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havax 02-20-2013 00:10


:wave: icfire

BeLiaL 02-20-2013 00:13

:lol: at the tags

jonb 02-20-2013 00:23


Originally Posted by BeLiaL (Post 17589149)
:lol: at the tags

character defecation?

epidemic 02-20-2013 00:24

character deformation

SirBatesAlot 02-20-2013 00:24

has anyone noticed the i before e except after c law has not been obeyed?

BeLiaL 02-20-2013 00:25


Originally Posted by jonb (Post 17589164)
character defecation?

ic4yearolds, why the long face, not by my chinny chin chin

and yes, character defecation

333 02-20-2013 00:46


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17583851)

there! from page 13 or something.

Rev_Night 02-20-2013 00:47

in b4 lock

coombz 02-20-2013 00:49

yarr matey icfire raped me :lol:

Apathy 02-20-2013 00:50

too good.

RallyKazoo 02-20-2013 01:12

Rev_Night 02-20-2013 01:15


Originally Posted by Apathy (Post 17589212)
too good.

Ztir 02-20-2013 01:29

wtff rwyn lock this this **** b4 icfire gets the rest of ur ads taken off

dionysus 02-20-2013 01:35


Edofnor 02-20-2013 02:11

rwyn = sekret bible indiana jones crusade name for rayn

ArakAtak 02-20-2013 06:14


Originally Posted by BeLiaL (Post 17589170)
not by my chinny chin chin

hooray that was mine - I was pretty proud of that one :wave:

g'night irene

Putrid 02-20-2013 06:52

Are we there yet?


Krayvok 02-20-2013 07:10


Originally Posted by Rhand Altor (Post 17584016)


Originally Posted by Krayvok (Post 17584049)
Angela Downing's Overview

Navy Representative at Navy Recruiting District Michigan
Hospital Corpsman at US Navy
Dental Clinic Leading Petty Officer at NHC Hawaii
Leading Petty Officer, Human Resources Department at NHC Hawaii
Coastline Community College
Bloomington High School South
18 connections


Originally Posted by Krayvok (Post 17584025)
I strive for excellence, learning my environment and my co-workers, efficient at streamling systems, processes, and quality management/assurance. I am well-rounded within the Medical Field, Inpatient, Outpatient, Clinical, and Emergency Medicine. Highly versatile in Administrative positions, with experience from an Administrative Assistant, Logistics Specialist, Budget Analyst, Purchasing Agent, and operated as the Department Leader for the Naval Dental Clinics of Oahu, in charge of personnel management, budget allocation, crisis management, Quality Assurance, patient scheduling, and responsible for all internal and external quality and safety inspections being completed.


Originally Posted by Xcursion (Post 17584192)
Not enough to get rid of her facebook.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584715)
Look up what an internet stalker is and try to explain to us how naptown in all his bragging about here on it doesn't fit the definition.

Then let see if it fits.

Indiana Code 35-45-2

Don't forget naptown and I live in the same state.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584773)
Fact most folks here rage about something or other.

so we are all emo *****es then I guess


Originally Posted by absent (Post 17584775)
I don't know why you keep dodging my honest questions. She really did come off as a frothing lunatic with her insane threats and bragging about how attractive she is to a bunch of completely unknown people. That's not something that a well-adjusted adult does. It's somewhat normal for a female, but not to that extent she did it.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584791)
You are a frothing at the mouth racist ****.

That is hardly normal and I'd say someone who had nothing to do with this forum who was brought into it simply because they were related to me and were used as a tool to try to leverage some response out of me has every right to go off the rails that someone would be such a ****ing douche to do that.

Or is it you'd fully welcome someone doing this to your family or you personally?

That that type behavior is acceptable and commendable by you?

I think she's the one having the rational reaction here and the rest of you are well insulated in the land of make believe.


Originally Posted by SexxxGodSteve (Post 17584805)
ICFire has spent years intentionally being a retard on these forums and is getting mad now that he knows we all think he's a ****** and his daughter is ugly.

I don't understand what he expects out of staying here.


