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Reggs 10-27-2021 13:22

Media Consumption Diet
This is not really about habits you currently have, but rather how you have consciously changed your habits in regards to media.

I want to watch less political stuff on youtube because it's pushing all over content away. So I started using it under a different account, and just switch back when I want political content. Basically the algorithms have branched off into deep dives of autistic people talking about detailed LotR lore, and lonely single middle aged men talking about aquariums and keeping fish.

I've stopped using social media years ago. I need to make a new FB account for something but just wont engage with anything. I just need to see scheduled events for a group.

With news I consume most anything not mainstream for domestic news, think left wing and right wing media that is populist. CSPAN if I want to see a full speech ect. Everything else is censored. Al-Jezeera will openly talk about zionism in America and Europe so I give them a pass.

No Netflix. If there is a show you are interested in just torrent it like the old days. I was interested in Invincible since I read the comics, it's woke ****. Plus Netflix makes pedo movies. I'd only resubscribe at this point if they had an exclusive deal with Mel Gibson.

I listen to NPR every day since they are kind of an outlet of record for the left. It's changed so much! It's almost all women now. The old SNL skits of dry NPR narration are long gone.

I also tend not to text very much. If you never start texting a lot, no one really expects much of it from you. Really cuts down on the general noise in life. I find it distasteful if I can see someone text with super human speed. That means they text all day, probably has poor social skills and poor neck/mouth posture.

blackpeople 10-27-2021 13:39

thoughts with reggs

Plasmatic 10-27-2021 13:47

What is poor mouth posture and how do I improve mine.

cael 10-27-2021 13:50

in what way have u stopped using social media if ur still watching ppl rant on youtube

bowl of blood 10-27-2021 13:52


Basically the algorithms have branched off into deep dives of autistic people talking about detailed LotR lore, and lonely single middle aged men talking about aquariums and keeping fish.
thats on u bro those aren't the recommends i get . . . .

cael 10-27-2021 13:52

the youtube algorithm is a dark mirror that shows u ur true self

bowl of blood 10-27-2021 13:58

k new topic post ur youtube front page recommends

nothin particularly good there prly the only 1 i'll watch is sandy petersen

Pagy 10-27-2021 13:59

i do a lot of youtube; theres news/politics but i consume A LOT less than i used to. I'm mostly limited to breaking points, and algorithim rabbit holes so tech reviews, car reviews, movie reviews

i have a facebook account open; only for reading my condo group. which is the most entertaining thing i've seem in years. bu tthe account itself has no other links, friends or anything.

my gf sends me a lot of based **** from twitter but she only uses it for jokes or memes

many podcasts tho, blocked and reported is my latest sub.

for streaming im still subbed to netflix, prime, crave. and for prime i pay some $5 or some **** a month for kardashians **** the gf watches.

bought the new xbox last year and tried to find games to occupy my time when im not out by the lake, ****ing, or working.

Mr Jimmy Pop 10-27-2021 14:07

I only come to TW for knowledge

amRam 10-27-2021 14:09

The only political-ish content YouTube will put in my recommends is Shapiro and Knowles, and occasionally Tatum. I click them 10% of the time.

The rest of the recommends are mountain biking, cars, music, and comedy. Rogan, Peterson, Malice, and Fridman clips pop up routinely, I probably check out 50% of them.

I'm not on any social media. The only places I discuss anything are here and a gun forum, that's it. No comment feeds, no telegrams, no social groups of any kind. I also don't consume any traditional media beyond reading news articles google thinks I want to see, which are mostly local and regional Canadian stuff.

All of the above probably takes up about 30% of my leisure screen time. The other 70% is business/finance//investment/economy related topics and research.

samUwell 10-27-2021 14:16

This is from my YT account while I sit at my desk.

T-Dawg 10-27-2021 14:18

I stopped reading paper newspapers three months ago (local paper got bought out by USA Today, yeccccchh). I still read about ~40 hours of news every week, from hundreds of sources. But I bar anything that is tilted too far left or right (no MSNBC or faux news - their whole business plan is to piss you off).

Plasmatic 10-27-2021 14:22

Pretty easy to change what youtube suggests for you. Last year I was getting roofing suggestions from youtube, now It's cars and music. Whatever you're watching youtube will suggest more of it.

Reggs 10-27-2021 14:23


Originally Posted by Plasmatic (Post 19393008)
What is poor mouth posture and how do I improve mine.

Buy mastic gum and chew it for 15 mins each night, give each side equal time. The shape of your face will change. Feel the muscles in the side of your jaw that protrude when you clench your teeth. Those grow giving you a stronger jaw.

Also mewing will go a long way. Stand straight, teeth closed, tongue on roof of mouth. Doing this will train yourself to breath with your nose, stand tall, and keep your facial features attractive as you age.

100 Mewing Before and After Photos - YouTube

Extremely simple things like standing up straight and looking people in the eye when you talk to them are very easy things to do that will make any man more attractive... but both are dying off among the youth.

Plasmatic 10-27-2021 14:26

Pagy 10-27-2021 14:27


Originally Posted by T-Dawg (Post 19393028)
I still read about ~40 hours of news every week, from hundreds of sources.

the ****

bowl of blood 10-27-2021 14:29

i'm glad you learned to stop breathing through your mouth that's good

sehvi 10-27-2021 14:32

I quit social media last new years because i wanted a break from it. All the discussions on Facebook especially regarding the corona virus just made me tired of the medium. I'm planning to start using Instagram again later next year, because i love the stories function. I think it's a fun way to follow my friends and to show what i've been doing myself as well.

I've mostly been using YouTube where i'm subbed to over 400 channels. Hardly any political channels, but i do follow a lot of news channels. YouTube can be great if you sub to the right channels. There's so much great stuff on it from urban exploring to video game news to music production channels etc. It's really what you make of it yourself.

Honestly, since i've stopped using social media i've started using Discord a lot more as well. Both as a way to keep up with my gaming buddies and to hang out in the tw cord. What i like about Discord is that the conversations over there are way more relaxed. We have political conversations for sure, but it's way less ree than in here. :k

Come home nico.

Come home.

Plasmatic 10-27-2021 14:33

Mewing. Who the **** names these things...

FiEND 10-27-2021 14:35

gotta refresh the pages at least once a week or miss the important stuff

"James Michael Tyler dead: Actor who played Gunther on ***8216;Friends***8217; dies at 59"

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