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Mangle-Me-Elmo 04-11-2012 07:49

i'm pretty sure it's my life for choir

it's a glee thing

you wouldn't get it

jotun 04-11-2012 08:11

My life for ire

he's an angry guy

Peanut 04-11-2012 09:20

nope. my wife for hire

|V| 04-11-2012 17:52

a glee thing?

do we need to start a fund raising thread to send mme to jesus camp to get the gay out of him

jerry 04-12-2012 12:22

my dang internet keeps dropping me out of games

Goshin 04-12-2012 12:41

hark, to the auir sea!

1teaminlondon 04-12-2012 13:25

got beta access yesterday from someone

i dont see the point of playing beta if you're locked on normal difficulty. lets hold down our mosue button and watch an entire room of baddies die without losing 1/3 health. how is that worth doing moret han a couple hours?

gameplay is still classic + fun but it feels super dated, like im playing an old game but new graphics - like some HD remake/remix.

Die Hard 04-12-2012 14:18

actually there are elite packs that can potentially kill you on normal if you don't pay attention

Glytch 04-12-2012 14:32

I use to die all the time playing on normal in D2. Rushing into later levels before you have the required skill/gear = trouble.

eggo 04-12-2012 15:03

durak never ceases to entertain

Pengo 04-12-2012 15:19

yeah i wonder how they are determining balancing stuff for later levels if beta is (basically) only the first couple hours of gameplay.

SuicideSnowman 04-12-2012 15:20

The beta is not even the entire first act. So it's basically like playing Diablo 2 Act 1 up until you fight the blacksmith guarding the hammer or maybe only as far as Blood Raven considering the max level difference in this game.

So yeah, I don't think the beta is supposed to offer much of a challenge.

hastie 04-12-2012 18:01

i have beta access now as well. I wasn't sent an email but i do check my account fairly regularly

hastie 04-12-2012 18:41

wow, i apparently randomly checked my account and had access before they actually announced that they were giving out beta access to 275,000 people.

275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites - Forums - Diablo III

Glytch 04-12-2012 18:54

I think I'm going to have to upgrade for this.

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drake 04-12-2012 19:37

it seems like more good items drop this version of the beta.

jerry 04-12-2012 19:58


Originally Posted by Glytch (Post 17123284)
I use to die all the time playing on normal in D2. Rushing into later levels before you have the required skill/gear = trouble.

yes i have come close 2 death many times in d2 in like 2 hours of play

very few times in like 20 hours of d3 beta

my guess is they had 2 remove most reasonable chances of death in normal 2 create the need 4 inferno

or mayb beta really is just for stress testing battle net as many have said

this may not play nething like retail

Rurouni 04-12-2012 20:52

I treat the beta as an early preview of the game. Its nice being able to see what the game is like and what the classes do. I don't think anyone died before Andariel back in Diablo 2 and the Skeleton King is nowhere near that.

I don't know if any of you remember D2 beta, but all it had was the barbarian class and progression was limited to blood raven. Finding a gem shrine was like whoaaaa and it took a while before we figured out that activating a gem shrine with a gem in your inventory would yield a higher quality version of the gem... and the new gem would drop on the floor for anyone to pick up. Its like a precursor for the fastest fingers looting. Also, D3 beta plays like a mini game all on its own; much more content than D2 beta.

Speaking of blood raven, according to the storyline, she was the rogue from D1, the summoner in act 2 was the sorcerer and the dark wanderer was the warrior.

Vermouth 04-12-2012 21:06

anyone for some SK rare runs? :)

jerry 04-12-2012 22:27

i get very close to death on trist runs

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