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17584807)
you brought her here

what is wrong with you


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17584820)
We need to have a talk.

first off, for all his racist nonsense Absent is one of the more intelligent people on this forum. I would hardly call his racism "Frothing at the mouth". While he's ranting he is still able to stay articulate and well written.

Your troll child on the other hand, is frothing at the mouth. So much so, that she didn't know the difference between defamation and deformation. Or if she is aware of the difference she's too dense to realize the phrase is defamation of character.

Furthermore, You sir, you were the idiot that brought your daughter here. Yes, someone found a picture of her and posted it. YOU could have ended it by not replying to that thread.. You know that this forum generally regards you in a less than favorable way. You posted "that's my daughter", you gave them the response they wanted. YOU YOU YOU.

You were the one that brought that thread to her attention. You are wholly responsible for your predicament. You post like a ****ing jackass non stop, knowing it's going bring you unwanted attention. You goad people into ****ing with you all the while claiming you're trolling them. You are the one that has to quote and reply to every negative thing said about you. Just like I know you're going to have to respond to this. You are the one that lacks the self control to stop, just stop replying and ignore people.

Have some personal ****ing responsibility for your dysfunctional lifestyle. Accept responsibility for bringing this mess to your troll daughters doorstep. You think you're cute and funny, in reality you are the problem. not everyone else.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584831)
All the Thanks should go to naptown for being the real idiot here and the one that did have a meltdown over not getting his way with me.

every bit of this is on him, while the majority of you simpleton idiot bandwagon jumpers who don't have the sense of a newt, cheered him on.


Originally Posted by havax (Post 17584856)
so let me get this straight, icpedo.

you are basically threatening rayn and the forum with legal action from your ugly retard daughter?

i don't think rayn takes legal threats lightly. i think the best thing that rayn could do to protect himself is to permanently ban you.

what do you think, guys?


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17584866)
Does he not realize that naptown hasn't posted ANYTHING in this thread? He posted comments from the daughter and a link to a HION thread. Yet that old retard thinks naptown has somehow deformed the character of this troll child?

Seriously everything in this thread that is questionable has been posted by people other than naptown..


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584869)
So you are another that doesn't actually know what and over how long a period that has transpired. This is the the tail end of something started some time ago.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584874)
uh-huh, fact I often come in, like tonight and instigate it... Ohhhhhh


Originally Posted by Lemon (Post 17584930)
he's making tehvul style implied threats of consequences that will never be the same


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584931)
No, I'm not going to do a thing about it myself.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584949)
pushing me... is that right.

how's that worked out for you, how long have you been doing this... remember I was supposed to go by way of mofo and tigran and I told you when you started I wasn't going any place.

..and gosh, here I am and there you are.

You feel sorry for my daughter, who took this outside of it being about me and you again naptown?

who went looking for me outside of tribalwar?

Who went looking for my family and posting their information here?

Yet I'm the guy that supposedly melted down and all I did was keep it between you and I and your bandwagon. Calling you childsish names.

You melted down, you strayed, you crossed the lines.

Don't you want your just rewards?


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17584967)
all im saying is i feel sorry for your daughter

you identified her from her picture in a thread or post i didn't make, you then brought her here, you even implied earlier today that it was a bad idea and you would tell her to calm down.

if you or your daughter attempt to push civil or criminal action against me, it isn't going to stop what you're bringing on your own family. i don't understand why you're so incapable of figuring that out and i truly hope your daughter reads this post and takes a step back and cools off before she initiates something that will tread over both of your real lives.

what you fail to comprehend is i save everything as well. while you pretend you're building some case against me, can you think for a second what i might have?

i dont know why im posting seriously, i guess i've just never witnessed this level of blind stupidity.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584970)
no you don't you ****ing lying **** bag.

else you'd have not brought anyone else into this between you and I

That is all on you.

You brag about such actions here ...chasing off mofo, tigran...not sure about others as I paid no attention to attention whores normally.


