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Blitz 06-17-2010 16:26

HION - I let her slob my nob
deleted. because TW is full of ****** douches.

Phalanx 06-17-2010 16:26

cool thread bro

edit- as a psa here are the thread cliffs:

Blitz posts this picture, without the blitz mspaint text edit, and claims to have had sexual relations with her

Girl is found on plenty of fish internet dating website

Originally Posted by arcadus (Post 15670247)

People contact her

Originally Posted by coza_ruined_tribes_draft (Post 15671351)
message i sent her

HION - I let her slob my nob by Blitz - TribalWar Forums

this little punk ***** guy is posting about you being a whore on the internet

now everyone is calling you fat

what a little ******

i hope this teaches u not to suck the dicks of beta males

Blitz of toys r us fame cannot believe tw would mess with him outside of tw

Originally Posted by Blitz (Post 15671415)
In complete honesty, I didn't think that posting that I got my dick sucked was going to lead to someone literally going out of their way to hunt her down and **** with me. How can you expect that? It isn't like I posted her ****ing address or Facebook account. How can anyone justify this action for ANY reason? What the ****. I posted a PICTURE, that was it. No names, no details. Just a picture and "I got my dick sucked" and that justifies the consequences?

The girl's responses

Originally Posted by mstrike (Post 15671488)


Originally Posted by T-Refried-455 (Post 15671584)

At some point Blitz is banned and starts spamming pictures of dicks on his smurf account Stage01 across a few threads, and the girl sends rayn her myspace

Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 15671738)
this user, "blitz" posted pictures & lies about me on a FORUM here

HION - I let her slob my nob by Blitz - TribalWar Forums

& i am HIGHLY offended & totally disrespected, so many different things & i want this off NOW!! PLEASE!! here is my myspace, ?°°???tí??y c???yc?k????°°? | MySpace

that IS me, these ARE my pictures, & i need this **** off NOW!!

end of cliffs

second edit for further cliffs

People harrass the girl some more

Originally Posted by SterIO (Post 15673959)
I asked her for some road head on my pimp two-seater bike. She doesn't seem very friendly : (


Originally Posted by mstrike (Post 15674126)
Of course she posts a cleavage shot with her kid in the picture. Stay classy.


Originally Posted by mstrike (Post 15674160)
This ***** is really aggressive. What is her problem?

Now I'm blocked. I guess I'll have to add her on one of my other multiple FB accounts.

The girl creates an account, pretends to be a dude and posts some pathetic self-indulgent ****

Originally Posted by omfgnoway (Post 15676251)
What proof? She isn't "smothering" the kid in her boobs, you guys are just being retarded. What are you guys trying to accomplish here Exactly? No one even knows her & feel the need 2 attack her when -Blitz- is the idiot here, she didn't even do anything.

I gotta say, unless I saw a pic of this chick with his dick in her mouth, I don't believe it.


Originally Posted by omfgnoway (Post 15676282)
The drama sucked her in? Can you blame her for looking & being a little disturbed when tons of strangers are talking & obsessing about her & trying to defend herself? I don't see how she's been adding to the drama, she just wants people to leave her alone. It's insane how some stupid dude she met caused so much unwanted drama in her life, & it's even more insane that people are so fascinated with it, blows my mind


Originally Posted by omfgnoway (Post 15676351)
mstrike, bro, you are ugly as ****, lmfao! I should have known ugly ****s like you are the only ones on this site, Tiff def has nothing to worry about, I think the main reason why she's irritated is because ugly ass losers are trying to say bull **** about her when she is WAY out of you guy's league...this is priceless!

Blitz writes a ****ing novel and resumes spamming dicks

Originally Posted by TribalWarriorX2
So, this is Blitz. (and tif if you are reading this, all you had to do was let it go and I would have as well, but since you decided to message people that knew me personally and talk a bunch of **** this is for you )

I have to say, I over reacted and I apologize for all the cock pictures (lol not really). So let me just drop all of the bull**** and be completely honest, might as well at this point. I wasn't angry because people ****ed with my life, I was angry because I was busted. And because you guys EPICALLY cock blocked me from getting blown at least a few more times. And because a tiny little part of me felt slightly guilty about her feeling violated. That feeling quickly went away once I realized she was vindictively trying to message people on my facebook and talk a bunch of **** about me, then I stopped feeling sorry.

