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Draynar 09-25-2005 13:51

Bets on DF's completion vs PR
I say they have at most 50% of all the stuff they talk about on their dev chats and such actually in the game. Anyone else got some bets?

master of kenpo 09-25-2005 14:17

I'd say 45%. They made a lot of talk about it, and I'll only know if it's all true if I get into the beta. *Hey Blitz....*

:|:ArcaneGel 09-25-2005 20:22

I dont know. 500 spells, fully customized world, all this FPS/3rdperson syle gameplay... they make it seem way too good to be true.

I'll definately be keeping an eye out on the upcoming chats/posts.

TheGhost 09-25-2005 20:26

i just hope the combat stays the same, can't wait to try it :D

Bane Grievver 09-25-2005 21:37

Well Asheron's Call had hundreds of spells, fully customized world, 3rd person gameplay, those are broad descriptions. Either way, it will be fun to play something that isn't world of warcraft :P

afex 09-25-2005 23:05

having 500 spells sucks if only 10 of them are cool.

making everything equally useful is the tough part

Wufei 09-25-2005 23:40

Those of us who are lucky enough to get into the beta will probably give it a thumbs up or down, so we'll find out.

(i better get beta ***** )

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