Originally Posted by Xcursion (Post 17584979)
ICFire, you are the one that brought your daughter into this by identifying her and subsequently informing her of the post on this site. Why would you discuss TribalWar with family members that don't come here? Why did you raise such a dumb daughter that lacks basic sentence structure? Why do you molest your great grandchildren?


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584985)
Oh so I posted her google profile here?

reality, can you do it?


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17584998)
Nope, said I wasn't going to do anything already.

comprehension issues?

Though in fact it is me, and I'm not so sure about my dauaghter, who could have came at you naptown.

Actually still could the time line being what it is, were I so inclined.


Originally Posted by Xcursion (Post 17584999)
You told her. You're the one that informed her of what happened in the first place. That gave her the bright idea of coming here and writing those poorly constructed PMs to naptown. If you had not told her he posted her picture, she wouldn't have come here raging like She-Hulk.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585020)
...and AGAIN, I've no intention of doing anything, doesn't mean there isn't cause.

...but you can look up "cyber stalking" and that fits well with what naptown and the bandwagon have done here with me.

...but that's just me. I guess if I were like you guys, and it is tough to imagine that lack of ...

I could just say one thing and ignore the other.


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585023)
interesting how you've taken a step back

i'm glad you've realized the gravity of the situation


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585034)
No step back here.

I've stated all along I wasn't going to do anything.

Pointing out that you have crossed the line, that I don't think I or anyone here should have to deal with anyone like you on this forum or any other isnt taking a step back from the likes of you.

You are the one posting here trying to say how it isn't about my daughter after you brought her into the fray a month or so ago.

See that'd be part of that who idea of "cyber stalking"... to try to intimidate, etc...


Originally Posted by Data (Post 17585044)
You keep saying this but you haven't made the slightest effort to back it up.

The reality is that it's the complete opposite of what you're claiming.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585054)
reality is here, in blue and white.

real world, not what you might or might not recall correctly.

what is it you think I have to prove? I didn't post my daughter's google+ account or fb account here.

You can read can't you?


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585077)
oh and as an aside, I've had nap's real name given to me a while back but I just deleted it.

see it doesn't matter too me. I'm not the douche nap is, I'd never get so upset to do what he has here.

...and you all think I'm the guy who had the meltdown when the real one if the guy who went to the lengths to try to get me off tdub.

that's a real meltdown for ya


Originally Posted by Bump (Post 17585088)
how does icfires idiot brain not comprehend that the criminal statute could just as easily apply to his posts as it could to naptowns (and probably to most posts on tw)

not to mention that naptown didnt post the thread about his daughter, post the pic, or post her social networking info. even if he did none of that is anything but publicly shared info/media and linking to it isn't close to harassment.

good luck getting any prosecutor to pursue charges and sift through the bull**** of tw to charge a class b misdemeanor

icfire and his daughter seem like trailer trash military types so they may just be dumb enough to do it but pursuing civil action would just be burning time and money on bull**** with no hope of any sort of meaningful remedy

in the end the best solution is for rayn to give this weird old guy a ban for a mental health reasons. once you start having your family threaten tw and start personally threatening law enforcement involved you probably need a reality check.

its basically the tehvul scenario v2

time to kick this piece of **** out so he doesnt hurt himself / sabotage tw


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585094)
Never used a real name, never sought any further info out on anyone, anonymous is anonymous, never emailed, never done jackl **** that isn't here for all to read.

that's why your post is fail


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585098)
my name is mason hunter

im pretty sure everyone on this forum knows that already

anything else


Originally Posted by NightTrain (Post 17585108)
The link you were waving around earlier clearly mentions obscene communications which you are most certainly guilty of. Good luck with that.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585116)
again... never used a real name, never posted a picture of anyones relative, never email, sent threatening message, etc, etc, etc... all behavoir that naptown has done.

so for me, the law doesn't apply and it fails right from the start

however I urge you to go see an attorney and pursue it, they probably don't get enough laughs.

calling an anonymous person a name on the internet...isn't against the law

REALITY... REAL... can you make the connection?