She did suck my dick. In fact this is how the night went down. I hadn't been laid since I left columbia, MO (my last job ) and it had been about a month, so I decided to start looking. She had added me on facebook, I don't remember how or why but she did. The cotton candy hair caught my eye very much similar to how a piece of silver tin catches the eye of a crow, so I started talking to her. After a few weeks I finally decided to go through with it despite the fact that I knew she was a bit chubby, I figured hey what the ****, at least I might get blown. So I went and saw her, we sat in her room and watched TV and shot the **** for a few hours. I waited for her kid to go to bed, we watched some more TV we flirted, then I told her I didn't want to watch tv anymore and we started making out. She started ****ing licking my face, no joke. Terrible kisser, sucking all over my face I was confused. more of that, her pretending to have reservations "oh no we can't continue blah blah" I kept working my game, I had her extremely sexually frustrated and right when she was about to give into sex she told me she had BV, some sort of infection in her vagina, not sure what it is but I didn't want to find out. So I simply said "I don't have any problems".

She started sucking my dick, 5 or 10 minutes into it I went limp and she asked why, I told her I don't like receiving head like that (and I really don't) so I recommended her letting me **** her mouth. So that is what I did, I ****ed her mouth for about 10 minutes till I busted into her mouth, she then spit in the trashcan and I stayed around for a little while longer pretending to give a **** then left. Told her she wasn't just a hook up and I'd want to see her again, but instead I went home and posted this thread the following day. To be honest I probably would have seen her a few more times and fooled around, I might have even dated her for a bit but I didn't see relationship material. She lives with her dad, receives welfare, has a child at 22, and doesn't have a GED or HS diploma. If she ends up going to beauty school and providing for her child, then awesome for her. But right now, she isn't. The house was a ****ing mess, and so is she.

While in retrospect I think this thread is extremely hilarious, I still think it's incredibly lame that people get off on making things serious and bringing it into the real world. At the end of the day I leave completely un affected, so anyone thinking they "got me" think again, it's not a big deal and I don't really give a ****. I did , and I won't lie, at first but now I can see that I was retarded for caring even slightly.

No I don't have a job, I'm currently in the midst of looking for one. I was working for a progressive political campaign and it's since ended, I hit all of my goals , wrapped up my office and moved back to california as I originally planned to look for work, it's just taking a bit longer than I planned. I've been unemployed for like 3 weeks, so calm down. No I don't have a phone, because I don't have a job and I can't pay for a phone. And yes, I ride a bike. The fact that ANY of you find that funny is ****ing weird. I've been getting around without a car by choice since I was 17, and it's saved me a lot of money. When you live in Cities like Atlanta, Sacramento, and San Diego it's easy to get around without one, and in my opinion much smarter.

later *****es.
Blitz continues to spam dicks through smurfs at random times and you should probably use the work-safe template when at work duh

end of second cliffs

Blitz 06-17-2010 16:27

I know.

SexxxGodSteve 06-17-2010 16:27

why wouldnt you?

JoMo 06-17-2010 16:27

it's a man

Feannag 06-17-2010 16:27

I'd hit it, maybe skittles will come out if she came.

Obibun 06-17-2010 16:29

arm area looks chubby

need another pic to be certain

she's probably a chubs

Walking_Man 06-17-2010 16:30

look at those fat shoulders


groundzero 06-17-2010 16:31

need a body shot. but she is probably fun in bed. i don't see why not so far.

Blitz 06-17-2010 16:31


Originally Posted by Obibun (Post 15667566)
arm area looks chubby

need another pic to be certain

she's probably a chubs

She's a little on the chubs side. Nice curves, definitely not petite.

Obibun 06-17-2010 16:33

looks pretty enough but the chubs would turn me off

just convince her to lose 10lbs

Mytzylplyx 06-17-2010 16:34

Hit based off of what I can see. Need more pics though.

Whoop 06-17-2010 16:35

i have a feeling ***** is crazy

Snake{TS} 06-17-2010 16:35

details people. details.

does/did she swallow?

Procell 06-17-2010 16:35

weren't you the guy that ****ed the 45 yr old stroke lady?

the "bomb *****" one?

Maven 06-17-2010 16:36

anal only

JoMo 06-17-2010 16:36


Originally Posted by Whoop (Post 15667583)
i have a feeling ***** is crazy

You think so? I think she's obviously a PHD judging by the hair and lip ring and the fact she sucked Blitz's dick.

Goofy 06-17-2010 16:39

let me fix this for you:

AeiOwnYou 06-17-2010 17:02


Originally Posted by Goofy (Post 15667602)

Beat me to it

Federere 06-17-2010 17:09


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