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Al'Muktar 02-19-2013 13:19

not so much that they are scummy trainers, just that they are not currently the 'in' thing and by having them instead of the trendy thing you are painting yourself into a corner with the windowlickers and compulsive masturbators in the eyes of your fellow japanese students

and yes you do often segue into computer games b/c my films are incredibly ****ing boring but thats OKAY

Edofnor 02-19-2013 13:25

i still have some snow white reebok classics (with the tiny union jack on the label)

i wear them once or twice a year as part of my chav costume

havax 02-19-2013 13:26

i'm so glad that **** and her piece of **** pedophile father are gone.


BeLiaL 02-19-2013 13:29

i bet it is quite literally killing him to not come and post in this thread anymore

probably gonna keel over and die from a heart attack in the coming weeks

Fool 02-19-2013 13:38


Originally Posted by Irn-Bru (Post 17588439)
It was Krayvok-relevant.

Is that ever possible?

Legend 02-19-2013 13:41

Can someone summarise this ****ing thread because I kind of got intrigued by the first page then realised there's another 70.

havax 02-19-2013 13:42

no **** you

Fool 02-19-2013 13:43

I would but Tribalwar's court appointed attorney has advised me to stop making summary judgements.

-SS- 02-19-2013 13:44


Originally Posted by havax (Post 17588463)
i'm so glad that **** and her piece of **** pedophile father are gone.


best compliment of the thread


blackpeople 02-19-2013 13:47

anybody got cliffs in this *****

i left for 4 days

havax 02-19-2013 13:49

****** plz

Hudson 02-19-2013 14:17

Rest in peace thread.

Falhawk 02-19-2013 14:22

wtf its page 73 and we have no cliffs

also why hasn't anyone posted the "who's posted" list etc?

epidemic 02-19-2013 14:45


Originally Posted by Irn-Bru (Post 17588439)
I was talking about SANDWICHES, not BURGERS, not some ****ing TEAR-STAINED RICE or whatever the **** you're talking about. SANDWICHES. Stop derailing!!

It was Krayvok-relevant.

EDIT 1: Surely they could make those panda-things the night before, if they can last 'til lunchtime I would think they could wait overnight if you kept them moist?

EDIT 2: Asics? I don't wear them, but what's wrong with them?

where'd u get ur asics bro? payless shoe source? LOL!

u prolly got 2 pair bogo ****** bogo

Irn-Bru 02-19-2013 14:48

New Balance.


We've been over this before.

Al'Muktar 02-19-2013 14:57

scots are known for their thrifty ways so bogo is basically like mandatory 2 them

TrojanMan421 02-19-2013 14:59

Jesus ****ing christ how can people keep on asking for Cliffs when they're posted every 3 pages?

naptown 02-19-2013 15:01

Irn-Bru 02-19-2013 15:36

Wtf is a bogo?

Falhawk 02-19-2013 15:40

buy one get one

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