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FalseMyrmidon 03-12-2009 10:58

Frat boys... probably played Halo too.

Shadow(of)Death 03-12-2009 11:02

Dance Dance Revolution and Sports games. Those are the only games I'm not competitive at. Everything else and I can hold my own. OK, I take that back, old school games I suck at (Mega Man).

hyperlite 03-12-2009 13:38

dante seems like a huge douche and the color contact guy

Fool 03-12-2009 14:21

I'm kinda surprised AkumA's not on the show.

Alvarez 03-12-2009 16:42

mark why is swoozie listed as a hero on your myspace page? kinda odd.

old_skul 03-13-2009 11:53

I liked the show. I think Rob has style, and that counts. If he dominates at the games then that's a double whammy.

This is one of the more interesting reality dramas I've seen. Mostly because it includes a TWer.

succi 03-13-2009 11:59


Originally Posted by SexPistol (Post 14355809)
lol Dac, Geoff told me about that, hadn't seen the pictures yet though haha Looks pretty tasty actually.

Fool, I was like one of the final interviews of the day in Chicago, and the question came up, "So, what can you tell us about yourself that we can't see by just looking at you." I totally dropped the PA bomb, they never saw it coming. The lady behind the camera was like, "do wh-? I mean, u, you said, you mean you did th-, Really?"

OH BUT forgot to tell you guys anyone who missed it, catch it on


full episode

There's gotta be a way round the IP check on here. Anyone know how? I still want to try to catch the show and cant find it.

Torks 03-13-2009 12:35


Originally Posted by succi (Post 14362192)
There's gotta be a way round the IP check on here. Anyone know how? I still want to try to catch the show and cant find it.

you need an US proxy. I can't tell you one though, I don't have a reliable myself

bobett 03-13-2009 22:10


Originally Posted by SexPistol (Post 14358086)
hehe let me tell you guys a little story you didn't get to see. JD and I are up very late practicing, like 2-3am or so, and Robert is about to go to bed. JD says to him, Robert, level with me, I'm getting like XX,000 points here, what about you?

Robert says, Idk, haven't played the song yet, lemme see. Goes over to the game, puts the song on Expert and 5 stars it np talking to JD. JD goes, welp, think I'm gonna get some sleep.

so rob was having a little fun and showing off after he took a big lead, i dont think his actual score was important after he was like 50k up

Yeah, watching JD in the elimination round, it looked like he knew he had lost and just started pretending he was a rockstar, jumping around and ****.

I wanna see them play the original super smash brothers on N64. That's the only game I'm really good at :(.

Pak 03-13-2009 22:17


Originally Posted by succi (Post 14362192)
There's gotta be a way round the IP check on here. Anyone know how? I still want to try to catch the show and cant find it.


Originally Posted by SexPistol (Post 14358281)
trying not to whore this thread too bad but for you canadians here is a youtube link up ! :D

pZ II Birdy 03-13-2009 22:32

Just watched it today. Nice of you to help JD. :)

HaPpY 03-13-2009 23:24

i hope no one is taking this show seriously... granted its fun to watch because thats the intention but no one here is even remotely the "best gamer".

this is also somewhat true of WCG since theyve become corporate shills and began adding any game their sponsors told them to. theyve even had people who have never played the target game in their life make the semifinals :lol:

Fool 03-13-2009 23:28

Yea I wouldn't take any Xbox360 exclusive series as an "ultimate gamer". It's a reality show. They're playing games. Any given day someone could win. Hell someone could coast all the way to the end without ever playing anyone and still win the whole thing.

It's fun to watch though, but admittingly I'd never watch a single episode if there wasn't a TWer involved.

HaPpY 03-13-2009 23:57

ok just making sure :)

Baby Bew 03-14-2009 00:02


Originally Posted by HaPpY (Post 14364016)
ok just making sure :)

Fool doesn't speak for me. I will worship the winner of this game show as the world's greatest gamer.

Fool 03-14-2009 00:03

bull**** I am your mouth

SexPistol 03-14-2009 00:06

yeah I don't think anybody is too delusional happy ;) but i think you will find that everyone in that house can definitely play, still do about everyday on xbox live with most of the people from the show

btw if you haven't seen this video guys, LOL

Alyson was doing this the whole show, I remember being in the kitchen one morning, Jamal walks in the room and she says "GOOD MORNING JAMAL" while burping hahaha

alvarez, respected swoozie since way before the show ;)

Fool 03-14-2009 00:09

Allyson is a phenomenal person. AKA I want to suckle the tittay.

ayz 03-14-2009 00:37

pirates vs ninjas, nice

tiu_sam 03-14-2009 01:52

I actually did like the show a lot more than I expect.

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