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 17585298)
i don't know what the **** is going on in here but we need to just stop it now sorry dudes


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585354)
well boys I can tell you CYA process is in effect since I've had comments in my rep removed or changed.

No worries right rayn?

Irn-Bru, I said I'd tell her to cool her jets about doing anything here. She was wrong to post and I've informed her of that. You want to do something, do it, don't talk about it.


Originally Posted by Falhawk (Post 17585357)
Simple question. Why did you tell your daughter about anything on tw?


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585359)
Ask others why she was brought into it, not my doing.

Should not have occurred and should have been addressed, you know, things change...

As to why I informed her because her name was brought into it and that changes things given she is in contact with about every university in the state and all. This could effect her when people look her up on the internet.

She should know. She's a Navy recruiter, she has a clearance, her name means something to her.

Here's you an exercises, look through and see if I have actually mentioned her name on any post I've made myself.


Originally Posted by LogRoller (Post 17585413)
it's not ignorance. i read the statute, and i read the legal definition of harassment. because it is open to interpretation, i'm saying you're either completely wrong, or you are equally guilty of harassment. how can you be so ridiculously obtuse?

there is no need to answer that question, as it is self evident. you are deliberately being vague because you are making threats without actually doing the research to have the understanding to back those threats up. it is yet another pathetic and desperate ploy to gain the upper hand in yet another one of your pointless online conflicts. this has been your modus operandi since i can't remember when.

i now consider this the last word on the matter, since you will obviously only respond with either more vague bull**** or a personal insult or some sort, and i will move on with the rest of my day.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585420)
When you aren't aware of something that that is ignorance. We are all ignorant in many ways and will be our entire lives.

There are resources available to you to fix that. I'm not going to do it for you.

Of course since they are apparently busy changing things if the changes of my reputation page are any indicator you might want to do so soon.


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17585435)
Yes, actually you did.

You started it way back in the trayvon martin thread. You and Tigran posting like jackasses for pages on end. Contradicting yourself, posting one thing, posting something completely opposite then editing the OP.

Your **** posting just escalated from there. The only people who get ****ed with here are the ones that go out of their way to bring negative attention to themselves. Now you bring your son in to this. Post nonsensical bull**** for 40 pages and say "I didn't start it" well who did? We've already proven naptown didn't. Just look through this thread not a single post in it was personal information he found about you or your son.

This is as multiple people have pointed out, Your typical meltdown. You post dumb ****. Argue it with vague and often inaccurate rebuttals. reply to every post. get less and less coherent. Then eventually quite vocally say "I'm done now, thanks guys! I was trollolololing you the whole time."

No one believes you.

I'd also ask, what kind of parent willfully subjects their child to ridicule and verbal abuse?


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585440)
Then you can quote me can't you numbnuts.

**** posting is the norm here, take a real look around if you can extract your head from your ass.


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17585441)
what fixes are you talking about. No one sees any fixes.. If you're talking about the rep comments.. That's an admin changing them. Not naptown. So rayn is protecting his property from a potentially retarded family of trolls. So what?

That doesn't in any way shape or form imply that you are correct and naptown is guilty of something.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585437)
Well people are scurrying here trying to "fix" some of the issues they work in public to say aren't.

Why do you suppose that is?


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 17585449)
fact: her name wasnt posted or even hinted at in the original thread in relation to the picture

fact: you confirmed voluntarily that she was your daughter

fact: you gave details about her line of work, including potentially identifiable information in relation to saving the taxpayer millions through systems analysis in a specific sector

fact: she had absolutely no reason to ever hear about it

fact: by hearing about it she was subjected to at least hurt feelings

fact: by hearing about it and her subsequently posting here, while you were posting at the same time, you both invalidated (or at least rendered very sketchy) any legal proceedings you might take

fact: if you had just shut the **** up and not indulged your little attention addiction, none of this would have happened

fact: if anyone here is to blame for any possible blowback on her career, it's your dumb ass


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17585450)
rep: everything you posted is spot on

rep: if i could rep you over and over i would

rep: i'd actually like to rep all over your face and lower back

rep: ic****** is totally to blame for this. and did 100% bring this on himself by posting info about his son.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585472)
You all want to buy into this being a separate sphere from the world in regard to this. Tdub being its own little enclave and operating autonomously... kept internal to this site.

