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Reggs 05-24-2016 03:08

I'd love to run into him in person and just get into a discussion with him.

Look how smug he is in the video. You can tell he's someone who just surrounds himself with other stupid people, or he's a very lonely person who thinks of arguments in the shower and never really talks to anyone. He really believes what he's saying is smart.

If I started a conversation with him, he'd just get really uncomfortable after a few exchanges and find an excuse to walk away.

drake 05-24-2016 03:11

trump would take a turd on your ****ing face reggs

Vanster 05-24-2016 21:02

JuggerNaught 05-24-2016 22:33


Originally Posted by Brasstax (Post 18578386)
Who exactly does he think elected Obama? The fact is that a majority of Americans agreed it was time to do away with the BS argument that there is some sort of barrier in the USA. What we did not expect was a dip**** who did NOTHING for blacks. As a matter of fact - he has made it worse. This jackass wants to wait for 2043? Brother - the time is now. That was it. But don't fret - as we have seen - the only barriers in the US are the ones that you imagine or create for yourself.

Trump is no more racists than the next person. If he has a prejudice - it is against lazy ****ing assholes. If you aren't a lazy ****ing ******* - you have nothing to worry about and everything to gain.

no...the majority of voters agreed to it

StapleMammal1 05-24-2016 22:40

Democrats are morons. It is known.

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Dangerdoggie 05-24-2016 22:41

JoMo 05-24-2016 23:07

Someone found Jeb's hat? ^

Goshin 05-24-2016 23:30

mexico only owned maybe 1/3 of america proper

make america french again makes more sense since they owned like 65% of america

KingSobieski 05-24-2016 23:36

We stole it from mexico fair and square

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naptown 05-24-2016 23:54


some **** is happening

Dangerdoggie 05-25-2016 00:10

Bring in the Buckets!

euph 05-25-2016 00:25

reports of shots fired at abq trump rally

havax 05-25-2016 00:30

just making me want to vote for trump more! keep it up you stupid ****ing mescans!

naptown 05-25-2016 00:41

smashing up the cop cars

its poppin off

TAA WAR 05-25-2016 00:48

Hologram 05-25-2016 00:51

idiots freaking out about trump just make me want to vote for him more

you only make us stronger

JoMo 05-25-2016 01:02


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18578828)

This streamer has a 'safe space'..... wow, just, wow.

JoMo 05-25-2016 01:16

Reggs 05-25-2016 01:37

I bet these two consider themselves "revolutionaries."

I'm sure the high point of that woman's life was screaming "We guuuuud...what you gots ta say?!" then doing a little dance.

We should put this woman on our currency.

Captain Tele 05-25-2016 01:40


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18578741)

all church banter aside


this is definitely a democrat thing

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