, seriously, what was up with Scarecrow? Did I miss something from the last movie?

Reggs 07-22-2008 02:34

The joker really got scary in the video with the cop. I loved it when he was giggling and said "Look at me"


Then "Look at me!" in a deep growl.

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