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antifreeze 03-12-2016 13:33

I like how this tard calls Bernie a straight up communist.

Cleveland stream starts in 27 min

JoMo 03-12-2016 13:50

Best view of what happened, appeared the guy was looking for a signal, then took off when he got it..

Reggs 03-12-2016 14:03

The guy looked like a mess. Greasy hair, fat, scruffy face, and his tshirt was so grey it was probably a decade old, or he doesn't know to wash the darks on cold. I think we all know what socialist jew he's voting for. I'm glad the high energy white secret service agent stopped him before he could reach the God Emperor.

Brasstax 03-12-2016 14:15

Check out ****ing Hillary mother-****ing Clinton:

***8220;The ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong, and it***8217;s dangerous,***8221; Mrs. Clinton told supporters Saturday morning at the O***8217;Fallon Park recreation complex here. ***8220;If you play with matches, you***8217;re going to start a fire you can***8217;t control. That***8217;s not leadership. That***8217;s political arson.***8221;
This is one of the *****es that ran around gathering tinder, laying it all out nice and even, adding a ton of combustibles, handing out matches and lighters and now she calls this arson? Really? **** you lady for ****ing the country and lying like a sack of ****. You played to the minority and acted like you were queen of the world while we have been telling you to STFU and sit the **** down for years. You got a different message because you were in your #safespace.

JoMo 03-12-2016 14:16

Trump says they are Bernie supporters because Hillary supporters don't have any fervor.

Fool 03-12-2016 14:17

Well at least now he'll get the government supplied healthcare, housing, and food he was so desperate for.

Brasstax 03-12-2016 14:21

Man - I wish I had a TrumpMobile as big as the wiener-mobile with Donald's big orange head on top and a giant speaker. I would go drive it around Portland today and tell people to support Donald.

Also - isn't it about time to queue up Hollywood? The media is holding them in reserve like archers.

Reggs 03-12-2016 14:25

That "political arson" comment is so canned. She's not witty enough to think of that on the spot and it just makes her look awkward. I remember when she was against Obama and she said "We don't need change we can Xerox." and paused like it was the most brilliant thing she had ever said, and it just fell flat.

JoMo 03-12-2016 14:25

Live stream.... Cleveland, OH

Ender 03-12-2016 14:32

holy ****.

this is hitler 2.0 people.

Brasstax 03-12-2016 14:36

He is ****ing nailing it on this Carrier bit. So good to hear this type of rhetoric.

JoMo 03-12-2016 14:39

Hey Bernie, get your people in line!

Gouge 03-12-2016 14:40


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18540010)

Taken directly from the play book of Saul Alinsky - Rules for Radicals.

Gouge 03-12-2016 14:43


Originally Posted by Ender (Post 18540370)
holy ****.

this is hitler 2.0 people.

Blah blah blah its been said about every Republican since WWII.

JoMo 03-12-2016 14:45

Finally he finished strong. Up next Kansas City at 7 PM eastern which should be wild!

Brasstax 03-12-2016 14:47

Michael Moore should love Donald Trump.

JoMo 03-12-2016 15:51

Douchenugget that tried to attack Trump.

Brasstax 03-12-2016 15:53

Why don't those people just STFU and go work. People that work don't have these issues.

Basically - if you don't work you are a terrorist.

Reggs 03-12-2016 16:54

Has Trump ever used a teleprompter?

I get the sense that there's just a sheet of paper with 6-8 bullet points and that's all he uses.

JoMo 03-12-2016 16:59


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 18540430)
Has Trump ever used a teleprompter?

I get the sense that there's just a sheet of paper with 6-8 bullet points and that's all he uses.

No teleprompter. He will read a statement off a sheet of paper if it's an important statement, but other than that, he just goes with the flow, or uses a bullet list.

antifreeze 03-12-2016 17:35


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18540405)
Douchenugget that tried to attack Trump.


JoMo 03-12-2016 17:42


Originally Posted by antifreeze (Post 18540441)

Don't think so... anyway, your standard SJW/BLM/Bernie douchenugget.


Shiloh 03-12-2016 17:50

He is an Isis sympathizer, a Bernie Sanders supporter, and was looking for martyrdom.

StapleMammal1 03-12-2016 18:15


Trump Rally - MAC-10 "Assault Weapon" Fired by Black Lives Matter Protester in Chicago Streets

**** Twatter. ****** lives don't matter. LEO lives matter.

Also the Soros backed liberal terrorists continue their attacks on humanity.

JoMo 03-12-2016 18:37

KC is in 30 minutes or so.... hostile territory.....

Gouge 03-12-2016 18:52

Can Trump do no wrong?

Cruz just lose the endorsements of Chuck Woolery, Jan Morgan and Debbie Dooley for claiming Trump has artificially created the near riots last night in Chicago.

Gouge 03-12-2016 19:06

Brasstax 03-12-2016 19:38

Wanna know the secret to fighting the black man in the city? Optics. Plain and simple. The black man can't afford the glass and even if he gets his hands on it - he doesn't fully comprehend it. Optics let you reach out and touch someone. #blacklivesmatter for about 3 minutes if they want to start the ****. There is nothing about this election that should have them up in arms. Trump will help any hard worker. Color doesn't mean **** until you make it that way. They should pull away from the dems who haven't done **** but make it worse for blacks. Even with a black president.

JoMo 03-12-2016 19:46

Lots of protesters in KC

Brasstax 03-12-2016 19:48


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18540477)
Lots of protesters in KC

yah - they are going to start travelling around. Trump should tell them he is going to be appearing in the gulf of Mexico and we can watch all these asshats drown.

Vir 03-12-2016 19:50

He put bernie in his place for giving up his microphone

TAA WAR 03-12-2016 19:53

Holy **** Trumps rally is a **** show right now.

Vir 03-12-2016 19:56

The whole rally is just fighting with the crowd.

JoMo 03-12-2016 20:01

Trump seems angry, lol

LouCypher 03-12-2016 20:03


Originally Posted by Brasstax (Post 18540476)
Wanna know the secret to fighting the black man in the city? Optics. Plain and simple. The black man can't afford the glass and even if he gets his hands on it - he doesn't fully comprehend it.

Reggs 03-12-2016 20:24

Link to rally?


JoMo 03-12-2016 20:43

.@kcpolice deploying resources to move masked protesters out of street.Protesters are throwing objects.Foggers w/be used.Still under control

Fool 03-12-2016 20:54

Masked protestors?

JoMo 03-12-2016 20:58

Yeah, the typical paid anarchist morons.

Fool 03-12-2016 21:19

No I get it, I just don't agree that they're protestors.

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