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munkeydung 07-31-2008 15:58

Rofl what a flashback. I didn't know he lived in Wayne; thats like 20 ****in minutes away from me.

How'd he die?

:rofl: @

Jeremy Albert Daspin, 35, was taken by God to a better place

Gandalf 07-31-2008 15:58

Another devout Jew has gone to God. Too old to live, too young to die.


Vlasic 07-31-2008 15:59

wow, too much cock actually can be deadly.

Azra3l 07-31-2008 16:00

i thought he was Jeremy Daspin III

Killjoy 07-31-2008 16:00


Originally Posted by Azra3l (Post 13517763)
i thought he was Jeremy Daspin III

he ran out of respawns

proton 07-31-2008 16:00

lol great find.

DrJonez 07-31-2008 16:01


Daemon 07-31-2008 16:01

paging nSpectre, stat

Morbid 07-31-2008 16:01

Holy ****. We should have sent flowers to the funeral and the card attached could have been a goatse pic. :(


Rayn 07-31-2008 16:01


Originally Posted by Jislan (Post 13517758)
he was a well known dj and music producer who also happened to work for minimum wage at an autoparts store

he was really big in LA.

Jislan 07-31-2008 16:02

I want my obituary to break form and read:

"was taken by the devil to a worse place."

Fool 07-31-2008 16:04

Does anyone have a link to the Musashivision Jeremy Daspin flash?

DrJonez 07-31-2008 16:05


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 13517782)
Does anyone have a link to the Musashivision Jeremy Daspin flash?

If so, someone post it in that F4$ thread on their forums :lol:

BodyShoT 07-31-2008 16:06

Daspin part 1

Daspin part 2

Daspin part 3

Daspin part 4

uno 07-31-2008 16:06


Baby Bew 07-31-2008 16:06

nSpectre's original thread:

Colosus' thread:
Update from my end by Colosus - TribalWar Forums

I think this is a good note on which to put that thread in the HOF.

(Some of the?) original flash threads:

CERVICAL-KREMS 07-31-2008 16:07

LOL I definitely wasn't around for this, but I can see what's going on here and I :lol:

anomaly 07-31-2008 16:07

episode 3 -

ayz 07-31-2008 16:09


Originally Posted by Killjoy (Post 13517765)
he ran out of respawns


DeadlyRabbit 07-31-2008 16:09

Somebody needs to post the Musashivision videos in their tribute thread.

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