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KittyCat 01-21-2021 13:21


Originally Posted by TrojanMan421 (Post 19289929)
Dude, Gold Coast and LP are literally the old money centers of Chicago wtf are you talking about 'hipster.'
Bridgeport is dope. Pilsen is being wrecked by development.

Yeah gold coast is conservative wealthy neocon types

Lincoln park is like jewish mom's maybe neoliberal mom's

You really need to get out more docholliday

Only hipster areas left are far west logan and bridgeport/pilsen pilsen is so developed now it's turning to **** and Logan is already developed on east end

uno 01-21-2021 13:24


Originally Posted by Animo (Post 19289935)
Some people came to this board thinking “tribalwar” is about some race war or something, it’s about a video game named “tribes” that we all played many years ago and have stopped playing and still talk about other topics. This shouldn’t be a racist place.

'some people' eh

-SS- 01-21-2021 13:53


Originally Posted by Animo (Post 19289915)
Report: Biden Admin Discovers Trump Had Zero Plans For COVID Vaccine Distribution

What do you all think about Trumps Vaccine Distribution work?


someone easily duped and manipulated again


DOD Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan
DEC. 9, 2020

Distribution will be conducted in phases. Due to limited availability of initial vaccine doses, the first phase will distribute and administer vaccines at select locations. Initial distribution sites were selected by the DOD’s COVID Task Force from sites recommended by the military services and U.S. Coast Guard, to best support several criteria:

Anticipated supply chain requirements for initially approved vaccines (i.e. ultra-cold, bulk storage facility);
Local population of at least 1,000 priority personnel across the military services to facilitate rapid vaccine administration;
And sufficient necessary medical personnel to administer vaccines and actively monitor vaccine recipients after initial and second-dose administration.
Initial vaccination sites in the continental United States (CONUS) are:

Darnall Army Medical Center, Fort Hood, TX
Willford Hall, Joint Base San Antonio, TX
Madigan Army Medical Center, Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA
Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC
Navy Branch Health Clinic, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL
Base Alameda Health Services (clinic), U.S. Coast Guard Base, Alameda, CA
Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA
Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, CA (distribution from San Diego)
Naval Hospital Pensacola, Pensacola, FL
Armed Forces Retirement Home, Gulfport MS (Keesler AFB will administer) (distribution from Pensacola)
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD
Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, DC (distribution from Walter Reed)
Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA
U.S. Coast Guard Base Clinic, Portsmouth, VA (distribution from Portsmouth Naval Medical Center)
Indiana National Guard, Franklin, IN
New York National Guard Medical Command, Watervliet, NY
Initial vaccination sites outside of the continental United States (OCONUS) are:

Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI
Allgood Army Community Hospital, Camp Humphreys, Korea
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany
Kadena Medical Facility, Kadena AB, Japan
The distribution of the allocated COVID-19 vaccines will begin once the Federal Drug Administration authorizes the COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use and in accordance with Operation Warp Speed guidance.

Information on the DOD vaccine distribution plan and population schema can be found here.

The memo on for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccine Guidance dated Dec. 7, 2020, can be found here.

DOD Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Release

phaytal 01-21-2021 13:53


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 19289936)
Why is their source anonymous? They're so anonymous they don't even state the source of the source.

Crazy Trump supporters have been handing out death threats like Halloween candy of late. You'd probably want to remain anonymous too if you were flat out calling Trump and his team incompetent (which, frankly, we already knew).

Mitchdubai 01-21-2021 13:57


Originally Posted by JuggerNaught (Post 19289941)

That sounds like a completely truthful and unbiased site for forward thinkers

and by forward thinkers i mean retards

Which type of subscription did you get?

cael 01-21-2021 13:58

ss bro that's just for the military lol

-SS- 01-21-2021 14:00

besides TPM, check out the integrity of the AP "fact check":


Two weeks later, at his debate with Democrat Joe Biden, now the president-elect, Trump said, “We have Operation Warp Speed, which is the military is going to distribute the vaccine.”

In fact, the military will not distribute the vaccine, although state governors have the power to use members of their National Guard for any number of tasks supporting public safety, including to help with vaccine logistics if deemed necessary.


no fake news here folks. nothing to see, move along and believe the Ministry of Truth you dupes

-SS- 01-21-2021 14:01


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19289953)
ss bro that's just for the military lol

you sure about that?


cael 01-21-2021 14:13

bro did u even read ur own link

NoGodForMe 01-21-2021 14:13

The problem isn't distribution. They've run out of vaccine itself. There's a real easy distribution method already in place. It's called Walmart, Walgreens, Publix, health plan events where they come to an office and give the shots.

Instead they make it complicated by setting up new sites, requiring appointments, and only allowing those 65+, or POC.

Florida is now doing away with Vaccine Tourism, by asking anyone who gets a vaccine to show a form of ID.

-SS- 01-21-2021 14:18


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19289961)
bro did u even read ur own link


bro, are YOU sure?

Do you have any idea what the military is really doing?

Would you be surprised they are going into nursing homes and helping out the nurses? Do you know the size of the Teams being deployed not only helping distribute but other support missions?

You better go back and re-read both articles (ap, tpm) and notice the articulation there. AP is p bad, on one hand they say the military isnt, yet governors can over ride that. but trump had no plan because he wasnt a governor, yet the military is right there in the mix? who's in charge of the military? governor or president?


cael 01-21-2021 14:21

i am once again askin u 2 read ur own link

The Department continues to work closely with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. As one of the 64 jurisdictions to which the United States government has allocated vaccines, the DOD plans to administer its initial allocation of 43,875 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to CONUS and OCONUS populations of DoD uniformed service members, both active and Selected Reserve components, including members of the National Guard; dependents; retirees; civilian employees; and select DoD contract personnel as authorized in accordance with DoD regulation.

-SS- 01-21-2021 14:24



cael 01-21-2021 14:27

or maybe u can come up with a link that supports ur argument

Pagy 01-21-2021 14:27

phaytal forgets being owned so hard on this that he fled the forums for a year


Originally Posted by phaytal (Post 19045355)
BuzzFeed News is not the same as the click bait site. It's run by a Pulitzer winning journalist, and the two reporters who broke the story are Pulitzer finalists.


lemon 01-21-2021 14:30

Scorning Biden, Protesters in Portland and Seattle Call for More Radical Change

Flash 01-21-2021 14:35

This is going to be amazing entertainment to watch.

Feminist, LGBTQ, and Race baitors will all be competing for biggest victim. Can't wait.

Fool 01-21-2021 14:36


Originally Posted by phaytal (Post 19289947)
Crazy Trump supporters have been handing out death threats like Halloween candy of late. You'd probably want to remain anonymous too if you were flat out calling Trump and his team incompetent (which, frankly, we already knew).

This is JuggerNaught level retarded.

amRam 01-21-2021 14:37

Weird. I thought the far left was totally gonna be happy with their shiny new 80 yearold white male Christian president.

amRam 01-21-2021 14:39


Originally Posted by Pagy (Post 19289968)
phaytal forgets being owned so hard on this that he fled the forums for a year

rofl i couldn't remember who the hell he was

Good call. His TDS was possibly worse than triple.

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