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Special---K 01-07-2012 22:08

[So] Deadspace and Deadspace 2
I just played through both games

really ****ing good. Like Resident Evil 4 in space with kickass weapons and high production values.

Coolest part of the second game was

anyway, good times

what are you ****ers up to?

Leiawen 01-07-2012 22:12

I really need to pick up Dead Space 2. I ****ing loved the first one, I just haven't gotten around to the sequel. How does it compare in your opinion? I played the demo and kinda liked that they gave Isaac a voice.

Special---K 01-07-2012 22:17

yeah the sequel has a LOT more character development for Isaac. Some people might not like that but I did. He talks a lot and interacts with NPCs more.

Second one was more difficult in parts I felt and had more cinematic sequences and quicktime events (where something is happening outside of the regular gameplay and you need to repeatedly press a button or move the mouse to kill the bad guy or escape the falling building etc)...again, some folks may think that's a negative but I think it broke up the action nicely.

One negative is a few parts felt almost cruel like Demon's Souls where you pretty much have to die the first time facing an enemy or going through a trap section because there is no way you could have seen it coming...but the penalty for dying isn't nearly as bad and only sets you back a few minutes.

The beginning of DS2 is flat out awesome

I think my only complaint about the series is that there doesn't seem to be any need or incentive to use more than 2 weapons for 99% of the game.

Plasma cutter and pulse rifle were my bread and butter when the flame thrower used in a few areas where small, fast moving baddies are swarming....other than that, I kept trying out different things in the fourth weapon slot but found them all to be a liability and not worth using let alone upgrading

sehvi 01-07-2012 22:26

never played the first one but i finished the second one.. and i loved it a lot.

sound design + atmosphere is AWESOME.

cael 01-07-2012 22:52

you forgot to mention that neither of them are scary games

cael 01-07-2012 22:53

i mean f.e.a.r. was scarier than these games and that's ****in sad

mjoe 01-07-2012 22:54

i liked the first one because it was fresh but after a while it's just the same thing over and over again.

aNimAL 01-07-2012 23:02

just make sure you do this if ur playing it (ds2)

Dead Space 2 60 fps with vsync | Solidly Stated

jerry 01-07-2012 23:09

how much is ds2 on pc

i may buy

played most of the first on the 360

Special---K 01-07-2012 23:10

on the PC? uuuuhhhh free

jerry 01-07-2012 23:34


jerry 01-07-2012 23:37

o it is 20 bucks

i will not buy

Special---K 01-07-2012 23:37

it's $20 to DL at every major site right now
I know steam had it for like 5 bucks during their sale the other week

I didn't buy it :o

starwolf_nexus 01-07-2012 23:48

the scariest part out of both deadspace 1 and 2 is when you're in the Ishiumura the second time and nothing happens which doesn't last long...

seriously they need to pace the "scary parts" better as the monsters are nothing more then terrorists in COD due to how frequently they appear.

Special---K 01-07-2012 23:50

a few of the cheap scares really got me in both games

like when the ****ing fire sprinklers come on or the alarm clock goes off

the most fun parts in the second game were the rooms with the creepy ass things that hide behind boxes and then charge you while screaming

SINep 01-08-2012 00:22

Coolest part of the second game is hardware mouse... yay!


[SES]BaNsHee 01-08-2012 01:11

Loved Dead Space. Never got around to the 2nd one. Might check craigslist for it. Some good deals on there. Just got Dark Messiah, Fable II and III, Dragon Age Origins II, and Borderlands for $24. Only one Ive played is Fable II.

Buddhaz Wisdom 01-08-2012 02:13


Originally Posted by Special---K (Post 16932430)
a few of the cheap scares really got me in both games

like when the ****ing fire sprinklers come on or the alarm clock goes off

the most fun parts in the second game were the rooms with the creepy ass things that hide behind boxes and then charge you while screaming

****ing space velociraptors were brutal and nerve wrecking on some parts when I had very little ammo.

PyroTeknik 01-08-2012 02:14

I just started on the second one.
So far, the gameplay is better, but I feel like the atmosphere isn't. Maybe it's because what little scares the first one had are totally gone now; I'm mowing down the bad guys and then being a badass about it, like "I'm mother****ing Isaac Clarke, *****"

I don't know. It's not grabbing me quite the same, even though objectively the gameplay is more refined. I do love the universe they've created around it, but I really wish they'd gone more of a horror route instead of the crazy action. The few jump scares so far were so predictable that I was already aiming at the spot the bad guys would pop out of before they were there. The only thing that remotely startled me so far was the goddamn toilets flushing automatically when you get near them (there must be something wrong with the pipes, because they sound like the cries of the damned)
I hear there's some crazy set pieces in this one, but so far it's been just more of the same, but slightly less engaging (about 2 or 3 hours in).

Reaver 01-08-2012 03:40

I really liked DS2. Didn't play the first one. There were a few scary parts that startled the **** outta me but usually you know when it's coming.

I used the harpoon gun with the electrical shock/explosion upgrade for most of the game, using the force gun or plasma cutter when that ran out of ammo.


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