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SL83 12-02-2009 17:18

SL83's Extended and Ongoing Beer Thread
Good ****ing beer. Very goddamn tasty. The instant I had some in my mouth, I felt something different. :nohomo:

Went on Beer Advocate and apparently it is one of the few beers on there that has such high ratings that actually deserves it.


antifreeze 12-02-2009 17:19

MMM looks good.

where did you get it?

bam 12-02-2009 17:20

I just bought a 9-pack sampler last night. I will have to take pics of what came in it.

mixmandan 12-02-2009 17:20

How much is it?

Federere 12-02-2009 17:20

that looks amazing

SL83 12-02-2009 17:22

I didn't take that picture - but it looks exactly like that.

I am very sorry I only bought one bottle.

It was 3.99 for a 550ml bottle. Got it at a local beer warehouse. Holy **** was it good.

edited volume

Federere 12-02-2009 17:27

**** playboy they have it at Toronto's Liquor board

Price: $ 3.65 !!

I'ma get this

FOURSTAR 12-02-2009 17:27

it's really good but a bit overpriced. ill get singles of it in a mix pack sometimes, but 9.99 for a 4pack is just silly

Scourge 12-02-2009 17:29

this stuff is very common all over the midwest. It's delicious.

SL83 12-02-2009 17:30

way better than Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Yankee 12-02-2009 17:31

I recommended this in a beer thread a few days ago.


nSpectre 12-02-2009 17:32

I have to wonder how that'd be in a Black'n'Tan :drool:

Jahoda Duck 12-02-2009 17:33

I bought beer based on a "holy **** this beer is good" thread last week. disappointed :(

staxxx 12-02-2009 17:33

Ordered this for the first time about a month ago. I was pretty impressed, and I usually don't drink brown ales. Samuel Smith is a great brewery, I like almost everything they put out (minus the fruit ales). Even their Organic Cider is amazing.

dionysus 12-02-2009 17:35

Oatmeal stout is great.

They're all good, but its liek 10.99 for a 4 pack.

Fancy Cat 12-02-2009 17:51

i discovered this in college, a long time ago

you should try all the sam smith's

they are great

CelticMojo 12-02-2009 18:11

Every Grocery store around here carries it.
I was posted in the last beer thread.
I want to know if it tastes like a hefewiezen

filsinger 12-02-2009 18:54

I'm a huge fan of New Castle Brown Ale.. this better?

Baby Bew 12-02-2009 18:55


Originally Posted by jahoda duck (Post 15128706)
I bought beer based on a "holy **** this beer is good" thread last week. disappointed :(

That's because a lot of beers that are considered really good have really strong flavor characteristics that don't appeal to the first time beer drinker.

nSpectre 12-02-2009 18:56

Heh. I think he just called you a newb. ;)

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