...and it does that pretty well, raucous as it is, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Then someone reached out and brought in someone for the purpose of why?

How did they get this info? Wasn't me that offered it up.

They reached out to the world and brought it here. You can try to deny and spin it all you want but without that act this spectacularly spin of events doesn't occur.

I didn't do that, others did.


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 17585479)
you're still not getting it

yes, the pic was posted in order to get a reaction out of you

yes, if you hadnt given them the reaction that they wanted, theydve probably stepped it up a notch and brought her name into it

which could -potentially- be illegal re: defamation/libel/theft of image/whatever, depending on where they went with it

but you'll never know that, because you absolutely destroyed any case you may have had by volunteering all that information yourself

how is this not making sense to you


Originally Posted by WildKnight (Post 17585487)
icfire is right that he did not bring her here. naptown or whoever nexted her did. icfire never said "hey bring my daughter in on this ****!"

but icfire is also wrong in that once it reached critical mass he should have stopped talking about her, he did not. which only fueled troll fire.

now, who is more at fault, obviously the person who did the nexting, which was naptown. but at the end of the day, ryan won't ban him even though he made strict rules about nexting. because naptown is a pretty big part of the community, but on the flip side he did ban tehvul and his father after a final big poll of the community. i wonder if he would do the same in this situation.


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17585511)
What is your point.

It's not like that is a hidden fact. Everyone here knows it. It's pretty easy to not get ****ed with.

1. Don't post like a jackass non ****ing stop.
2. If you do post like a jackass non stop don't tell people personal stuff.
3. If someone does find personal info. Don't fuel the flames. I mean seriously. Look at Kurayami. Someone spooked him he stopped. End of story. No one ****ed with him after that.

This community has always been hostile. Since I can remember.

I'd also like to point out, no one gets ****ed with overnight. There is a build up. ICFire has been working towards this since that trayvon martin thread. At any point he could have stopped and nothing would have happened.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585513)
Actions have reactions, pretty basic.

While she's told me what her first actions are to be I've no idea if she'll see them through given what I know, I won't be surprised if she fulfills what she's said.

...and it could, on the outside given her occupation and such, garner national attention on the whole cyber bullying issue.

Think of it, national spotlight on tdub. What you all want isn't it, won't that make this worthwhile... :rolleyes:

btw, since you are concerned about my sleeping habits I only sleep about 4hrs a day.

I'm gaming while doing this and often watch movies or youtube, that entire idea of multitasking see...


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17585520)
You obviously weren't here on 9/11

Also your daughter is a dental assistant in the navy she has zero national pull. There are literally thousands of people exactly like her.

Jesus christ do you jack off to her too?

Still not seeing any bullying going on here. No one has reached out to her until she pm'd on this forum

In fact she wouldn't even know about this forum if you hadn't shown her. So i mean there is that.

Imagine a parent dropping their kid off at the bullys house then being surprised when their kid gets bullied.

you ****ing cluck.


Originally Posted by Hudson (Post 17585548)

- ICFire brought daughter to TW
- Is now mad that daughter has been exposed to TW
- blames everyone but himself for daughter being here
- daughter is balls ugly
- father / daughter have legal pull to get this place shut down
- he not mad, but has is averaging 8 posts a hour for the last 4 hours, in this thread alone.


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585623)
i don't know why this guy or his daughter think they have some legal recourse

anyone can be taken to court and sued for anything but proving defamation damages in a civil suit when no one has been defamed will do nothing but get a judge to scold you for having such thin skin. there is no legal precedent for defamation in criminal court. period.

even if there was, icfire fails to grasp the idea that identifying his own daughter and her career (LOL) in a photo that had nothing identifiable in the post would be by his own definition illegal, and would be actually more liable than anyone else.

the end game here would be a C&D email or letter that will be laughably trash canned.

your daughter has no idea what she's getting in to, and now i don't feel sorry for anything that happens to her career or anything else because she's a ****ing idiot and deserves it.


