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arcadus 02-17-2013 20:05


Originally Posted by Dare (Post 17586273)
okay this my effort analysis of this

manjaw mcclitdick navydoc already achieve insemination probably with some skinny pencil neck wiener kid she could **** and then keep prisoner but becuz she have higher than normal testosterone as evidence by manjaw she is not placated in her natural female psychopathy like many other woman wuld be

extreme try hard private message show she a military zealot control freak that demand respect @ all cost
ppl with this type of attitude alway seem to be sexually deviant sick fuk either furry or like 2 be **** or piss on or dominatrix or something etc
watever her illness and sexual deviancy it gonna be amplified by the extra testosterone we kno she have cuz of manjaw

it important 2 note
the low key freudian slip in private message where she accuse naptown of hacking her computer is an admission that she does in fact have naked pictures of herself on her computer

all in all these thing point 2 further sickness that has not been discovered by tw

most likely either pedo incest relationship with father or she a big military slut with gangbang pics and her getting sperm on manjaw by multiple penis

holy fuk

jerry 02-17-2013 20:12

ya holy fuk

ScooBySnaCk 02-17-2013 20:12

"navydoc" ***** please..that's reserved for the actual devil dogs.

eggo 02-17-2013 20:29

hoooooooooly fuk

Pagy 02-17-2013 20:31

Ugly dental hygienists are docs now


MiNiOn 02-17-2013 20:32


BeLiaL 02-17-2013 21:12


Originally Posted by FOURSTAR (Post 17585560)
mayb he will get 2 ur level and delete all posts lol gg

i only deleted posts which might be helpful to you ******s

cogzinofa 02-17-2013 21:25


Originally Posted by ScooBySnaCk (Post 17586320)
"navydoc" ***** please..that's reserved for the actual devil dogs.

you're just mad because she's more manly than you.

I bet she honors her bets.

eggo 02-17-2013 21:27


ScooBySnaCk 02-17-2013 21:55


Originally Posted by cogzinofa (Post 17586414)
you're just mad because she's more manly than you.

I bet she honors her bets.

Speaking of mad..

darkpiece 02-17-2013 22:04

scobby not very far from icfire status maybe in 5 year when he get 2 icfire age he will have many meltdown like icfire?


Spxnge 02-17-2013 22:08

ya scobysnok seriously ticking tardbomb gfg

Mr Jimmy Pop 02-17-2013 22:20

where have i seen these eyebrows before?

ScooBySnaCk 02-17-2013 22:21

being hated by angry tardlets who waste a lot of effort is fun

nigafool 02-17-2013 22:22

nobody hates u dood

Edofnor 02-17-2013 22:45

1234 replies, gg

(i just ruined it :reaper: )

Elvis Hitler 02-17-2013 22:57

Were pics posted? If so, where? Too lazy to search

cogzinofa 02-17-2013 23:13


Originally Posted by ScooBySnaCk (Post 17586432)
Speaking of mad..


totally mad.


Mr Jimmy Pop 02-17-2013 23:14


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17583851)

cogzinofa 02-17-2013 23:18

I am totally confused by that photo. she's wearing what looks like some kind of black dress thing, but she's standing there staring straight ahead like it's a passport or DMV photo. and then I start thinking, who posts their DMV photo on the internet?

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