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Brasstax 01-25-2022 23:30

Don't Free Minge

amRam 01-25-2022 23:33

He asked to be banned, i guess?

Brasstax 01-25-2022 23:36

He invited Plaz to Vegas for a fight and then accidentally posted a pick of himself blowing an a-rab

Brasstax 01-25-2022 23:37

Dammit - you can't neg rep the bant

havax 01-26-2022 00:21

rest in piss, mr. and mrs. grainger

Plasmatic 01-26-2022 01:15

Aw, but he seemed so happy here, we even found him a high chair.

Nmag 01-26-2022 06:10

I guess the Sri Lankan housekeeper is taking the photo.

-SS- 01-26-2022 07:05


Flash 01-26-2022 07:47

Mitch looks fat.

JuggerNaught 01-26-2022 07:59

What happened? Did he get short with someone?

SuperTrap 01-26-2022 07:59

He is standing in that pic.. they edited it to make it look like he is sitting. Everyone knows mitch stands at the table to eat.

Brasstax 01-26-2022 08:32


Originally Posted by JuggerNaught (Post 19425772)
What happened? Did he get short with someone?

He threatened Plaz, said some stupid **** to Fool and then posted a pic of an uncut Arab penis w/o NSFW tags

SuperTrap 01-26-2022 08:34

He posted his most viewed file accidentally

Pagy 01-26-2022 09:29

would be much more enjoyable to give him the "orbital123" setting and watch him spiral out of control as no one sees any of his posts

StapleMammal1 01-26-2022 10:27

Orbital was a way better poster than the manlet has ever been.

Edofnor 01-26-2022 11:01

wow way 2b reddit commie Nazi censor fags

free mitch "the *****" dubai

Chrom 01-26-2022 12:04

Poor Midge...

... so misunderstood

cael 01-26-2022 12:04

he was banned because he hurt juggs feelings and violated the safe space of tw

JuggerNaught 01-26-2022 12:54

When did he hurt my feelings?

cael 01-26-2022 12:55

sorry i meant he hurt an admins feelings on behalf of u

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