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NoFiX 08-01-2008 18:31

anyone post the pics / vid yet? someone deliver in this thread.

apollod 08-01-2008 18:52

i swear there was a video of when Daspin tried to confront nspec at a convenience store or some ****; he kept saying he was going to beat his ass

JuggerNaught 08-01-2008 18:58

yeah wasn't daspin all up in his face, talking real low like he was going to do something. nspectre was just looking at him. I don't remember him getting punked one way or the other.

Monkey_b 08-01-2008 19:57

I swear I ****ing remember that too dude.

I feel like I'm in god damn vanilla sky right now, I can't tell whether I'm imagining **** or if it really happened.

cogzinofa 08-01-2008 19:58

well, I haven't been able to find a video, or even a reference to a video, but I did find two tribute videos up on the 'tube (what cool kids call youtube)

maybe not so safe for work. I think there's a penis in one of them.
YouTube - Ruthless1 Tribute NSFW
YouTube - Ruthless1 Tribute Video

Yankee 08-01-2008 20:01

daspin had the video of nspectre at the convenience store, if I recall daspin came off as a real twit, nspectre came off as slightly freaked out, definitely wanting to avoid a confrontation

cogzinofa 08-01-2008 20:07 many people remember video, but to all appearances there was no video:
Hacked! [Archive] - FLAME4CASH

05-27-2004, 12:15 PM
Of course he does. Except I posted pics. Oh, and btw, I like how he says I wasnt alone. Hes right, I had my GF with me taking pictures of the whole thing. That fat, slob of a NYKO nerds lip wis shaking with so much fear that my girl kept laughing and saying, look at his lip "trembling". Ahaha! I was up in his place of business, stupid. Can't you see that from the first image?

Yeah, looks like he did just what I said he did. He did try and hit me though... with his open car door whne he backed out screeching his tires trying to get away. Pretty hilarious if you ask me. I was an inch from his face asking him "are you ever gunna do something stupid like this again?", and he was like, "*gulp* no". Like I said, the proof is in the pictures. If he says something different happened, quote it, post it here and I'll cruise down to NYKO again to get video this time. Hows that, chunk?

Haha, go and get the guy humiliated and intimidated again because of your mouth.

Skeletor666 08-01-2008 20:07

I like ***** and heard there was alot of it in this thread

Monkey_b 08-01-2008 20:11

ok if I go down as a demented lunatic Yankee's going down with me

bobett 08-01-2008 20:15

Guys, you have to goatse his grave now. He asked you for it.


05-27-2004, 08:19 PM
And man was it fun. Oh, btw, hes now saying I had like backup or something with me. Yes, my 110 pound girlfriend laughing, calling him names and snapping the pics must have shook him up. Ahaha. What I don't get is why no one comes back. Come on fellas, you've known where I live forever, wheres my goatse part 2? Somehow, I doubt we'll ever see it... Oh and thanks for the help in tracking him down. No one knows that you found out he was an aspiring actor playing a part in the dinner theater version of The Rocky Horror picture show. No joke, to whos reading this, thats how we found NSPECS. Ahaha, its funny just thinkin about it.

DV 08-01-2008 20:53

God that guy is a giant ****ing homo.... (replace is with was.)

anomaly 08-01-2008 20:59

im back to supporting ****ting on his grave and putting a goatse gram in it now thanks to those quotes

shaka_zulu705 08-01-2008 21:26


Originally Posted by cogzinofa (Post 13522374)

ummmmm whatcha saaaaaay.
ummmmm that you only meant weeelll.

Code4 08-01-2008 21:34


Originally Posted by Monkey_b (Post 13522410)
ok if I go down as a demented lunatic Yankee's going down with me

yankee is old & senile

Golazo 08-01-2008 21:47

monkey b asked tw abuot making money catching peacocks outside where he worked

he also bragged about stealing lobster

|aYg.Leone*| 08-01-2008 21:55


Originally Posted by Colosus (Post 13519539)
Whoa whoa whoa... Wife?! You got ****ing married?! Is it to that Christine girl (I think that was her name)?

I sure did man... her name is becky, she is from boston. we meet in flight school. she is an apache pilot, graduate from the naval acamedy, awesome cook, tall... what else can i tell you... swing by my myspace page, i have some pictures of the wedding on there its or /gbeatte i cant remember...

whats up with you? still down in socal? i am going back to fort bragg, nc... as much as i try, there is no escaping ;) i am who i am

let me know how you are doing...

Blank 08-01-2008 23:11

aww on Valentine's Day...

Jislan 08-01-2008 23:22


Originally Posted by SuicideTaxi (Post 13522029)

This message is hidden because Jislan is on your ignore list.
Go figure.

That's really a shame.

Monkey_b 08-01-2008 23:38


Originally Posted by Golazo (Post 13522633)
monkey b asked tw abuot making money catching peacocks outside where he worked

he also bragged about stealing lobster

i'd like to know what's wrong with either of those threads

also, you are confusing two separate threads, the one about catching the parrots that live outside my work, and the one about the peacocks walking off the street and into my office

xpdnc 08-01-2008 23:51


Originally Posted by Monkey_b (Post 13521352)
If JD3 had been home at the time and answered the door, nSpectre would have had his **** smashed right then and there, and the whole situation would have unfolded differently.

Delivering a goatsegram to the guys wife or sister or whoever it was, then running off is not as badass as you may want to think.

If someone hands you something, and you "smash their ****", even if it's on your property, you go to jail. Then again, I think Daspin had already been to jail at that point. It's too bad it didn't turn out this way, because then we would have been responsible for ruining what small amount of time he had left.

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