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Got Haggis? 03-11-2011 09:59

Tribes : Ascend

Tribes Ascend is now officially out and is free to play. Download here: Download Tribes Ascend

TW list of usernames here:

Skibbi9 03-11-2011 10:01

angry birds with disk launchers

Kerosene31 03-11-2011 10:03

Feels too floaty, weapons not balanced, devs didn't listen to us

Fool 03-11-2011 10:04

***356;***343;***297;b***347; ***265;***263;***326;***355;

DeathMonk 03-11-2011 10:04

tribes ruined skiing

Rosdower 03-11-2011 10:06

skiing ruined ruining

Diablo Escobar 03-11-2011 10:07


Originally Posted by Skibbi9 (Post 16266025)
angry birds with disk launchers

this really blew my mind.....i think this would be a fun game

i can't wait for class based angry birds 4, i'm always choosing bomb bird

Teratos 03-11-2011 10:09

Sounds too much like "Ascension". I'll be suing them for trademark infringement.

old_skul 03-11-2011 10:10

I think they should call it Vengeance 2: Electric Boogaloo

Either that or just Tribes 3

Tantric Rex 03-11-2011 10:11

they put some real brain juice in that name, im sure the game will be a knock out as well

whoever 03-11-2011 10:20

i reply with the message tribes 3

Hansel 03-11-2011 10:26

Tribes: Descent or Tribes: Extinct would be more appropriate.

Ocman 03-11-2011 10:26

Here it is:


Hi-Rez Studios Unveils the Next Tribes
ATLANTA - March 11, 2011 -- Today at the PAX East game festival, Hi-Rez Studios released an announcement trailer for Tribes: Ascend***8482;, proclaiming the return of the sci-fi, online multi-player shooter franchise Tribes.

The Tribes collection of games have been played by well over 1 million people.

Tribes: Ascend, developed using the Unreal 3 engine, is being positioned as the multi-player successor to the much lauded Tribes 2 and a re-introduction of the franchise to the gaming world.

Hi-Rez Studios acquired Tribes in October, 2010 and revealed plans to develop a massive scale, persistent world shooter called Tribes Universe. Today's announcement confirms that long-term franchise strategy, but Hi-Rez has chosen to first deliver the single-purchase, digital download Tribes: Ascend this calendar year.

"Before Halo, before Modern Warfare, and before Battlefield, there was Tribes.", says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. "Tribes fans appreciate the game's essence - athletic FPS combat combined with teamwork and strategy. As we began development of Tribes Universe, we focused first on capturing that essence - refining and modernizing iconic elements like jetpacks, skiing, and vehicles. We***8217;ve had tremendous fun play-testing and realized the potential of a multiplayer focused title ahead of Tribes Universe. The community has been waiting for a multi-player shooter that is the modern successor to T2. Tribes: Ascend is that game."

Tribes: Ascend is targeted for release in late 2011 as a digital download on Windows PC and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Additional platforms are currently under consideration as well.

For more information:

Website - Tribes Ascend

Facebook - Tribes Ascend | Facebook

About Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios, Inc, located just outside of Atlanta GA, was established in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive entertainment. In February 2010 the company released the squad-based Shooter-MMO Global Agenda. Hi-Rez is currently developing other competitive online games including Tribes: Ascend. For more information, visit Hi-Rez Studios

Unreal is a registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc.

Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox LIVE are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

Media Contact: [email protected]

Dennis 03-11-2011 10:28

Apparently Got Haggis completely blew it as it's Ascend and not Ascent.

edit: ugh, they are admitting they are trying to pay homage to T2 base and named vehicles as their 3rd most important priority

old_skul 03-11-2011 10:30

I got all nostalgic.

Tantric Rex 03-11-2011 10:32

****ty name

****ty trailer

Whoop 03-11-2011 10:32

this will be a great success

Dennis 03-11-2011 10:32

"Our flag is secure."

Ugh, they are trying way to hard with that voice-over. Bring back the hilarity that was the T1 sound pack!

filsinger 03-11-2011 10:36

They did nail diamond sword that's for sure.

telos 03-11-2011 10:37

I'll still be stupid enough to buy this... not pre-order though. ****ing T:V POS **** YOU!

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