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uno 01-28-2009 13:32

how to get rid of a creepy mother****er? Be creepier to him.

CrazyTexan 01-28-2009 13:32


FalseMyrmidon 01-28-2009 13:33

Stupid Kurafraggle threads.

blazindave 01-28-2009 13:34

What's the story behind it?

triple 01-28-2009 13:35

page 2, but what'd you do?

TF_Grungir 01-28-2009 13:35


ZodiaK 01-28-2009 13:35

i'm pretty sure he's making fun of you for all the times you throw a fit and "quit" tw until some silly stipulation (an apology, name change, etc) is met.

Xcursion 01-28-2009 13:36


SoulAuctioneer 01-28-2009 13:36


Unomas 01-28-2009 13:37

Wow, Kura must've really gotten to fraggle. For all the **** fraggle talks, you have to get trolled pretty hard to care this much.

havax 01-28-2009 13:37

blah blah blah

Fancy Cat 01-28-2009 13:38

he'll be back

i got 5 on it

Darkstrand 01-28-2009 13:38

nonstop fake fat guy drama threads are getting old!

coombz 01-28-2009 13:40

at least this is real drama rather than tedious and overly manufactured drama

even if it is kura-drama which i don't find that entertaining

Phrozen 01-28-2009 13:40

Kura will be back. Lock of the century. Even better odds than cards +8 and guaranteed McCain victory.

Kelven 01-28-2009 13:40

so what fraggle do to him??

Empirion 01-28-2009 13:40


PotatoBoatCaptain 01-28-2009 13:41

Epic, posting early in this HoF thread.

eggo 01-28-2009 13:41


KittyCat 01-28-2009 13:41

fraggle arent u happy naptown etippd u and i was the one that found his name

to bad i have morals and didnt release it

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