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aNimAL 09-08-2012 21:01

Illidan Horde thread (PvP)
Come join. Xferred/racechanged to Goblin Rogue, sons. This is going to be a great Fall/Winter.

aNimAL 09-09-2012 04:52

WoW will never die, unlike Tribes. ;) Sup Happy.

my nerd name is Glixx:

Representative of four tribes: the Bloody Hands, the Broken Daggers, the Merciless Slayers, and the Small Unpleasant Ones. The tribes are united in their hatred of the Noble Cavaliers goblin tribe.

Noble Cavaliers: Strange band that lives in Spiderhaunt. Dress in foppish human clothing and speak in stilted, literary-style speech. Under the influence of an evil artifact called the Dragonking's Eye which contains the essence of a dead god.

LoLoLoL i love finding nerd lore on google

HaPpY 09-09-2012 05:00

except its been dying for over a year now... and will die even faster now that gw2 is out. which btw has 3-4 the available numbers on wow. including streamers, web hits, etc.

aNimAL 09-09-2012 05:47

i believe that. did i mention i have a yearlong commitment thanks to diablo ****ing 3? ;)

i'm having fun, though. they made a few really good changes recently including area looting (no more individual dungeon loot-grabbing) and account-wide titles/mounts... (my lvl 1 alt has Salty title!!!) i will probably try guild wars if i see that it stays around on the forums for another few weeks.

let u guys test it out for me :)

iritual 09-11-2012 13:22

Well I got some **** on Illidan, I'll add your name or just give me your battletag.

aNimAL 09-11-2012 19:40

btag o that my email edit

iritual 09-11-2012 20:10

Thats RealID, Battletag is blight#1546 (mine)

aNimAL 09-11-2012 20:57

k lemme czech


Feannag 09-12-2012 01:26

See a lot of Illidan via CRZs, and I know on my alliance battlegroup Darkspear's leaving skeletons all over the place.

aNimAL 09-12-2012 01:45

yep. originally started in nathrezim on alliance, destromath on horde. xferred to darkspear and now to illidan

thought CRZ didn't exist in WoW yet

Feannag 09-12-2012 04:24

Well it seems the battlegroup thing is out. I am doing Netherwing on Korgath Alliance (toon more progressed on it) and I see a lot of Darkspear, and find I zone into their realm.

If you zone in some place and you see blue skill text, you are not on your home realm anymore.

aNimAL 09-12-2012 04:57

ohh you mean you zone in as in BGs or just general zones or both??

yea sorry i haven't heard anything about battlegroups or anything, kinda clueless atm

aNimAL 09-13-2012 18:37

yeah i now know exactly what u were talking about. you zone in when you go from org to durotar/etc

saw a bunch of burning blade dudes while on my og destromath horde server... v. interesting stuff and i like it. i also appreciate all the cosmetic changes WoW has been undergoing. keeps it fresh. still keepin' an eye out for GW2 though. looking more towards longevity atm but i won't be a stickler this winter

p.s. LOOOOL at my disc priest using psyfiend. the CD is only 45 sec!!!! bahahaha

Feannag 09-14-2012 20:10

The battlegroup theory was debunked as I found players outside my BG around.

The problem with the CRZs is not only is there no control but 1. There is no way to know if you zoned out of your realm and into another realm and 2. If you do, which realm you are on. Zoning and and out only occurs when you a. cross a zone border or 2. taxi-mount.

Problem is if you use a taxi mount and see a rare spawn where you are going to land, you could zone into another realm when you land and it won't be there when you go back because the realm you saw it on was your own realm on the taxi-mount and you zoned into another realm.

aNimAL 09-14-2012 21:57

oh yeah that is a pretty valid point

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