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Captain Tele 11-14-2016 16:59


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18674249)
He's using an Apple product? **** Trump.

running windows xp

maybe linux

Rayn 11-14-2016 17:01

that's ****ing hilarious. shouldn't it be 80 cents on the dollar though?

Hellsfury 11-14-2016 17:02

** zing! **

Greedo909 11-14-2016 17:02

haha Cenk--claims Trump 'never had any success in business'

supports lifetime crony politicians like Hildawg that have actually never had any success in business, but have made millions stealing from US taxpayers and the poor in foreigh countries

Veniggs 11-14-2016 17:03


Originally Posted by Rooster128 (Post 18674250)
Irrelevent to any recent post, just posting because is funny hehe

history 101: we abolished civil wars in favor of the electoral college

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 17:05

Animal lover, vegan, peace activist, compassionate. Degree in history and nationally certified massage therapist. Love to bake!

Dangerdoggie 11-14-2016 17:15

*lover of horse cock

-SS- 11-14-2016 17:16

Nash 11-14-2016 17:17

-SS- 11-14-2016 17:19


Go this link:

Watch da vid :rofl:

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 17:20


Originally Posted by -SS- (Post 18674267)

Suicide Hotlines Get Record Number Of Calls After Trump Win: "Phones Have Been Ringing Off The Hook"

speaking of this

poor triple **** posting double time

about to get himself run off reddit and tw

overview for tripler6


edit: The salt is real. I'm getting accused of "slander" in PMs.

Sir Lucius 11-14-2016 17:23

What I like most is that the name "Trump" is now a trigger you can use to freely troll the **** out of the weak-minded.

ScooBySnaCk 11-14-2016 17:26

UMich Law School Cancels Trump Trauma Play-Doh Event After Mass Ridicule - MILO

Fool 11-14-2016 17:28

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 17:30

social media doing the job reality can't and couldn't

blocked tweet

Wagner Clemente Soto on Twitter:


perfectly legit

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 17:32


Wagner Clemente Soto on Twitter:

(()) funniest thing since pepe

Odio 11-14-2016 17:38

Jewish Student Charged With Hate Crime For Vandalising Church With Swastika And ***8220;Trump***8221;

JustinCase 11-14-2016 17:39


Originally Posted by -SS- (Post 18674269)

Go this link:

Watch da vid :rofl:

I like his dangley earrings

havax 11-14-2016 17:42

Fool 11-14-2016 17:45

Peaceful transition of power

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