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T-Refried-455 08-02-2013 17:40

muk are you honestly entertaining the idea that falhawk the well-adjusted father is angry because of something that happened in a video game 8 years ago

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 17:42


Originally Posted by Obibun (Post 17784196)
Okay but I don't get the roll part

Are dice involved?

What is being rolled?

everyone in the party gets to roll, i'm not sure how exactly but people who select 'need' are given priority in that roll, with 'want' coming second to that and other people just straight up passing on the chance to roll at all

it's for loot that bosses drop, some of them are like 1 time in a thousand deals and ppl get ****in angry about it


Originally Posted by T-Refried-455 (Post 17784200)
muk are you honestly entertaining the idea that falhawk the well-adjusted father is angry because of something that happened in a video game 8 years ago

yes, because tpk, despite being a known congenital liar, is p trustworthy in general

(not really, no, but there are always odd things that can happen in an interpersonal interaction where something comes across to one of the parties involved as being something other than it is due to the weird way our brains work AKA tpk got the wrong end of the stick b/c he is ****ing insane)

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 17:44


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 17784190)
although tpk is a known liar[/B])

When have I ever lied?

You are so full of ****.

Even if you caught me in some sort of lie, you could say the same for every single poster here.

I made a threat to the entire Tribes community that I had demos of me beating their ass.

They all thought I was lying.

Turns out they were all wrong weren't they?

Did you catch that video?

I deliver. Everyone knows that.

I'm not joking about this world of warcraft ****.

Falhawk is an absolute pro, and he is "trying" to troll me VERY hard.

His MO right now is to pretend that 1) he has done nothing 2) he just "harmlessly" and "coincidentally" singled me out for 5 years straight 3) he trolls indescriminantly ETC ETC...

I can assure you that this is ALL bull****...

This has been going on for YEARS, LONG before the sig... I got on his ass about it before SEVERAL times cus I couldn't understand it...

I have had NO such issue with ANYONE ever... There were 2 dudes before that had an honest obsession with me before, one of them was light, one of them was a VERY solid obsession, but I talked to the guy heart to heart, and he realized it was getting obsessive and then left, and I never heard from him ever again.... I'm not telling you who those people are because they were reasonable enough to realize the issue and walk away in a healthy manner...

TPK has the ability to anger people. I know how to piss people off. I've had it since I was a kid. There was a while that I was pushing people's buttons on this board, and I attracted a few obsessed people. They weren't ANYTHING compared to Falhawk.

I have pissed Falhawk off, but he will steadfastly not admit this. Trust me.

He was all like "I would totally have punched him like I do to my little brother".

I've never MET the guy before, how would I KNOW he has a little brother otherwise?

Falhawk will probably try to convince you he's not obsessed because he probably honestly doesn't think that he is.

That's the problem.

He doesn't understand the word "excessive". He will never admit it to himself because he has a mental issue.

You will NEVER see me on ANY of your asses over a 3 year timespan cus I don't give a **** about any of you.

Falhawk seems to give an AWFUL lot of **** about TPK. TOOOOO ****ing much. And he doesn't know when to stop.

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 17:47


Originally Posted by T-Refried-455 (Post 17784200)
muk are you honestly entertaining the idea that falhawk the well-adjusted father is angry because of something that happened in a video game 8 years ago

You are so ****ing bias.

I'll start busting out PM's....

Just ****ing wait...

Phyzx 08-02-2013 17:47

you ever consider turning off sigs?

Azimuthal 08-02-2013 17:48



stop posting in this thread

do not hurt yourself

havax 08-02-2013 17:51


Originally Posted by The Pumpkin King (Post 17784197)
He thinks he is winning and pissing me off and making some sort of expert move by "sitting there and saying the same ****ing thing he has said for years now".

yes, clearly he is losing that battle to make you meltdown. go get him, tiger!

Obibun 08-02-2013 17:51

Thnx 4 info Muk

I now understand how WoW loot works

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 17:52


Originally Posted by The Pumpkin King (Post 17784210)
You are so ****ing bias.

I'll start busting out PM's....

Just ****ing wait...



not only are you either a liar or a psychotic (pry both), u cant spell v good either

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 17:52

Unfortunately for me, I only have pm's that were sent starting 2010. :(

We had many altercations before that. :(

Here is the oldest one that I have sent to him in 2010.

I think it's relatively reasonable.

necessary. It's only really been necessary with one other person ever in my
entire TW history cus the dude was threatening to kill me and **** over some
kind of debate.

When Falhawk started getting a little too hardcore for my tastes, I sent him this.


I'm not going to bother you or reply to you ever again man. I'm just talking about Tribes in a Tribes thread on a Tribes website.

