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Mooley 10-12-2009 00:59

I'm gonna kill you .. for you and that bastard Njoy killing me just minutes ago on the Western Shards of Lat, you bastard. :/

Nice crit btw =P lol

d0ggy 10-12-2009 02:28

Hahah didn't even notice it was you. Your character name is Mooley right? I will try to pay more attention next time.

Mooley 10-12-2009 06:07

Zadok =)

lol! I got wiped by Njoy and quick. I was like, wtf? So I'm sitting there in limbo checking out the raid, going over names and I see yours and I'm like, "Wtf! I know this guy! KILL HIM!" lol.

They're going, man they must be high level and I'm like, no, he's just crit to hell. lol

Then some level 42 named Danica comes in and kicks some ass and I finally get a res .. then I got jumped again. :/

Btw, the guy you kept trying to hit is our tank, Balboa. You made him sad because he can take damage but can't really give it .. and wanted to reroll after that .. I spent the rest of the night consoling him.

d0ggy 10-12-2009 06:48

Hahahah wait wait, were you the group of 4-5 guys me and njoy duo wiped? We were out ganking for awhile just us 2, taking doin mostly 2v1s and a few 2v2s. Then we found a group of bout 6+ elyos camping near Primum, they wiped us hard even after we gathered a few more guys in the group.

Also, danica stunlocked + killed me in seconds. I didn't even know what happend.

Mooley 10-12-2009 07:46

Yeah, we were camping the Primum, :D there was just me and Balboa there for a bit then yeah, about 5 more came after you guys and you guys cleaned house on them, lol. Then the big boys came.

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