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Fool 11-21-2016 19:33


Originally Posted by phaytal (Post 18677479)
That over 40% of Americans have something that constitutes some sort of pre-existing condition, and that over 130 million Americans live with treatable chronic aliments.

Keep reaching.

It's actually about 45%, and almost all related directly to obesity. If you think it's reasonable that half the country has to pay absurdly high premiums because of poor choices made by others who don't wish a negative cost affiliated with them, I doubt I could say much to convince you otherwise. Rewarding people for their bad behavior is stupid. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking are the three top sources of chronic illness, and yet we make no effort to reduce them, we demand healthy people to pay unreasonable sums so that tubbos can sit in front of a TV eating cheeseburgers, smoking a pack of camel lights and complaining that their preexisting condition shouldn't preclude them from getting health coverage.

I'd tell them to keep reaching, but that would require them to be physically active.

Ztir 11-21-2016 19:40

Fat people aren't people

Odio 11-21-2016 19:44

fat people should have to pay more taxes.

Fool 11-21-2016 19:45


Originally Posted by Ztir (Post 18677491)
Fat people aren't people

Sure they are, they're just people who demand other people take responsibility for them and their choices. If you have an obesity related illness, that should be the first sign that it's time to lose some weight. A reasonable person would not say that doubling everyone's premiums so you don't have to lose weight is an acceptable position.

Rooster128 11-21-2016 19:53

Trump Names Two Opponents of Net Neutrality to Oversee FCC Transition Team


Also seriously we pay too much for our healtcare in general- and did before Obamacare too. The culprits, as I could go on saying for millenia, are not the lazy fat ****s (how could they? no motivation lol) - it's the rich people on top pulling the levers and ****.

Ztir 11-21-2016 19:56

Obamacare is actual awful

Everything about it is ****ing retarded

Ascoe 11-21-2016 20:40

lol @ the wall

dont they already have tunnels

amRam 11-21-2016 21:23

Lord Trump has made a statement

The bit about removing 2 old regs for any 1 new reg on the table :dapimp::dap imp:

KingSobieski 11-21-2016 21:24

i was on obamacare when i was unemployed for 6 months. they sent a ****ing encyclopedia of insurance legalese and filled my mailbox up with stupid reminders that didn't make any sense. I quit paying after the 2nd month. broken, stupid, retard system that deserves to die.

Fool 11-21-2016 21:49

Kanye on psychiatric watch, apparently hasn't slept for days

Vir 11-21-2016 21:52

kayne thought he had Trump energy

ArakAtak 11-21-2016 22:03


Originally Posted by -SS- (Post 18677475)

O man, I can't wait to see all the salt when this gets started IF it's true.

just build the goddam wall

bam 11-21-2016 22:23

Donald Trump | New York Post


***8220;It was like a f***8211;ing firing squad,***8221; one source said of the encounter.

***8220;Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ***8216;I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,***8217; ***8221; the source said.

StapleMammal1 11-21-2016 22:28


A man walked up to the White House and asked a security guard this question .. Can I see President Obama?? The security Guard said OBAMA is not President anymore..,, The same man came up to the White House and asked the same question 6 times... Finally the Security Guard says "I have giving you the same answer every time why do you keep asking me? The Man said,,, Because I like your answer.

JoMo 11-21-2016 22:44


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18677536)
Kanye on psychiatric watch, apparently hasn't slept for days

Making music great again!

Brasstax 11-21-2016 22:53

WarBuddha 11-21-2016 22:56

Trump is going to do well, he has the demeanor and honestly looks the part.

A year from now once all the LGBTs and minorities realize they aren't in internment camps maybe we can move on as a country and people will start to ignore the MSM.

Brasstax 11-21-2016 22:59

Gays are dealing with the fact that no one gives a **** about the fact that they are gay. Seriously - no one cares.

cael 11-21-2016 23:01

mike pence cares about the gays and abortions more than anything

Brasstax 11-21-2016 23:09

Mike Pence went to a Broadway show and chatted with gays. Also - gay men can't have abortions. Lesbos don't usually have abortions either.

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