I sincerely apologize for anything I have ever said to you in the past. Honestly. I know I have said some terrible things to you, but it's all bull**** because we don't even know each other. I don't even know enough about you to really dislike you. I do apologize for wronging you and being a huge ******* before. I deserved the hate I got from you before, but I think it's gone on long enough and we could both use a change.

If you think about it for a moment, I'm sure you'll find that I am unworthy of your time and attention. I'm sure that you can see how spending your time with some lovely beautiful lady instead of reading my posts and commenting on them might make you happier. Women are very enjoyable man... much better than TPK... please go love one. I mean no disrespect. I'm sure you already have one. I'm just trying to say nicely that there are better ways you can spend your time than dealing with me. I recommend you put me on ignore so that my words about Tribes in Tribes threads don't irk you.

I hope some day you let it go, leave me alone, and move on... but if you can't and you decide to stalk me for the rest of your life, that's ok too, I just won't pay you any mind and maybe be slightly creeped out when I skim past your name speaking in my direction years and years from now... Regardless I won't really care...

All up to you man, but I'm serious. I got no beef whatsoever... I don't even know your name...

It might be best for you to just leave me alone, cus I'll never bother you again, but do as you wish... If I can make a friend from an enemy, even better, but that might be wishful thinking. Meh, who knows? Who cares?

I am just hoping that at the very least through this pm, we can end all communication between us forever and just steer clear of one another in a state of mutual and healthy respect.

I know I was a dick before. I'm honestly apologizing for it. And I'm not that guy anymore...

I wish you all the best in life man. I hope awesome things comes your way and I hope that your family stays healthy and well.

Good luck.


Obibun 08-02-2013 17:53

Oh ****, Muk owning the spelling game

-§trife- 08-02-2013 17:54

my go 2 move when i want to show how obsessed some other TWer is with me is to copy and paste a PM i sent them and nothing else

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 17:54


Originally Posted by The Pumpkin King (Post 17784226)
necessary. It's only really been necessary with one other person ever in my
entire TW history cus the dude was threatening to kill me and **** over some
kind of debate.


Private Message: lol

- 07-12-2013, 03:46 AM

Congrats, you are now the first person to neg rep me in a year.

It's been so long since I've seen one of dose red thingies I got excited enough to write you a thank you letter.

Though I don't really know who you are, thank you for your super cereal care factor comment addressed to me about my intelligence level.

I could already tell that you were far more intelligent than me from reading your posts about lifting heavy objects, but I appreciate you writing me to make sure I knew.

I will try to work on becoming smarter like you. I send you my apologies.

I really look up to you man.





Eggi 08-02-2013 17:58


Originally Posted by T-Refried-455 (Post 17784124)
6211 words 33630 characters

guess the poster

suicide taxi

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 18:00

yaaaaay irc logs :roller:

[22:55:19] * TPk2 ([email protected]) has joined #tribalwar
[22:55:23] <TPk2> **** I FINALLY DID IT
[22:55:26] <TPk2> jeeese that was hard
[22:55:27] <+RS^Almuktar> oh snap
[22:55:33] <havaxTW> oh **** me
[22:55:33] <havaxTW> lol
[22:55:33] <TPk2> I am going to DRY **** FALHAWK
[22:55:43] <detox> ****ing ****
[22:55:46] <+RS^Almuktar> how high are you right now
[22:55:48] * detox ([email protected] Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:55:48] <D4M45T3R> hi doo
[22:55:48] <TPk2> maybe not today
[22:55:52] <TPk2> but sooon
[22:55:55] <TPk2> he's going to get burned hard
[22:55:59] <Kill-Switch> lol tpk bringin the pain
[22:56:00] <TPk2> i'm SICK of this ****ing ****
[22:56:06] <TPk2> it's gone wayyyy to ****ing far
[22:56:07] <havaxTW> you go boy
[22:56:12] <TPk2> WHO THE **** TAKES THIS **** SO FAR?
[22:56:17] <havaxTW> not you bro
[22:56:19] <TPk2> holy ****ing **** at awkward queer nerds
[22:56:19] <Kill-Switch> god damnit
[22:56:23] <D4M45T3R> !random
[22:56:23] * duff was kicked by HoeBot (*****owned by D4M45T3R)
[22:56:23] * duff ([email protected] has joined #tribalwar
[22:56:26] <D4M45T3R> gg
[22:56:28] <Kill-Switch> i was about to walk outta work too
[22:56:32] <TPk2> is that sarcasm havax?
[22:56:36] <havaxTW> no
[22:56:38] <TPk2> thank god
[22:56:41] <havaxTW> yes
[22:56:41] <TPk2> **** man
[22:56:50] <TPk2> I don't want to get involved with psycho nerds like this
[22:56:53] <TPk2> I'm ****ing busy :(
[22:56:57] <TPk2> Please understand
[22:57:02] <TPk2> I don't wanna have anything to do with such a **** head
[22:57:07] <TPk2> waste of my ****ing time
[22:57:11] <TPk2> but i have no ****ing choice now
[22:57:13] <TPk2> he's going to eat it
[22:57:20] <TPk2> you guys gonna see the funniest **** you've ever seen in your life
[22:57:24] <TPk2> I will dedicate my ****ing life to it
[22:57:25] <TPk2> fukkkk
[22:57:26] <Kill-Switch> gotta take care o biddniz doo
[22:57:34] <TPk2> toooo ****ing far
[22:57:36] <TPk2> it's just a god dmaned forum
[22:57:42] <TPk2> who the **** takes this **** that seriously?
[22:57:42] <Kill-Switch> wait is fal coming in here too
[22:57:45] <+RS^Almuktar> he's convinced himself that fal has dedicated his life to trolling him
[22:57:50] <+RS^Almuktar> and spends all his waking hours on it
[22:57:53] <+RS^Almuktar> all he has is a quote in his sig
[22:57:54] <TPk2> CONVINCED?
[22:57:58] <TPk2> lol
[22:57:58] <+RS^Almuktar> LOL @ TPK
[22:58:00] <TPk2> Almuktar
[22:58:02] <TPk2> you don't know ****
[22:58:07] <TPk2> the sig was the grand finale
[22:58:11] <D4M45T3R> i choose you TPK
[22:58:13] <TPk2> he's been going at me for YEARS
[22:58:18] <TPk2> you know JACK **** almuktar
[22:58:21] <TPk2> cus your a bias tard
[22:58:25] <+RS^Almuktar> r u feel persecute 2day
[22:58:26] <TPk2> that was ALREADY BIAS
[22:58:29] <Kill-Switch> thank god for chat logs and persistent sessions
[22:58:30] <TPk2> before this even started
[22:58:32] <+RS^Almuktar> biased
[22:58:35] <TPk2> and you're an IDIOT
[22:58:38] <Kill-Switch> i'm headed home
[22:58:40] <havaxTW> i have a question for you though, tpk. why do you give a ****?
[22:58:43] <TPk2> that would never DREAM of siding with me regardless
[22:58:46] <Kill-Switch> save me some popcorn
[22:58:47] <TPk2> especially after I raped u on forum
[22:58:51] <+RS^Almuktar> lol wait wat
[22:58:53] <+RS^Almuktar> u did wat
[22:59:01] <TPk2> u ever had a tattoo havax?
[22:59:04] <TPk2> a bad one?
[22:59:05] <havaxTW> nope
[22:59:07] <havaxTW> nope
[22:59:10] <TPk2> well it will still be there
[22:59:12] * Scuzzle ([email protected] 295F.EBE47A) has joined #tribalwar
[22:59:13] <TPk2> the next year
[22:59:15] <TPk2> and the year after that
[22:59:19] <TPk2> and if you don't like it
[22:59:19] <D4M45T3R> scuzzle
[22:59:21] <TPk2> ....
[22:59:21] <havaxTW> prolly why i don't get one
[22:59:25] <TPk2> EXACTLY
[22:59:25] <D4M45T3R> u scumzzle
[22:59:29] <D4M45T3R> if i post my config
[22:59:30] <TPk2> well I've managed to get one against my will
[22:59:31] <havaxTW> but i don't care either
[22:59:32] <D4M45T3R> wil u sticky it
[22:59:33] <TPk2> does that make sense?

caelum 08-02-2013 18:00

Goshin 08-02-2013 18:02

who are your brothers?
fool and ?


GreyGhost 08-02-2013 18:06

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 18:11

Hey dumb ****ing troll Al'muktar.

Read ur DUMBASS WASTE OF TIME pm again and realize that at NO point did I say "ur obsessed stop stalking me". Nor would I have ever for something so ridiculously small. You are wasting all of our time. You're trying to provide evidence for your cause but it proves absolutely nothing.

Please stop posting.

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 18:14

Regardless of what you guys believe, what does it really matter?

You gonna get to see some ridiculously hilarious **** courtesy of TPK.

You guys know I have the ability to burn.

TPK delivers the funny.

And because Falhawk so DESPERATELY wants my attention, I shall give it to him.

And because he's been waiting for this for YEARS, I'm sure he's going to try and give it back to me just as hard, so you'll get to see some lovely fireworks.

Get your popcorn ready...

I'll probably make another video of epic win humor awesomeness.

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