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rotochop 08-03-2018 14:34

Ben Makuch From Vice Media's Possible Treason Charges
kranjies: Ben Makuch From Vice Media's Possible Treason Charges


Ben Makuch's argument that Freedom of Press should blanket cover his childhood friends who are ISIS members like Farah Mohamed Shirdon is nothing but an attempt to cover himself from getting implicated in enabling terrorism right at home.

It reminds me of the recent thread on the front page of Reddit about Jehova's Witnesses not wanting to hand over evidence to a court on sexual assaults from church members. news/comments/948sxv/jehovahs_witnesses_refuse _to_hand_over_evidence/

Totally pointless and disgusting.

What are you hiding Ben that is so damaging to you and Vice media? Well, let's take a quick look.

Ben Makuch has a long history on from the time he was a kid, but let's cover a little background about the website first. Vice media has done some articles on Something Awful, a website governed by the subjective ***8220;if you're cool you can stay***8221; rule of old boys' club style politics. **** You And Die: An Oral History of Something Awful - Motherboard

The website works by charging people for forum accounts and then banning people, so keeping bans and probations high is their main revenue scheme, internet gulag style. In this sense, they use a forum ruled by fascistic corporate cronyism feudalist governance.

Lowtax, the website owner, collects personal information on every account and releases it to the admin team and trusted users, he fancies himself as a sort of independent member of the CIA.

The admin team has had plenty of other scumbags join its ranks, some being known pedophiles, much worse than Violent Acrez, like one named Aatrek.

4chan was originally conceived on Something Awful with the admin Moot creating the offsite no rules anime forum /b/ directly from within one of the subforums on SA, called Anime Death Tentacle **** Warehouse or ADTRW. 4chan has the nickname of "internet hate machine" for a reason.

Another off-website community Something Sensitive - Index is home of the anonymous harassment club ***8220;doxxnet***8221; which sends Trans and LGB people death threats as well using an open Nazi military ranking system, basically a community of Something Awful members, and precursor to the 4chan anonymous movement.

Other quick mentions of the history of violence associated with SA are: ***8220;buckshot guy,***8221; Michael Hann: A loaded discussion | Technology | The Guardian

The Death of Brandon Vedas - Wikipedia which was directly from chatroom harassment and peer pressure by Something Awful members. And the Slender Man stabbing - Wikipedia, the parents of the girls were SA members, and countless more that I'm not mentioning.

There have also been many politically radicalized members of the Something Awful community, some joining ISIS, or even resistance militias, like this person, chronicled here: Kevin Dawes: searching for a missing American in Syria | British GQ

Something Awful relies on the politically correct authoritarian concept of speech policing, but keeping things ironic. In this way, they can maintain their userbase and racism under the pretext of irony, while simply changing words and terms to keep the hate meanings intact.

Ben Makuch grew up on this website, where he wanted to live the stereotypical youth culture life of idealism, rebellion, misanthropic misadventures, and be a political revolutionary, like so many other SA ***8220;goons.***8221;

Now he finds himself going to the Canadian Supreme Court to attempt to not rat on one of his childhood Something Awful goon buddies, Farah Mohamed Shirdon, who joined ISIS, much in the same way Kevin Dawes joined an ISIS resistance militia. Talk about diversifying your paramilitary terrorists! But this isn't the end of the story.

Much like how Kevin Dawes was enabled by his peer group on SA to join ISIS resistance fighters, Ben's friend Farah Mohamed Shirdon was enabled by SA, and Ben Makuch himself in joining ISIS, as they both grew up on the website and were in the same internet rebellion social circles.

Ben Makuch and Vice media aren't hiding their communications with Farah Mohamed Shirdon only for freedom of press they're hiding the communications because the chat logs show familiarity and collusion with Farah Mohamed Shirdon which ties them into enabling terrorism. Responsible media doesn***8217;t do that.

Social factors aside (incels and nerds do need an outlet), in any other time period, working with or protecting a terrorist organization would be treason and punishable by death, or at least contempt of court.

Further Ben Makuch's own Instagram and Twitter have pictures of other more malevolent characters from SA, some homegrown operating right here in Canada.

One such member a SA moderator by the username Jeffery of Yospos, has a long criminal history of meth dealing, dosing girls with meth at raves, hacking vulnerable computers with rootkits to do at home domestic terrorist style neighborhood surveillance, breaking and entering into phone and internet Network Interface Devices right on the street to ***8220;wardial***8221; them (scan for vulnerable connections to hack) and now runs a twitter posting Swastikas and Infowars style quotes about ***8220;jew lies***8221;. He was also heavily involved in the anonymous e-gang which did the Sony personal information hack Sony Pictures hack - Wikipedia and countless other hack attacks, and was featured on a Vice news segment on Cyberwars. Ben and Jeff apparently spent time together in juvenile detention.

