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Gundam 03-07-2007 22:20

So how many people played the boardgame?
Alright, who is dork enough to fess up?

I played 40k, could field about 2-3k points of Blood Angels and a 500-750 point Ork war band. Been meaning to get back into it and start an Elder army, but 3 years have passed and I haven't really acted on it. I still with they would bring back the armor modification system from 2nd edition instead of this armor penetration ****, made the game more interesting.

Calipso 03-07-2007 22:36

Havent played it myself but ive seen people play it.

Goshin 03-07-2007 23:04

played a 2k Lizardman army, 2k Bretonia army, 2.5k Empire army, 2.5k Chaos army (all but lizardmen are still in my closet in their box) and a 3k space marine army.

Played for 7 years.

I miss it sometimes

BWarMammoth 03-08-2007 03:02

Used to play 40k as Chaos, ~6k points

Goshin 03-08-2007 03:06

thats a big ass army :o

Morbid 03-08-2007 05:22

I played a 10k Empire army alot back in 5th edition. And I have played a couple games as Vampire Counts with the new edition.

I haven't played a game in over almost 3 years though.

Vanguard 03-08-2007 05:59

back in the Day, I played Lizardmen and Empire, I also played 40k Marines and Bugs

floorpunching 03-08-2007 07:43

I tried to play it a couple times with Warmammoth and some friends but i didnt have any of my own **** or codexes (codexi?) so i never really picked it up. Warmammoth's army pieces are awesome though and worth lots of dollars.

Zelgaddiss 03-08-2007 16:08

i played space marine

Wulfen 03-08-2007 18:24

I had Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, and Tau in 40k, I was also a rabid Necromunda player for years. Didn't play much Warhammer fantasy, but did mess with Skaven.

Haven't played either in a very long time though, started playing more modern-type miniatures games without the huge rulecreep 40k got.

And don't call these boardgames. :)

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