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darkpiece 07-25-2013 11:44

rayn u have a hacker on this site
ray n there is a hacker on this ite he is posting all over the gaming forms his name is dannio

let me kno if u need me 2 ban him

thanks man

~dickschnitzel~ 07-25-2013 15:04

-B0T detector

gim 07-26-2013 18:58

hey dp y u not apply for summer tourney k it will b very great time c u there k

Federere 09-09-2016 19:48

Rest in piss hacker

[meph] still plays 09-09-2016 21:03

nice bump

but ya what about the recent vbulletin hacks? bots and keyworld filters no big deal compared to you know, having all the passwords to every account ever made reset...

if free speech so important, should probably upgrade imo

Rayn 09-09-2016 21:53

We do not have that vulnerability in our version

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Exodus 09-25-2016 19:28


Exodus 09-25-2016 20:45


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