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australia 08-12-2016 17:27

nonreg appreciation thread
the guy smurfed on my first LT team with lix in scrims stacking them against some very decent teams like blood eagle and <3 beer and also helped me set up a shifter ladder on twl - it even had shifter lasthope made by andrew

majorly innovated d and O positions

ran a very clean and fun twl environment

leader of many dynasty teams in LT and member of some great base teams

admin this d00d on tw/twl/ogl league or something :-)

i hope he enjoys midair as much as everyone else is

Laughing-Stork 08-12-2016 17:42

I would have quit tribes years ago if it weren't for him. **** him I have wasted my youth.

Groove 08-12-2016 19:15


spockhammer 08-12-2016 20:46


Dutch 08-12-2016 22:51

aussie players were all scum hacks

DC. 08-13-2016 14:11

wat do you mean by clean and fun???

spockhammer 08-13-2016 14:37

okay look stork told me non felt awkward and dropped from some christmas thing and ive NEVER SHOWN UP TO THOSE GAMES FOR A REASON so thats fukin terrible and he should enjoy midair

all that aside if we all on both sides have teenager dramas and feuds still over this i am all for it and lets go fight it out in midair

i blame opsayo for everything

jjwtay 08-13-2016 14:40

nonregs killed tribes

rtcll 08-13-2016 14:49


Laughing-Stork 08-13-2016 18:38

I didnt say he felt awkward. I said he dropped and didn't come back so I didn't get to talk to him. He was having a good time until he dropped afaik

spockhammer 08-13-2016 20:04

u said something about talking and then he dropped in silence or something of that nature

anyway hope he plays

vamp 08-15-2016 02:24

he play ren lt he cool

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