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Data 10-21-2013 21:30

[Hey Look][OFFICIAL] TW Shirt Drive: ROUND THREE!!! - Broadside Engineering
Orders are now open for the third round of shirts. Orders are now closed. This round will feature the #3 poll winner: Broadside Engineering.

It will be on "Asphalt" American Apparel style 2001 tee shirts.

Each shirt is $25.00 US, including USPS Priority Mail shipping. I broke this price down in detail in a previous thread. International orders are a GO, but you should expect to pay more (between $2-6 per shirt) for shipping -- THIS INCLUDES CANADA. I'll explain that below.

ALL ORDERS must go through this simplified web form:
TW Shirt Drive - Round Three
  1. Select your size from the drop-down.
  2. Enter your TribalWar screen name in the box provided. This is to link your order back to you so I can contact you with any problems or questions with the order, and to help contain the orders to TW members only (for now). I will not share your information with anyone, including site staff.
  3. Click Add to Cart. This will open a PayPal cart in a new browser tab or window.
  4. You can make any adjustments to quantities from the cart page prior to checkout.
  5. If you want to order additional sizes, go back to the order page (tab) and select the new size, then add it to cart. Pro Tip: If you're ordering a second shirt for another Teedubber, you can add it to your cart separately with his or her user name if you want. All your selections will appear on the same cart page before you checkout.

Credit cards are accepted or you can checkout with your PayPal account. If you use funds from your PayPal balance, PLEASE make sure your shipping address is correct and current before you hit Send. PayPal may try to auto-populate some address info on your order after you login.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Yes, Canada, that means you!
Use the order form in the link above and place your order. Then please send me a private message on the forums with the following information:
  • Your country of residence
  • Your postal code, if any
  • How many total shirts you ordered.

I will then reply back with your additional shipping price and instructions to send it to me. Please be patient. I'm very busy working on this project and it may take me a little while to get back to you. Sorry in advance for any delays.

*Failure to submit your additional shipping payment will result in order cancellation. I apologize for the extra step, it was necessary to make ordering with a credit card easier.

If you have any questions about this extremely easy process, ask them and I will respond here. Please don't fill up my inbox with questions that can be answered in the thread -- the information may be helpful to someone else.

Info from previous rounds may be useful:
TW Shirt Drive -- ROUND ONE by Data - TribalWar Forums
TW Shirt Drive -- ROUND TWO!! by Data - TribalWar Forums

One last thing:

The first person to reply to this thread is an active member of NAMBLA and sucks at Tribes.

Bump 10-21-2013 21:33

data is a known cartoon child porn enthusiast

Mr Jimmy Pop 10-21-2013 21:34

I'll take one as soon as the link is up.

JodoFett 10-21-2013 21:39

I was hoping for R2-D2 shirts.

TechnoDonut 10-21-2013 21:39

Sticky action

claudius 10-21-2013 21:43

i'd like to pre-request a reminder for round 4

Data 10-21-2013 21:47

Bump AKA *DrG0n=G0d* has never bought a shirt and isn't even a Contributor.

How 'bout that?

Bump 10-21-2013 21:51

data has a collection of thousands of cartoon child porn images

Nash 10-21-2013 21:56

Could you possible stop ****ting up this thread while Data is trying to make TW some money?

Much appreciated.

Esteban_Villa 10-21-2013 22:00

r u going to show him some fracts if he doesnt?

Bump 10-21-2013 22:04

this thread is now about identifying cartoon child porn pedophiles and apologists

data - known cartoon child porn collector

nash - known cartoon child porn apologist

Goshin 10-21-2013 22:05

im gonna show you my d wave

darkpiece 10-21-2013 22:11

fuk urself nash

also its Drg0n+GoD+

hyung 10-21-2013 22:14

nash top tier admin pls take care of drgon god

Bump 10-21-2013 22:15

the sewer is rising

this is my forum now

Plasmatic 10-21-2013 23:10

Hay guize! Set me up with one of each in Large, unless they run big, then I'll take mediums to show off my rippling abs.

Yoda 10-21-2013 23:26

Will be purchasing, finally shirts that I don't already have...

streetwi$e 10-21-2013 23:46

So when r the non sperg ugly shirts made by kwango goin n sale

Kiint 10-21-2013 23:48

Has Tribalwar seen any money from this yet, or is Data keeping it all?

Eggi 10-21-2013 23:49

**** i thought round 3 started the kwango shirts

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