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Vir 11-09-2016 01:06

Trump gets to name all kinds of cool people to his cabinet now. It's going to be the best cabinet ever

Togowack 11-09-2016 01:06

one thing I hope is he gets rid of that crappy music played during his ralies

Flipp 11-09-2016 01:06


Originally Posted by Danno (Post 18669796)
Let us not forget. Fat pig Amy Schumer said she would move to Spain if Trump won. She is being reminded of that.

speakin of fat pig
Amy Schumer postpones Canadian tour dates


SuperTrap 11-09-2016 01:07

Damn, I made it all night but now it's time for patron

OneManArmy 11-09-2016 01:07


Originally Posted by Flipp (Post 18669791)

Wtf dose this link keep getting posted?

No one is going to leave Merica for cuckanda...

absent 11-09-2016 01:07

Someone on CNN is actually complaining about Russians hacking Killery.


Pagy 11-09-2016 01:08

i was going to go see her in mtl but after her miss piggy ****y bull**** in tampa decided to not bother

KingSobieski 11-09-2016 01:08

Cenk calls it what it is. Smells like ****, looks like ****, tastes like ****, well, ya, it's ****.

SkittleBrew 11-09-2016 01:09


Originally Posted by Togowack (Post 18669734)
No, its showing an astonishing lack of insight into how our world affairs are controlled by the God of the Bible

shut the **** up, dude

Flipp 11-09-2016 01:09

26 to go boyssss

Brasstax 11-09-2016 01:09

It used to be that democrats had more sex. Now it's the republicans.

havax 11-09-2016 01:09


Originally Posted by KingSobieski (Post 18669790)
if only hillary was born a black woman then she might've had a chance.....

she sure can't say that the election was rigged. lol. accept it *****.

i hope she wins the popular vote and loses anyways hahahaha.

we can say the polls were obviously rigged, though.

MadHatSam 11-09-2016 01:12

The dearth of qualified democrats is hilarious.

They killed all the blue dogs and now only have old socialists and a cool black guy that can't run for anything else.

Edofnor 11-09-2016 01:13


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18669799)
We're going to get some new unheard music though......

Martin Shkreli:

"If Trump wins, my entire unreleased music collection, including unheard Nirvana, Beatles, and of course, Wu-Tang, comes out, for free."

shkreli probly trolling us all again

he p much rules @ that

KittyCat 11-09-2016 01:14

Cael vanster eggi wiglaf etc if u need a bunker to hide in cuz of emebrasment I am selling mine me and tele are safe from drone attacks now we ain't needing it

Ender 11-09-2016 01:14

Jomo you called it from the beginning, I am in a huge state of shock.


SuicideSnowman 11-09-2016 01:14

They're apparently trying to forge some ballots in PA. Christ it's been at 97-98% for over half an hour.

Pagy 11-09-2016 01:14

wheres the phytal cuck ****** and all his betting

Brasstax 11-09-2016 01:15

Oregon is so ****ing stupid. First - we vote to legalize marijuana. Then -we vote to tax the **** out of it.

JoMo 11-09-2016 01:15

51,000 vote lead in PA now it looks like.

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