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hfingers 01-25-2008 16:32

[pics] gross pics of my spider bite/flesh-eating bacterial infection
Updated April 29th
from a spider bite that turned into a flesh eating bacterial infection. 4 surgeries and crazy amounts of antibiotics. It was a life threating bacterial infection and i had between a 106.2 and 104 tempature for 2 days. Scary ****. I just got a few pics from my daughter, check them out.

Link to bacterial infection.
Necrotizing fasciitis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Link to the bastard spider.
Brown recluse spider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Within 36 hours of the bite but after they lanced all of the blisters.
After 4 surgeries to physically remove deep tissue that was infected.

I have to have surgery again to graft skin from hip to the back of my hand. Then total reconstructive surgery to my finger(multiple surgeries) if it can be saved. I have no feeling in my middle finger on the top side of it but i do have some feeling on the bottom side.(palm side)

I will throw up some more pics as i get them from people. GREAT start to the new yerr. :cheers:
Another pic after surgery.

*edit: updated pic's

Feb 7

Still nasty but coming along. The skin on the back of my hand grew in itself, so need for a graft there. The human body is amazing.

*Updated pics as of April 7th
They have to break my finger and straighten it out. Then do a skin graft on top.

Update: April 29th

They have given 4 options at this point. All 4 are different ways of cutting my finger off. They cant save it at all. I wish they would have done this months ago, it would have saved me alot of pain.

Rayn 01-25-2008 16:33

Holy ****ing hell

cyclozine 01-25-2008 16:34


Oddiz 01-25-2008 16:34


CelticMojo 01-25-2008 16:34

I just barfed on my keyboard.

Jesus man that sucks, glad you didn't die. **** GROSS

mstrike 01-25-2008 16:34

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

turdburgler 01-25-2008 16:34


oDDable 01-25-2008 16:35


Ebenger_ 01-25-2008 16:35


I would just tell them to lop off my hand, **** THAT. :sick:

Rilke 01-25-2008 16:36


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 12710714)
Holy ****ing hell

my thoughts exactly.


Laundry 01-25-2008 16:36

whoa, how long did you wait before going to a doctor?

akiracy 01-25-2008 16:36

:sick: aw man thats gross

Oddiz 01-25-2008 16:36

You have a promising future of zombie hand modeling

izod 01-25-2008 16:36

jesus, thank god you are alive still

Zero-Optix 01-25-2008 16:36

That must of been Hell, hfingers, so does hfingers name have any significant meaning now?

Whoa i hope that does happen to me.

soggynuts 01-25-2008 16:37

that stuff doesnt bother me, i work in an emergency room

I'm very sorry to hear about that though, that really sucks man :( stupid ****ing spider

Grief 01-25-2008 16:37


hfingers 01-25-2008 16:37


Originally Posted by Laundry (Post 12710727)
whoa, how long did you wait before going to a doctor?

I went within 24 hours of being bitten.

Ebenger_ 01-25-2008 16:38

Story behind getting bit?

Timmain 01-25-2008 16:39

Wow, that's amazing!

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