Originally Posted by navydoc93 (Post 17585624)
Wow... Am I now privileged enough to post on my own behalf???


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585641)
yes more people and content are lining up to join a forum about a game that died 10 years ago


Originally Posted by navydoc93 (Post 17585646)
-belonging to some particular person: private property
-personal and not publicly expressed
-preferring privacy

Private Message:
-belonging to a particular person or small group of people, not publicly expressed.

You chose to take a PRIVATE message and made it public. Not me.


Originally Posted by Huscarl (Post 17585652)
from what I've read:

1. streetwise aka isuk dug up a picture & gave it to flyersfan
2. flyersfan posts hion
3. tw unanimously says she is butch & not attractive. icfire posts in the thread saying it's his daughter? or son. nobody seems quite sure what gender. he also gives occupational info about her.
4. a month and a half later icfire is eating dinner with his daughter talking about the usual (naptown, tw, etc) and lets it slip that there is a picture of her online and that naptown posted it and called her ugly.
5. daughter pm's naptown in a barely coherent manner announcing she is a hot grandma (30 year old grandmother?) whose character has been deformed.
6. naptown makes this thread. she pm's him again making threats. someone posts her name.
7. icfire threatens legal action against naptown for... posting this thread and apparently being the one who made the hion ???
8. tw calls icfire out for being dumb & vague

did I miss anything relevant?

edit: ****, icfire's daughter entered the thread while I was posting this


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585653)
wow, instead of the image or hit it or not thread

this girl actually thinks shes going to sue tribalwar or me for posting a private message on a forum she willingly registered for

holy. ****.

your messages to me defamed yourself granny. :lol:


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585667)
stay classy tdub ;)

You are the **** here naptown


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585673)
given that her dad identified her and brought her to tribalwar

he is now more liable for damages than anyone on tribalwar


its really too bad he doesnt understand that


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585674)
Wrong on both counts.


Originally Posted by Putrid (Post 17585698)
Dear Sweetcheeks,

There is nothing on the internet that is private.

As an example.

You, being a part of the US government machine seem to be lacking some illumination as to government procedures. I am surprised to learn that you don't have a cognitive understanding that according to the Patriot Act, nothing that is in any way transmitted electronically through the internet is private, the government and watch-agencies have given them-selves due diligence in tracking all transactions in the internet and associated venues.

Therefore any nude pictures you take of your-self and send out into the ethernet are there forever and in some data storage vault for the government to peruse as they will. You may protest that you have not done such a heinous thing as to reveal your body in that manner but your over-reaction to the situation belies your refutation of such. Why would you worry about your career if indeed you have no nefarious deeds to hide? A simple search conducted by your superiors into all of your internet activities would quickly clear your name.

You also seem to be under a false illusion that anything said on a gaming forum by troll-nerds should in anyway be taken seriously. Perhaps you might search posts by your parental-unit here on these forums to gain a better understanding of why such antics are found to be humorous by some and continue despite their seemingly derogatory sentiment.





Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585703)
Thanks so as you can see while I may have said she was my daughter I didn't use her name.

You'll also see in that thread where people post they know who it is.

You are also showing that in fact someone did go to lengths and outside of tdub to post the information I was responding to.

...and I bet you think that helps who again?


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 17585720)
want to know real consequences?

a 'decorated' navy corpsman threatening a civilian with her 'connections' and security clearances

if you want me to contact every superior you have with your threatening pm's, im sure they'll love to see what a great example you're setting for the people you have authority over

it is in your best interest of your career and well being that you just walk away and take the L. if you keep poking around with idle threats and bull****. i can promise you that i won't stop until the right people see how ignorant you are.

i'm persistent, vindictive and ****ing stupid.

The Random Word Capitalizer


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 17585799)
Listen I'm not up to date on this but from what I gather this is about some kind of rep comment where naptown said he had nudes of ICFires daughter? I'm not going through all 50 pages of this but I don't see any comment like that left for either navydoc93 (?) or icfire to that regard in the last month when looking through rep comments -- is this thread a troll?


