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Stilgar 02-03-2009 15:48

Another Build - w00t
- Core makeover
- Quarry makeover
- Map spawn bug fixes
- Added Perma Flag Indicator
- Flag in field will always be marked on objective hud with flag icon
- Remove GLS
- Duplicate Flag fix

thereal Shaolinmonk 02-03-2009 17:12

nothing earthshaking here as far as gameplay (maybe flag hud, but thats been talked about since the begining) or more content.

I used gls sometimes, so I guess I'm not terribly stoked about that...

any ninja news or screenies or developer comment about "coming soon" things.

I would please to be liking to be private beta

Stilgar 02-03-2009 18:08

I love that they cut the GLS.
It was abused.
The perm IFF for the flag is nice.

They are on a 2 week per build schedule.

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