From Ben's Instagram:

Jeffrey Kaminskas

People like this don't need their real names covered and protected under the guise of freedom of press.

Ben, you aren't a heroic cold war spy fighting for the freedom of the common people against the tyrannical state when you ignore basic Canadian privacy protections, that's delusional. Ben Makuch's argument that it's freedom of press to keep his secrets betrays the fact that he supports people like Jeff, and members of ISIS because of his shared history with them on Something Awful. Charge this guy for his criminality and stop these e-harassment and terrorist gangs and networks from sprouting roots in Canada.

Other notable tangents - Shane Smith himself is a Something Awful goon, along with Gavin Mcinnes. Is the point of their parting to redefine the media with nu-media and an alternative left and right perspective? Sucking people into their own matrix of disinformation between Vice and Rebel media? Anita Sarkeesian is also another notable SA goon, along with Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern. Talk about a roster of radicalized internet media scum.
Clammy = Ben's FYAD username

Jeffrey Kaminskas = Yospos Jeff

Known associates, Timothy Kaminskas aka FYAD username Triticum Guzzler married to Kelly Hoskins, Eric Skogland of Remax Real Estate,

Captain Tele 08-03-2018 14:41

it isn't all bad though

Laura Southern's sister can save the day

cael 08-03-2018 15:01

^ creepy and awkward

Captain Tele 08-03-2018 15:02

chinged when he should have chonged

go home reverse boat people

take your baby incel soyboy pp with u

epidemic 08-03-2018 15:13

opinion piece

come back with some real news scrub

rotochop 08-03-2018 15:14

wah welcome to the free speech forum ya *****

Edofnor 08-03-2018 15:14

kale's rite, we're p much all in the creeper age zone now

rotochop 08-03-2018 15:15

epidemic 08-03-2018 15:16

free speech is blog posts?

where do i check out

time 2 kill myself

Edofnor 08-03-2018 15:17

u don't have 2 worry about archiving at tribalwar gaming news b/c even nash won't delete ur posts

it's not like sa charging u $10/day so they delete and ban whenever they can

TheVoiceOfReason 08-03-2018 15:22

Even if much of this is fiction all of these parties and the OP should be rounded up and placed in a camp, simply for past association with SA etc.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

rotochop 08-03-2018 15:22

sounds like u 2 are scared of taking responsibility for all your time in doxnet lol

quit crying pussies

rotochop 08-03-2018 16:00


Our thoughts and prayers are with you Cameron, Colin and Bob! We have such happy and joyful memories of Carol and her extended family over the many years she lived on Harding Boulevard and in the East End of Toronto! We were so fortunate to have our neighbours become friends and our famous Progressive Dinners and Fabulous Pool Parties will always be a cherished memory! Carol, you will be missed by all who had the pleasure to know you!
Alexa, Joe, Jeffrey and Timothy Kaminskas
~ Alexa NORRIS, TORONTO, Ontario
- See more at: CAROL THOMSON Condolences | Toronto Star

the dad commit suicide too years before because of the family drama classism u injected, bob is the step dad. 2 kids left with no parents. PARTY CULTURE GOOD TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRUGS !!!! ~~~ ~~ U NEED TO BE A GOOD TIME GUY!!!!!! SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. WE WILL REST IN RAGNAROK!!!! VALHALLA!!!! SMITE THE JEW MAKE HIM PANIC MAKE HIM INSANE LIKE THEY DID TO US THE ROTHSCHILDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! KILL HARRY POTTER THE PRIVLEDGE OF HIM EXISTING!!!!!!!!

nice fabulous pool parties alexa and joe

nice attempted murder organization using ur tuff under privileged kids what with their pool and parents make 150+k a year (like 200k+ on a good sales year????? i mean train driving for cp and industrial bakery sales and idea pitching is a good job ya fukin pedophiles)

very oppressed totally not organizing the death of good white families
alexa norris consulting

Hologram 08-04-2018 20:51

sa is a ****hole with nazi admins

rotochop 08-10-2018 02:38

for a ****hole with nazi admins they sure do get upset and start censoring one little tw thread lol

Plasmatic 08-10-2018 02:50

We get it Dare, you hate SA. Get over it.

rotochop 08-10-2018 02:58

im not dare and these are people on tw plasmatic, thats why theyre reporting it to the mods and google and crying

they dish it but cant take it etc

Hologram 08-10-2018 03:14

sa is a ****hole full of cucks and shut-in nerds

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