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HaPpY 03-05-2010 16:22

This game dead yet?
posts here are now weeks apart... and used to be minutes apart. lol

Die Hard 03-05-2010 16:41


-Serenity 03-06-2010 22:36


HaPpY 03-07-2010 04:42

is it really that tough to surpass wow?... shame on the game industry

Die Hard 03-07-2010 11:33

Basically everything is a huge grind and the grind killed it, you can spend 3 hours in Dark Poeta (the current end instance) and not get a single drop because the super low drop rate bosses have. You can spend 20million kinah on mats to craft your end game pants and fail and lose everything. I had less than 15m after hitting max level for a long time. A lot of my guildies quit after failing to craft their pants. One guy failed 6 times before finally making them.

Players can't handle things like these anymore after playing WoW. They are working to make everything less of a grind now but it's a little too late since a ton of people already quit.

HaPpY 03-07-2010 17:55

so to keep a gamer occupied you must create a game that exists somewhere between
A. wasting their time (bad thing)
B. challenging them (good thing)

why is it so difficult to shift to the latter?

aion sounds exactly like FFXI :p:

Mooley 03-11-2010 06:34

i still play. Don't post here though because that would be lonely. :( lol

Pengo 03-13-2010 06:07


Originally Posted by HaPpY (Post 15390628)
is it really that tough to surpass wow?... shame on the game industry

I dont even know why im in this subforum, but yes. WoW has had a gigantic dev budget due to their steady income and has had an enormous amount of resources for years and years.

How is a new game, with limited resources and time, supposed to compete with that kind of a project before their funding gets pulled? I've seen reviews for a lot of these new RPGs, and the most common theme is "it could be great with more time, but money or playerbase aren't there"

Any real potential competition needs a nearly unheard of development budget, a ton of marketing, plenty of years for development, and a long, FREE beta phase for refinement to really even dream about overtaking wow, much less competing. Something like this is not going to happen from anything but the biggest development companies, probably with outside funding from other sources looking to break into the gaming market.

And even then you have whatever WoW's sequel will be to compete with.

HaPpY 03-15-2010 04:52

well im referring to those mmo projects that are granted the huge budgets.

besides its not like wow initially involved a monumental effort... ffxi probably had a more complex world at the time. but wow offered the unique theme and style that attracted the majority... since then its turned into a steaming pos and i think most wow players are wishing for something better to get them away. if wow was still a great game i wouldnt be complaining.

and the next bliz mmo will very likely be a console game.

Pengo 03-15-2010 21:22

I have a hard time believing they'd leave their loyal 11.5 million x $15/mo. customer base behind by not making a PC mmorpg... maybe PC and console?

Anyway, wow didn't need to be perfect because the market gapingly wide during its early years. Now any competition has to be at that high quality level upon release or paying customers will lose interest quickly, meaning refinements, balancing, and extra content wont get added and the game can't grow because funding gets pulled by the higher ups.

What I'm saying is that I doubt even WoW would have done so well if it was released in the current mmorpg market. The bar is a lot higher now than it was 7 years ago.

Jamezeo 03-16-2010 01:41

how is this game "dead"? lol why are the masses so ****ing ignorant about MMOs?

It's not "dead." AoC is not "dead." ****, Everquest 1 isn't "dead." Stfu.

-Serenity 03-20-2010 17:36

Game is dead =[

Heimdal 04-04-2010 19:42


Originally Posted by HaPpY (Post 15390628)
is it really that tough to surpass wow?... shame on the game industry

No, it really isn't. Unfortunately most games try to be too much like WoW, and that usually makes people wonder why not just play WoW instead? Warhammer tried to be too much like WoW instead of the far superior DAoC, and look where that got them. I mean just look at all the tools for sieging keeps in DAoC compared to Warhammer. What I wouldn't give for battlegrounds in Warhammer, instead of the ****ty scenarios. Have to be more like WoW though!

Aion is just too much like standard Korean MMOs though. Despite trying to appeal to the western player base, it was still a huge grind that no one really wanted to deal with.

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