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The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:01


Originally Posted by dibs (Post 17783851)

fool are you ashamed he's your brother

i would b

You just got owned pretty hard dude.

Should probably stop talking cus u actually embarrassing yourself.

You are too socially awkward to realize though.

There was a line about donkey sex you might have missed.

BTW what's it like to care about online popularity? lol

As you can obviously tell, I really don't... so I was just curious...


Originally Posted by Pagy (Post 17783852)

Thank you sir. It had to be done. :boogie:

Falhawk 08-02-2013 16:02


Originally Posted by The Pumpkin King
I am not into TW. Nor do I care about TW, so I will never "get it" or be "TW cool". I only care about playing a game called Tribes and winning, which I both do very well... Honestly, I have zero recollection of all the things I said to you too, but clearly they were terrible to make you follow me for this long.

I didn't write you that pm because you commented on one of my posts. I wrote you that because it's been over a year now since I've even spoken in your direction, and this is like annoying negative comment #126. You can't seem to let go of the hate you have for some dorky imaginary WoW playing kid that existed like 10 years ago. That's fine man, I'm just letting you know that it's creepy and that you might wanna change that and stop reading my posts and commenting on them. You are only upsetting yourself and making your life less enjoyable by getting involved with me.

Notice how I don't reply to you or say anything to you publicly anymore? Cus I don't care about you d00d. I could make fun of you and embarrass you publicly like you try to do to me too, but I won't, because I'm not interested in fighting or being "TW cool" like you by hating on others all the time and putting them down to make myself feel better. I'm not going to follow your terrible example of what a human being is supposed to be like because I'm better than that, and I don't believe in vibrating on negativity.

I just want you to direct your annoying and endless stream of pointless negative comments towards somebody else that is more interested in communicating with you or hating you back. I'm not that guy.

You don't even know my name, my chosen occupation, or even the color of my hair, and you think you are in a position to speak on my mental health? Wow, what can I say...
You must be a heck of a lot older and wiser than me to be able to make judgement calls like that. I am unable to draw such lines until I meet people and look them in the eye.

I've got hundreds of friends telling me I'm an incredibly amazing human beacon of light... attractive women and gay men alike hitting on me on an almost daily due to my looks, occupation, and good-hearted nature... and one ******* on the net that doesn't even know my name or the color of my eyes telling me for the first time ever in my life that "I have social issues" because he's stalking me and I don't say anything back...

Please use your brain power. I'm never going to listen to a ****ing word you have to say. You are wasting your time. You have confused me for a helpless victim. I am the exact opposite. Use some sense and **** off.

If you like being a negative and hateful human being that's fine. Just do it around other people who care. I am avoiding all threads 'cept the ones on Tribes, so you know how to avoid seeing my name now.

If you aren't "stalk-hating" me as you say, then it should be very easy for you to make the mature, healthy, and rational adult decision to never communicate with me ever again and go about your merry "mentally healthy" way. Yes?

Thank you Falhawk. Best of luck to you in all things man. I've got no hate.

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:02

Now hey there awkward nerds. I know you have no lives and you really this bored...

But uhhh.... Do you want naked pics of me or what?

Can we just get this over with so I can go back to doing important ****?

Ztir 08-02-2013 16:04

I only care about tribes and winning

and tribes is dead

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:04

lol, Falhawk obviously super duper pissed...

He really can't hang with the times so he resorts to posting ancient **** that happened years ago. How sad.

I think he truly thinks it bothers me.

I can't imagine spending any time online if I had a wife I was even half satisfied with... lol

Poor guy...

I don't think his mind is capable of creating any new material ever.

That's what it's like when you suck at life and **** fat ugly hogs, what can I say? lol

dibs 08-02-2013 16:04

like smoking weed and being an embarrassment to your family

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:06

Damn, this thread is epic epic win...

Falhawk used to troll me hard... Now he's a washed up helpless hack with no power against me whatsoever...

