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jerry 03-09-2012 14:59

diablo 3
release date

is it really apr 17

GiftOfTheGame 03-09-2012 15:02

king of diablo

Vlasic 03-09-2012 15:10


spockhammer 03-09-2012 15:12

cant wait

CatKillingOwner 03-09-2012 15:14

no the internet is lying to u :ftard:

Dangerdoggie 03-09-2012 15:20

nope, April 1st

Dangerdoggie 03-09-2012 15:21

who cares about diablo, it's all about Stone Quarry Simulator!

totally boss!

Sir Lucius 03-09-2012 15:48

Word is the Italians leaked the date with signage as Apr 17th. But Blizzard also said Q2 of 2012, so it should be out in December.

G-Force 03-09-2012 16:01

Who is going to play hardcore only? Nothing beats the rush of hardcore.

kdt 03-09-2012 16:04

ill play diablo 3 lets make scrim team in d3

Goshin 03-09-2012 16:12

ya le4ts rock

Infiltrat0r 03-09-2012 16:14

You mean Inferno?

XTasy 03-09-2012 16:43

diablo3 boring

kill skeleton king and done

beta sux

ScooBySnaCk 03-09-2012 16:52

yeah but sis you do it with every class?>?????

Jungle Fish 03-09-2012 16:54

im thinking about having my wife retarded [chemical or ice pick lobotomy] or paralyzed so i can have sex at every command
im writing a book of excuses and stories that are legitmate clauses for this sick twisted fantasy of mine im already licking my lips with anticipation

RunningWolf 03-09-2012 17:07


Originally Posted by XTasy (Post 17062677)
diablo3 boring

kill skeleton king and done

beta sux

You haven't even played the game then. Hardcore >

jerry 03-09-2012 17:07

fuk ya

slogg 03-09-2012 17:11

I want to play the beta, someone send me an invite

Father Ruckus 03-09-2012 18:48

no pvp at release :(

G-Force 03-09-2012 18:48

servers down

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