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585808)
So you aren't the one that deleted that comment in my rep list?

Someone did.

It isn't the only one though that I know has disappeared.


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 17585829)
we can't actually delete rep comments unless you go directly to the database and unless we have a security issue only I have access to that. it's not an easy process and you'd need to be very familiar with the vbulletin data structure. the reputations are assigned sequential ids and I am not noticing a break in the sequence although without knowing the exact time I'd have to comb through thousands of records which I just am not going to do right now because this is getting extremely concerning and absurd. if you are really telling me rep is dropping off your wall you better not be ****ing with me because that has serious implications for things I have to investigate.


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585870)
so why don't you be honest then, admit the comment you put with your neg. Who'd you have delete it?

perjury, do you know what it even means? (he negged me and mentioned this folks)


Originally Posted by Spxnge (Post 17585886)


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17585935)
Well someone felt the need to delete the comments naptown made in a neg rep to me this last week or week before.


Originally Posted by Irn-Bru (Post 17585959)
Cliffs now are the same as cliffs on page 5.

Except she made an appearance briefly about 8 pages back to come close down TW before naptown reminded her why she freaked in the first place.


Originally Posted by AnubiS (Post 17585970)
main question is why would ICFire post photos of her navy hard core daughter.

naptown trolled the **** out of him

-rep = I have nudies of your daughter

ICFire freaks the **** out, whines at daughter, daughter threats naptown

people loling here, ICFire getting out of control

naptown and sxpngs posting gifs

ICFire getting :(

and we're hitting the page 60 soon. 100 by midnight.



Originally Posted by Irn-Bru (Post 17586001)
In fact, cliffs are this:

-Pages 1-2: A experiment review.
-Pages 2-57: ICFire being mad (posting 4x more than anyone) because no-one things his daughter is hot and mistakenly thinking the law is on his side and everything on the net is private. Also he fails to take the advice of anyone to just quit the thread.
- ~ Page 50: Rayn getting worried someone is hacking rep comments
- ~ Page 52: His daughter appears but doesn't tell us for the second time that she is hot because of all the young navy guys who are all over her.

Also, ICFire, this means you're a grandfather?!


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 17586083)
no such thing as bad press!

sorry but kind of lol at your "wrong ***** to **** with" daughter being cyber bullied by an imaginary comment.


Originally Posted by Dare (Post 17586273)
okay this my effort analysis of this

manjaw mcclitdick navydoc already achieve insemination probably with some skinny pencil neck wiener kid she could **** and then keep prisoner but becuz she have higher than normal testosterone as evidence by manjaw she is not placated in her natural female psychopathy like many other woman wuld be

extreme try hard private message show she a military zealot control freak that demand respect @ all cost
ppl with this type of attitude alway seem to be sexually deviant sick fuk either furry or like 2 be **** or piss on or dominatrix or something etc
watever her illness and sexual deviancy it gonna be amplified by the extra testosterone we kno she have cuz of manjaw

it important 2 note
the low key freudian slip in private message where she accuse naptown of hacking her computer is an admission that she does in fact have naked pictures of herself on her computer

all in all these thing point 2 further sickness that has not been discovered by tw

most likely either pedo incest relationship with father or she a big military slut with gangbang pics and her getting sperm on manjaw by multiple penis


Originally Posted by Huscarl (Post 17586642)
Only thing that has happened since I posted this was:

navydoc93 posted, saying that naptown wasn't allowed to post a private message on the public forum


Originally Posted by ICFire (Post 17586689)
Sorry boys told you I was done here, carry on with your meltdown though..


Originally Posted by Irn-Bru (Post 17586879)

Krayvok 02-20-2013 07:11

Someone else can sum that all up. Everything above is everything that wasn't bs posts or nonsense.


Krayvok 02-20-2013 07:34

Imageshack - imagewtq.jpg
Imageshack - imagebws.jpg

Screenshots of her LinkedIn account.

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