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old_skul 04-15-2009 16:07


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 14463111)
They became friends, and she wanted his sexpistol, but didn't get it because he has a girlfriend so she did the woman scorned thing.

Pretty sure she wanted some of that Apple sauce :)

Senty 04-15-2009 16:11


Originally Posted by KryandArturo (Post 14463210)
I'm sure he's tried, but they probably censor it all. They only want to allow advertisement of **** if they are gonna get something for it.

Wouldn't be surprising with how heavily they've edited everything else. It's a bit jarring just how credible they've made these made up side drama seem.

Shadow(of)Death 04-15-2009 16:54

Wow that was an intense episode. Notice how Mark is always one of the best in real life challenges?

Also notice how the female judge would always give the girls some very high scores on the dunk competition?

Senty 04-15-2009 16:57

She's from the WNBA, everything is graded on a curve.

{X}Hitman 04-15-2009 17:12

How is the WNBA still alive is the real question. I dunno I think he might be able to take leslie if he has a decent handle. She is tall but she is getting old and never was real athletic, just tall. She is a little to sure of herself. Her dunks are basic 2 hand front. I am not even sure she can still do one even wide open. 1 on 1 I am sure as hell no letting her get a free one. Sue Byrd or Tarossi (gals from uconn a few years ago) I know could smoke her ass.

I dunno, ciji is not that bad to me. I kinda like the freak in her. Ache scars are the biggest drawback but I can over look that for a game chick.

Dalmar 04-15-2009 18:10

Been watching this with the gf on Hulu, I've enjoyed it thus far.

triple 04-15-2009 18:15

hell lobo could probably still beat her 1on1

Senty 04-15-2009 18:26


double standard? ...personal vendettas??? - SCI FI FORUMS

Shadow(of)Death 04-15-2009 18:35

Is this true Mark? That would be awesome if you taught her things to make her worse.


ON TOPIC: Mark chose me for whatever reason. He had MUCH experience with the game and I didn't even touch the game til really late that night after I came back from Urgent Care (I had injured my arm during the real life challenge) and I stayed up all night practicing with him. He purposely taught me the wrong controls and told me wrong information. Jamal will confirm this as he had to spend all night with me the next day after I came in last in iso. Even with the wrong button layout understanding and such I'm still not THAT surprised I came in last as sports is my weak genre.

triple 04-15-2009 18:37

nice strat!

im loving your game, sp

most of these reality show contestants get too caught up in thinking they need to be liked and they forget money is on the line

Mojo616 04-15-2009 20:13

lol, mstrike is posting over there

can't wait for him to post some photoshoots in their forum

bobett 04-15-2009 20:24


Sci Fi didn't air this but...

I heard from my buddy Mark that after you were eliminated in Samsung Stadium, you announced that you were single and anyone interested should look you up.


Nice one Mstrike

KryandArturo 04-15-2009 20:24

ROFL mstrike

m00g00 04-15-2009 20:39

rofl those scifi forums are awesome.

hyperlite 04-15-2009 20:56

think they ever heard of a troll on that forum?

JoMo 04-15-2009 20:58

Ciji going to be in the next photoshoot yet?

Feannag 04-15-2009 21:10


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 14464138)
Ciji going to be in the next photoshoot yet?

I hope not, she doesn't look good enough for a photoshoot.

Wufei 04-15-2009 21:19

please god no

hyperlite 04-15-2009 21:26



Are you the same Athena who used to date Ksharp back in the day?
lol mstrike

ayz 04-15-2009 22:52


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