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KittyCat 01-28-2009 13:57

I would never have released this on my own, it sucks that fraggle got his name from a leak.

I liked making fun of him here.

Paladin-5 01-28-2009 13:57

first page

turdburgler 01-28-2009 13:57

looks what happens when i go to the bank

Fancy Cat 01-28-2009 13:58

no it was a slow day for you LOL

Nonentity 01-28-2009 13:58

Dang, that is rough pickles

KittyCat 01-28-2009 13:59

Intersting fact... Kurayami lives in an apartment with his bro.

naptown 01-28-2009 13:59

he'll be back

if he's that bothered by someone knowing his name then he shouldn't be talking **** to random people on the internet

i'm just curious as to how he gets by living in a 1 bedroom with his brother

do you think they still have bunk beds

Mojo616 01-28-2009 13:59

i missed what's going on..?

confidential 01-28-2009 14:00

cliffs plz

HeLLrAiSr 01-28-2009 14:00

i wonder who gets the top bunk

JuggerNaught 01-28-2009 14:00


Originally Posted by KittyCat (Post 14216564)
has anyone wondered why Kurayami hated me so much? he knew i had his name for months

I would even name drop his mom at times to **** with his head, i never released it because i felt sympathetic and I wanted him to keep posting here.

he hated you for the same reason everyone else hates you, because you're a ****stick.

KittyCat 01-28-2009 14:01


Originally Posted by Kurayami circa 2001
post 1

I've used computers for many years... as a general rule I'mpretty proficient with them. Throw me a few pieces and I'll throw youback something that works
Ido have once huge deficiency in my knowledge - networking. I'm utterlyclueless. Completely. Think of me as mentally handicapped.
I'm 19.College really isn't for me. I'm looking into getting some certs (CCNAlooks interesting in particular.) That being said - I'd like to startmessing around with some network related things on my own.But before I get started I decided to field a few questions to you guys because, simply put, you know what you're doing.Now, forgive me if these are utterly retarded and uninformed. Like I said... I'm clueless.My plan is to throw together a couple more computers, snag a router, and tie them all together.

post 2

jarends -" You're right. I do plan on doing that sometime. At the moment I lack a car, so it's a bit difficult."
Not to mention that you can't exactly do as you please to a corporate network
"Oh, I'm sorry sir. I just wanted to see how this router would work with the Be machine."
But your advice is sound.

Post 3
jarends- "Lack of a car shouldn't stop you. Do you expect your parents to buy you one?"

Of course not.
WhatI meant by that is that I live in the middle of a pretty nothing town.It has a speedway, 100 liquor stores, and a couple thousand people.That's about it. There are really no job oppurtunities like that aroundhere. That's why I say I'll get to that eventually. Once I have themeans to traverse vast distances I should have a car fairly soon, though. Then I'll start looking in the towns around here for a help desk-esque job. Though, I can't really think of any places off the top of my head that would have possitions like that open.
But you never know

blackpeople 01-28-2009 14:01

its only 5 pages read the ****in thread

nigafool 01-28-2009 14:01

i dont hate kotz kotz is a true patriot

disclaimer226 01-28-2009 14:01

holy ****

SuicideSnowman 01-28-2009 14:02

obsess much?

JavaBean 01-28-2009 14:02

I like the defense in this thread.

"Yo yo that mother ****er shouldn't have talked so much **** if he didn't want an alleged rapist and a morbidly obese ****** to stalk him".

KittyCat 01-28-2009 14:02


Originally Posted by Kurayami circa 2001
Break out the ol' Japanese dictionary ifyou're really curious. Cliche', but better in another language.
Pro tip: don't choose handles when you're depressed. They stick with you for many years.

naptown 01-28-2009 14:03

19 years old and no car and no aspirations to go to college or anything

that is actually kind of sad and not in a funny way

uno 01-28-2009 14:03

holy **** now thats a gem post

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