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Przn 04-14-2011 15:53

Questions on Detaunt, Healing debuffs, and channeled spells.
1. Are there any healing debuffs other than Essence Link in the Mage's Necro tree?

2. Question on Mage's Detaunt,
Order of events:
1. dot lands on enemy A; 2. mage detaunts A; 3. dot ticks on A
--> Does detaunt break?
1. Mage detaunts enemy A; 2. mage damages enemy B,
--> Does detaunt break?
1. mage detaunts enemy A; 2. friendly player damages enemy A,
--> Does detaunt break?

3. Are all channeled spells resistant to interruption by attacks? Every channel spell i use seems to continue while taking damage, unless interrupted, but it seems that warlock's Reconstruct (channeled charge consumer)breaks easily. Was i interrupted every time or is this spell susceptible to interruption by incoming damage?

4. Can you have essence link on multiple targets at once?

PaYbAcK 04-15-2011 22:58

4. Yes. It only heals you based on what mob your pet is attacking. I imagine if you are using the AOE pet, it might help somewhat, which I just now thought of. not sure on that one though.

Bodom 04-16-2011 14:10

reconstruct breaks on dmg

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