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Kallama 02-08-2010 19:11

Trial Account

Get invited by a player who is playing more than 3 months since they can send out trial accounts!
I would love a trial account. girlhitbybus (a)

Thanks in advance!

SniperWhôre 02-09-2010 20:49 really wouldn't. It's awful.

Kallama 02-10-2010 22:00


Originally Posted by SniperWhôre (Post 15314467) really wouldn't. It's awful.

Thought is was doing good? Figured so also cause we had a dedicated thread?

Gundam 02-15-2010 03:42


Originally Posted by Kallama (Post 15317591)
Thought is was doing good? Figured so also cause we had a dedicated thread?

We had one for WAR, we had one since 2007 even, look how that turned out. :P

The_Ham 04-04-2010 19:05

My wife wants to see this game, no she doesn't want to buy it and play it long term. She just thinks the game looks pretty and wants to see it herself on her computer. if anyone could hook me up with a trial account to do this would be greatly appreciated.

halmon06 at

Die Hard 04-04-2010 20:02

There is no trial accounts for Aion

The_Ham 04-04-2010 23:02


Refer a Friend, Get Free Aion***8482; Game Time!

Refer a friend to play Aion and we'll give you a free month of Aion game time! All you have to do is log into your NCsoft Master Account, enter some simple contact information for you and your friend, and click the Refer a Friend button.

We***8217;ll send an e-mail containing a free Aion demo serial code to your friend. If your friend buys a new standard account and pays for one month of subscription to Aion, you will be automatically credited with one month of free game time!
Aion? Online :: Notices - Aion Refer a Friend Program

now i don't plan on buying it and I'm saying that upfront. Just want to see the game if anyone would be kind enough to send me a referral.

Die Hard 04-05-2010 11:59

oh didnt even know they had refer a friend now :lol:

I'd help you out but my account expired a while ago.

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