I love 2013. :)

****ing hilarious to read about how people think I smoke weed....

You guys know zero...

lemon 08-02-2013 16:06

tpk is a superstar

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 16:06

tpk i normally ask arsin this but do u eat small animals that u bludgeon to death 2 teach them social skills or w/e

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:08

And to think... about how mad Falhawk used to make me... Gosh it feels great...

Can you imagine having the time and the serious care factor to be talking to TPK?

Dude must have like, the ****tiest life imaginable to be so desirous of my affections...

That must be some horrible ****ing sex...

Or maybe his pizzle is bound to fizzle if you know what I'm saying?

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:11


Originally Posted by Lemon (Post 17783872)
tpk is a superstar

I appreciate that good sir.

It took me a while to get here.

Fallhawk still thinking this is 2011 getting left in the dust etc...

I haven't even started busting out my GIFs yet...

Dude has no clue what he's getting into now.

He better be prepared to bust it the **** out. He's already getting absolutely humiliated here.

Shouldn't he be bragging about his mighty inter-merital epic sex?

I'll bet his wife barks like a dog and tells him to **** off and sleep on the couch when she's done...

Must be **** tons of frustration there.

I mean, lettuce be real. If you are this boring on TW, you are probably way way worse in bed amiright?

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 16:14


True story: The last person that wronged me fell down a long flight of steps a few months later and broke 2 ribs. To this day it still hurts to breathes in the winter for dat person. I'm really not worried about any of you.

Just remember what you did and take full responsibility for it when it comes back your way... you'll see...
this is textbook magical thinking

next he's going to start perseverating

o wait

he kinda already is

Deft 08-02-2013 16:14

PK is my TF buddy. We are close, because I call him "PK" instead of "TPK" as he is the only Pumpkin King in my life.

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:15

"mooooOoOOOOoooooo! I'm fallhawk's gigantic wife that is soon to be much bigger!"

She is American. It is like pulling the chord on an inflatable raft, she will expand into a large state that will crush him to death. LOL

You should import this d00d from Africa to enhance your sex life Smeagol.

Ruh roh...

TPK wins again? Cakewalk for me bro.

You should never step to me... I am ****ing untouchable...

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 16:17

you're ****in daffy is wat u r

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:18


Originally Posted by Deft (Post 17783886)
PK is my TF buddy. We are close, because I call him "PK" instead of "TPK" as he is the only Pumpkin King in my life.

That is so ****ing nostalgic and true.

Nobody call me PK for many years.

I used to be PK... wow...

Deft is in fact a close homey to me. d00d is a good d00d.


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 17783885)
this is textbook magical thinking

next he's going to start perseverating

o wait

he kinda already is

Is that even written in English?

Did anyone here even catch that?

Al'Muktar also trying to **** with the champ and failing hard.

I don't think I even have to type anything in my own defense to that.

Maybe if I type "blar blrggg robble robble" it's just as good?

Please sit down Mal'****tard. You have nothing to show anyone here.

Thank you... Drive thru.... etc....

dibs 08-02-2013 16:19

lol its like jm5k+badmofo+arsin in one person

Al'Muktar 08-02-2013 16:20

oh come on don't play that

the number of shrinks you must've seen in your time you're bound to be a walking dictionary of psychology terminology

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:20

So who the **** else wants some?

I got pics, gifs... whatever the ****...

I'll **** you all... this is 2013...

Get the **** out...

Starting ****ty threads about me while I'm out of the country... Shame shame shame...

The Pumpkin King 08-02-2013 16:22


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 17783893)
oh come on don't play that

the amount of shrinks you mustve seen in your time you're bound to be a walking dictionary of psychology terminology

I can see that you are now working on your English. Good for you.

The only thing "shrinking" in here is your tiny little ballsack that women laugh at...

And the only thing "walking" is your pathetic two feet out the door...

Stick around longer if you want to get further humiliated. I don't care.

I don't even have to try.

My powers are next level.... Ruh Roh... here come gifs for the lolz....

yup... you got nothing homey... why you even mixing with me? I don't even know who the **** you are cus you're that insignificant to me and everyone else here...

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