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DacTheHork 03-07-2007 13:19

Videos on Warhammer
YouTube - Warhammer Online: Gencon Video
(shows off terrain/towns)

YouTube - Paul Barnett explains what is Warhammer Online about
is an interview with a designer

If you find a good one post it here.

Wren 03-07-2007 15:50

that second video is amazing

best marketing guy ever

Gorlax 03-07-2007 18:59

Looking forward to this

Dead Ben 03-07-2007 21:04

His characterization of Dark Elves had me laughing

Gundam 03-07-2007 21:40


Originally Posted by Dead Ben (Post 11238249)
His characterization of Dark Elves had me laughing

It should have you rolling one as well. :)

Suegamer 03-09-2007 07:54

I loved his discription of chaos :D

Suegamer 03-09-2007 08:13

hmm link doesnt work :(

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