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epidemic 07-16-2020 07:54

i cant comment on anyones sexuality except to say most of us are flaaammmiiing

Zanthious 07-16-2020 08:16

dont cross me epi.

Edofnor 07-16-2020 09:12

don't use a cross pen when u need epi pen

epidemic 07-16-2020 15:46

pls dont doxx me

HumDumpin 07-17-2020 10:16


grifter09 07-18-2020 19:10

hello thar

Hairytikiman 10-13-2020 15:18

Is there an updated link for discord?

HumDumpin 10-13-2020 17:59


Originally Posted by Hairytikiman (Post 19245712)
Is there an updated link for discord?


Edofnor 10-13-2020 18:09



Hairytikiman 10-14-2020 08:52


Originally Posted by HumDumpin (Post 19245787)


Goshin 10-14-2020 11:39


kray did some meth and had a melt down because the core group of me, fed, osmeat, and zan left, and coincidentally the server became a ghost town. So he decided to ban everyone else but him and 3 other people.
most everyone is back in tw server

LGBR 10-14-2020 12:24

goshin we had a party when u left btw

Edofnor 10-14-2020 13:58

goshin, do u insure irc servers?

Flash 10-14-2020 15:50

Make me a meber "FlashTW"

Flash 10-14-2020 22:30

This is the worst discord I've ever been in. Why are the 7 god damn general forums for like 20 users? Just have one chat you dumb ****s.

lemontw 10-15-2020 20:49

discord is where the radical leftist antifa crew go to circle jerk each other while they post on tw telling the radical nazi righties to stop circle jerking each other

HumDumpin 10-16-2020 19:39

just made a dumb ***** channel for flash, come back

Caden 10-25-2020 03:46

**** yourself.'

anything you say is pathetuc,

StapleMammal1 10-25-2020 03:49

using pedocord? :lol:

Evisk 11-04-2020 16:39


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