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FTMStyle 08-03-2008 01:13

Can anyone say with 100% certainty that there was a video? I remember the flash and pictures, but that's it. Like, what perspective was it shot?

JuggerNaught 08-03-2008 12:39

I'm pretty sure i remember a vid shot by his gf, he was all up in nspec's face, nspec had dark shades on, and daspin was literally nose to nose with him, talking really low about how he was going to **** him up. I'm wanting to say this happened in a parking lot.

cogzinofa 08-03-2008 12:42

it may have been a video taken with a cell phone...

Kurayami 08-03-2008 12:42


Originally Posted by |aYg.Leone*| (Post 13522677)
I sure did man... her name is becky, she is from boston. we meet in flight school. she is an apache pilot, graduate from the naval acamedy


The Navy doesn't operate Apaches.

I think that your wife has been lying to you.

PS: colosus is fat lol

Kurayami 08-03-2008 12:43

And yes, there was a video.
Daspin looked like a douche and nspec looked like a *****. Nobody really came off looking good in the video. I'm not sure why it was ever uploaded.

cogzinofa 08-03-2008 12:51

reading through those f4$ archives is just so very sad. I just don't understand this whole flaming thing. it's just so retarded. faglames? were they even aware of how retarded and juvenile they sounded?

Musashi 08-03-2008 12:53

:shrug: there was no vid. only pics.

IMHO, nSpec did the smart thing not to get sucked into toothles1's game. there is no good ending and no apparent gain to fighting a strange guy in a parking lot. Just smile and see if mr badass can stop a ton of detroit steel.

aScotiA 08-03-2008 12:54

so Dio goes grave-desecrating today, right?

Psyc 08-03-2008 12:54

how'd i miss this?

Musashi 08-03-2008 12:57

Besides, some wigger that pulls this **** may have his dad's gun. wanna-be thug is much more dangerous than real thug because the wigger has something to prove. nSpecre wanted a slurpy.

Travace 08-03-2008 13:16

not reading 27 pages was it ever found out how he dide ?

Monkey_b 08-03-2008 13:17

ok so myself, cogzinofa, Yankee, Juggernaught, apollod, and Kurayami (who never forgets anything) all remember a video

how the **** can there be no video

Kurayami 08-03-2008 13:18

You virgins are dumb.
There was most certainly a video and it was shot in a parking lot. Daspin had his foot (or something) under nspec's tire to prevent him from backing away.

Monkey_b 08-03-2008 13:19


I have been vindicated, the rest of you can suck my nuts now. everything I said still holds true, and it is the collective YOU, not I who are the retarded ones.

edit: What say you now Colosus/Rayn/et al??!?!

Travace 08-03-2008 13:23

i don't remember a video. i do remember Mushashi's funny as **** flash about the whole thing tho :lol:

cogzinofa 08-03-2008 13:25

I thought the video surfaced some time wasn't part of the initial posting, or something like that.

Monkey_b 08-03-2008 13:26

that's right mother****ers

to think i had to eat my words when i was correct all along

damn it feels good to be right

Kurayami 08-03-2008 13:28


Originally Posted by cogzinofa (Post 13526791)
I thought the video surfaced some time wasn't part of the initial posting, or something like that.

I believe that you are correct.

I recall it being Daspin's response to nspec's "raid" on his house a couple weeks after the fact. I think that he figured out where npec worked and basically sat outside waiting for him all day.

Monkey_b 08-03-2008 13:30

The video was definately a stark contrast to nSpectres recap of the incident

Ok well, I have to get lots of work done today (yes on a sunday :() so I'll see you dudes later

No sense wasting my time here now that I know I'm right

Odio 08-03-2008 13:31

I can't believe I missed this.

God damnit.

By missed this, I mean I missed this thread, not the actual events that took place.

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